U.S. media revealed that the U.S. military killed 10 Afghan civilians: the bucket was used as an explosive

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China News Service, September 14th, according to comprehensive U.S. media reports, at the end of August, the U.S. military used unmanned aerial vehicles to attack members of the Islamic State branch of the extremist organization in Kabul, Afghanistan. However, the New York Times recently found that the U.S. military It is possible that the target of the attack was mistakenly targeted as an Afghan rescuer working for a US NGO, rather than a terrorist, resulting in the death of 10 civilians.

U.S. media revealed that the U.S. military killed 10 Afghan civilians: the bucket was used as an explosive

According to reports, Officials from the US Department of Defense stated that on August 29, on the eve of the completion of the withdrawal of the United States, the US military dispatched a “Reaper” drone and destroyed a suspicious ISIS-K vehicle of the Afghan branch of the “Islamic State” loaded with bombs. . These explosives are believed to be used to attack Kabul Airport.

U.S. military personnel said that when the drone launched the attack, they did not know the identity of the driver of the car to be attacked, but thought that their behavior was suspicious. They claimed that the man entered the hideout of a member of the “Islamic State” and carried what was suspected of “explosives” into the car.

However, Aimar, a resident of Kabul, said that 10 civilians were killed in the US airstrike, including his youngest daughter, nephew, niece and brother Zemari.

It is reported that Zemari is a car driver locked by the US military. He has worked for an American NGO for a long time and drove a car for official duties on the day of the attack. When he came home from get off work and just parked his car, he was attacked by air.

The New York Times analyzed the footage of nearby monitors and interviewed Zemari’s family, colleagues and witnesses. It was discovered that Zemari’s work that day included transporting colleagues to and from get off work. He had been with colleagues. Put several buckets on the car, which may be suspected by the US military as “explosives.”

U.S. media revealed that the U.S. military killed 10 Afghan civilians: the bucket was used as an explosive(1)


p > On August 31, local time, after all US troops withdrew from Afghanistan, the Afghan Taliban Badri Special Forces stood guard at Kabul Airport.

The U.S. military also claimed that after the UAV launched the attack, a second explosion occurred at the scene, showing that there were “explosives” in the target vehicle. However, the “New York Times” investigation revealed that there was no evidence of a second explosion at the scene, and there was only a depression in the nearby gate, with no obvious signs of additional explosions.

U.S. Department of State Spokesperson Kirby once responded that the U.S. Central Command will “continuously evaluate” this air strike, and emphasized that “the attack is based on good intelligence, and we still believe that it prevented it. An imminent threat to the airport and airport staff.”

In response to this matter, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian pointed out at a regular press conference on September 14 that the media had widely reported the US military’s manslaughter in Afghanistan. Civilians, there are also international public opinions calling for accountability against the United States. He emphasized that in the face of widespread doubts and unanimous condemnation from the international community, the United States must not attempt to get through and leave it alone. It must thoroughly investigate the truth and give the Afghan people and the international community a responsible account.