Month: October 2021

Vegetative people need to be present to apply for disability certificates. Why is the “wonderful certificate” still there?

Beijing, October 22 (Peng Ningling) recently, the event of “handling disability certificates for vegetative husbands and being required to be present” in Shanghai has attracted public attention. Facing a vegetative person who can not move, make complaints about “I come to the scene” by netizens, and why is “wonderful proof” still under the repeated orders of the state?


“Red years” opens up new ideas for industrial dramas

Beijing, October 21 (reporter Ma Haiyan) the industrial TV series “red years”, which tells about the dedication of the third line builders, was popular during the national day, setting off a wave of memories of the old third line. A seminar on the play, sponsored by the China Television Arts Commission and the Propaganda Department of the Sichuan provincial Party committee of the Communist Party of China, was held in Beijing on the 20th. How to make today’s young people understand the dedication of their parents has attracted attention from all parties.