Women with the most children in the world

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The woman who has the most children in the world has 69 children in total

According to the relevant archives of the Nigursk Monastery According to records, the most most woman of bearing children is a Russian women who lived in the 18th century, leaving a total of 69 children.

Her name is unknown, only that she is the wife of a farmer named Feodor Vasiliev, but there are also files that say her name may be Valentina.

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A woman’s life can How many children do you have? It may not be counted, but Mrs. Valentina Vasilev of Russia gave birth 27 times and gave birth to 69 children, of which 67 babies survived and grew up healthy.

Among these 69 children, there are 16 pairs of twins, 7 triplets and 4 quadruplets.

However, some people are skeptical about this, because the child mortality rate was quite high in the past, Mrs. Vasilev has 69 Is this child real?

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The matter has not been confirmed. Another news is shocking again. After the separation of Valentina’s husband, he married again and born with her second wife18 Children, which means that this man has 87 children.

This information comes from the Nigursk monastery. The monastery’s archives record this surprising thing. If the archives True, then Valentina can be called the world woman with the most children.

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There is also news that Valentina may have a genetic tendency to high ovulation (release multiple eggs in one cycle), which greatly increases the number of twins or Possibility of multiple births.

Although having many children and many grandchildren is a blessing, the editor thinks that having so many children will definitely affect women’s health. It is not worth promoting.