Zhengzhou: When the subway is running, travel will “speed up”

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When the subway is running, the travel will be “speed up”

Zhengzhou: When the subway is running, travel will “speed up”

On the first day of the resumption of operation of the subway, the order is in order, Zheng Bao’s full media reporter Ding Youming’s picture

The news from this newspaper (Zheng Bao’s full media reporter Zhang Qian, Liu Di, Wang Yongsen, Liu Lingzhi) At 6 o’clock yesterday, Zhengzhou Metro Line 1 1. The first phase of Line 2 (Liuzhuang Station to South Fourth Ring Station) and the suburban line resume passenger operations.

On the first day of resumption of operation, the three lines of Zhengzhou Metro resumed operations were operating normally and in good order. Zhengzhou Metro Line 1, Line 2, Phase I, and Suburban Line implement weekend operation schedules. There are 25 trains on Line 1 with a travel interval of 6 minutes; Line 2 Phase I and the suburban line are in operation, with 25 trains on line, 2 The first phase of the line has a driving interval of 6 minutes and 50 seconds, and the suburban line has a driving interval of 13 minutes and 40 seconds.

During the operation period, Zhengzhou Metro will closely monitor changes in passenger flow, organize standby trains to run on the line in a timely manner, and make every effort to ensure the travel of citizens and passengers. The subway station is equipped with maternity rooms, equipped with trolleys, emergency umbrellas, medical kits, etc., and provides the service of “caring appointment-relay integration” to facilitate the travel of special groups such as the elderly and children. During the morning and evening peak hours, patrols at key positions will be added to guide passengers to travel safely.

Zhengzhou Metro reminds passengers: The last train of Line 1 and Line 2 departs at 23:00, and the last train of the suburban line departs at 22:00. Please plan your trip reasonably. You must wear a mask, verify your health code, and cooperate with staff to take temperature measurements during the entire journey.