Wu Lei looks back on the two world preliminaries: recognize the gap and will not lose confidence

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Chinanews.com client, September 9th, 2022 Qatar World Cup qualifier Asian region top 12 matches, the Chinese men’s football team lost to Australia and Japan one after another, suffered two consecutive defeats. Chinese player Wu Lei said in a recent post that he recognized the gap through these two games, but the whole team will not lose confidence because of this.

Wu Lei looks back on the two world preliminaries: recognize the gap and will not lose confidence


p > Wu Lei wrote: “The first two games of the top 12 are over. This is our rare opportunity to play with the top Asian teams. We cherish this opportunity very much, but unfortunately, my own two The game did not play very well. Both the results and the process made us clearly aware of the gap.”

Wu Lei said that in the face of defeat, everyone did not give up, “2 games. After the game, everyone was communicating with each other about what we did well, and more about what we need to improve. No one is downhearted because we know how difficult it is to have such an opportunity.”

Wu Lei revealed that after the game, the team leader and team staff sent him to the airport back to Barcelona. He happened to be right next to him and witnessed almost the entire Japanese team’s players-they returned to Europe collectively. Then go back to the club separately.

“Seeing this scene, as a person who has experienced it, all of a sudden, I have urged our players to come out and take a look and feel the atmosphere and environment of European football. I hope that through my experience, I can give more young players confidence, so that they have this kind of dream and pursue this kind of pursuit.”

For the subsequent games, Wu Lei said, “In the end, I What I want to emphasize is that our whole team has never and will never lose confidence. This kind of real game brings us, and it is definitely not the result of losing on the score. We need more games like this to experience ourselves. , Recognize your own gaps and deficiencies, and go down-to-earth step by step.” (End)