Youku “This! It’s Hip-hop” champion in charge of Sichuan’s head coach: Our goal is the Olympics

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Goldwind is eager to send cool, and the athletes are busy preparing for the battle. With the approach of the 14th National Games schedule, the athletes of the Sichuan Breakdance Team have gradually improved. “We hope to show our demeanor at the National Games.” said Yang Kai, the head coach of the Sichuan Breakdancing Team. He is Youku “This! It is the champion of the third season and the fourth season of “Hip-hop”, “We are not only preparing for the National Games, but also hoping to hit the Asian Games, the Olympics and other higher goals.”

Youku “This! It’s Hip-hop” champion in charge of Sichuan’s head coach: Our goal is the Olympics

One of the types of street dance After its “Break Dance” ranks among the top domestic and international competitions, it has also achieved its own professional, systematic and scientific progress. According to Yang Kai, the provincial team has been intensively training for more than a month. Everyone starts training at 9 o’clock every day. In the morning, afternoon, and evening, there are physical training, professional street dance training and free training. At noon, they also arrange a nap to replenish their physical strength.

“Our training focuses on comprehensive ability,” Yang Kai said. “The rules of the head event are all jointly formulated by the veterans and founders of street dance in the world. The scoring standards are very comprehensive, and not only skills are required. , Dance pace and so on.” In addition, the National Games also requires athletes to meet certain standards in physical fitness tests such as running and sit-ups.

Deng Yucong, a member of the Sichuan Breakdancing Team, believes that street dance has become a mainstream event, and it has also opened up a wider path for dancers. “At present, we are in very good condition, especially the burst strength training of some systems, which allows everyone to quickly improve. Although you will feel bitter, you will improve, and that bitterness will become sweet.” ! “It’s Hip-hop 4”, Deng Yucong said that he regretted not being able to participate because of preparations. “This year everyone is very lively. There are more international dancers coming in. It is a good learning opportunity.”

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Across the world, the street dance movement is ushering in a “high light moment”, 2018 In the Summer Youth Olympic Games, breakdancing became a Youth Olympic event for the first time; in December 2020, breakdancing was included in the 2024 Paris Olympic Games additional event. In the same month, breakdancing was officially approved to be included in the Hangzhou Asian Games competition.

Chinese street dance is also deeply involved in the construction of the cultural connotation of street dance. Currently, the World Street Dance Event has been suspended on a large scale due to the impact of the epidemic. The National Comprehensive “Street Dance 4” has become the only global event this year, bringing together 100 of the world’s top dancers to build a bridge for cultural exchanges online. “this! “It’s Hip-hop” season 1 champion Han Yu had previously participated in the 18th Asian Games torch relay and was the first Chinese street dance circle to be selected as the torchbearer of the Asian Games. French dancer Kaka said, “Before I came here (“This! Is Street Dance 4″), I have never seen anyone dancing Chinese style dance. I have never seen it before. This is the first time I have been immersed in Chinese culture. , I enjoy it very very much.”

According to public information, as a symbol of Chinese street dance culture, since 2018, Four Seasons Youku “This! It’s Hip-hop”, which deeply releases the imagination of the domestic hip-hop industry, promotes the positive energy hip-hop culture from the circle to the whole people, and presents a group of Chinese youth who are striving and powerful. Statistics show that compared with 2018, the number of offline hip-hop trainings in all regions of the country has increased by 178% in 2019. As of 2020, there are more than 5,000 street dance training studios nationwide, 5 million street dance trainers each year, and more than 300,000 street dance industry practitioners.

Win big traffic with positive energy. Currently, “This! “Just Hip-hop 4″ has been broadcast for four episodes, with a Douban score of 8.9, becoming the summer variety show reputation champion. It topped the lighthouse variety show TOP1 list for three consecutive days, setting a new record for variety show popularity in 2021. China International Television Station (CGTN) reported that “As street dance enters the 2024 Paris Olympics as a competition event, audiences may see future hip-hop Olympic champions on this stage.”