Visiting Liangshan “Cloud Primary School”: Selected to Real Madrid Training Camp, Dreaming of “Kicking” Out of the Mountains

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China News Service, Chengdu, September 3, title: Visiting Liangshan “Cloud Primary School”: Selected to Real Madrid Training Camp Dream “Kick” Out of the Mountain

Author Zhang Lang Chen Xuanbin Chen Jing Zhuhuan

Drag tires to speed up running, dribbling exercises, round piles… If it weren’t for the flying dust on the court and the distant mountains and white clouds, it would be hard to imagine such a professional training scene in an elementary school deep in Sichuan’s Daliang Mountain. At the beginning of the new semester, the Yi students at Wawu Primary School in Zhaojue County, Liangshan Prefecture ushered in their first football lesson.

Visiting Liangshan “Cloud Primary School”: Selected to Real Madrid Training Camp, Dreaming of “Kicking” Out of the Mountains

The children get the football ready to start training. Photo by Zhang Lang

The elementary school is located on a high mountain with an altitude of 2,700 meters. The principal of the school, Qu Bishigu, introduced football training to the school in 2014 and established the first football team in 2017. This group of children who love football began to train unimpeded.

Seven students from Wawu Primary School were selected for the Real Madrid training camp

In 2020, 7 students from Wawu Primary School were selected for the training camp of Real Madrid Football Club of Spain in Zhaojue County and accepted the “rich” The team’s tailor-made football courses became the first beneficiaries of the Liangshan football project.

The 11-year-old Ji Niu Mu Niu was also selected for the training camp. Ji Niu Mu Niu is a veteran of the school team. During Wawu Primary School, he got on the train for the first time through the opportunity of a football game, walked out of the mountains and headed to the bustling Nanjing. I saw the outside world. Once, he had a small dream to continue playing football in the junior high school in the county seat. This year he realized his dream, successfully entered the middle school in the county seat, and continued to chase his “football dream”.

Visiting Liangshan “Cloud Primary School”: Selected to Real Madrid Training Camp, Dreaming of “Kicking” Out of the Mountains(1)

Children use waste tires for weight training. Photo by Zhang Lang

Cui Hongming, who came to Liangshan to teach in Changchun, Jilin in 2018, is not only a math teacher at Wawu Primary School, but also a coach of the children’s football team. In the summer of 2020, Cui Hongming, who likes to ponder his skills and tactics, spent more than a month studying with Real Madrid A-level coaches in Zhaojue County. During the study, Cui Hongming took notes carefully and wrote down the various skill training methods of football in detail. He extracted some of the essence and ideas and applied them to the training of children in Wawu Primary School.

Students feel the joy of dreaming in the hearty football game, and the seeds of football take root in their hearts. In the primary school yearbook, their favorite sport is football, their favorite stars are football players such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar, and their favorite places are football powers such as Spain, Portugal, and Brazil.

The teacher “makes dreams” for the children to get out of the mountains

“The children in the mountains have good physical fitness and strong endurance. They are very suitable for football. Football training can help children to strengthen their bodies. It is also one of the ways for them to get out of the mountains.” Qu Bishigu said that Zhaojue County, Liangshan Prefecture has a strong atmosphere of football sports. He is also a football fan and hopes that football can become a “toy” for children.

After long-term exploration, Qubi Shigu divided the school students into four echelons according to their ages, and carried out four stages of cultivation and training of interest, basic skills, physical stamina, and competition. Without a plastic playground, the mountain road is a running track; there is not enough football, but basketball can be used instead; even in severe weather such as wind, frost, rain, and snow, training is not easily interrupted… The teachers and students of Wawu Primary School are not afraid of hardships and overcoming difficulties. , The teacher always insists on “creating dreams” for the children to go out of the mountains, and the children are also chasing their “soccer dreams”.

Visiting Liangshan “Cloud Primary School”: Selected to Real Madrid Training Camp, Dreaming of “Kicking” Out of the Mountains(2)


p > Kids in football lessons. Photo by Zhang Lang

“I like playing football because it’s fun and great.” From the field, sweat dripped down Moqu’s black face. The 14-year-old Moquwu has been playing football for nearly three years. He currently plays the role of wing attack in the football team of Wawu Elementary School. He trains for about 2 hours a day.

“Even if I don’t play football well, I will try my best. As long as I am satisfied, it’s okay.” Pete Woolo, a fifth-grade student at the school, said that he likes football because he can play football. Let her go to a better school.

“Since the establishment of our team, in addition to achieving second place in the Xiaolamo League in Zhaojue County, we have also been to the Jiangsu Suning Super League and played games with some U13 children of the Suning Club. We have also been to Beijing Workers’ Stadium and played games with some U12 players from Beijing Zhonghe.” Qubi Shigu said that football has built a bridge for children to the world beyond the mountain, and more and more. Of children walked out of the mountains through football.

While football training continues to improve, Wawu Primary School has also undergone earth-shaking changes. The school building has changed from a bullpen to a two-story building, and the number of students has increased from 4 to 255 today. , The number of teaching teachers increased from 1 to 14 today. There are also 4 college students here. One of them became a rural teacher last year. He is fulfilling Qubishi’s goal: to make the mountain village school a place of dreams.

“A lot of outstanding children have gone out from Wawu Primary School. They are the top sports leaders of football and track teams in every school. I believe that more and more children will come out of the mountains and enter A better school.” Qu Bishi is looking forward to the day when a more professional and complete football field can be built. It will no longer allow children to run in the sand on a sunny day, and to move forward in the mud on a rainy day. He hopes that the children will be able to wind and rain. Train unimpeded and stand on a higher platform. “I have been here for 18 years, and I am going to stay here for another 18 years. No matter how difficult the conditions are, we will stick to training.” (End)