2021 journey across the Lancang Mekong River: witness the “cultivation record” of eastern Tibet new town on the “cattle back”

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Chinanews.com Zuogong, Tibet, October 24 (Xinhua) Title: 2021 travel across the Lancang Mekong River: witness the “cultivation record” of eastern Tibet new town on the “cattle back”

chinanews.com reporter Zhang Tianfu and ran Wenjuan

“the life of ethnic minorities is getting better and better, which shows that the state has really taken them to heart.” Zhao Yang sighed deeply after working in Tibet for five years

in July 2016, Zhao Yang, who had worked in Kunming, Yunnan for 14 years, went to work in Tibet. Now he is a member of the Standing Committee of the Zuogong county Party committee and director of the Publicity Department of Changdu, Tibet Autonomous Region

2021 journey across the Lancang Mekong River: witness the “cultivation record” of eastern Tibet new town on the “cattle back”

the picture shows artists performing in the new village. Picture provided by the Publicity Department of Zuogong county Party committee

Zuogong is a transliteration of Tibetan, which means “farming” cattle back. It is located in the southeast of Changdu City, the “Pearl of eastern Tibet”

on the 23rd, in 2021, the large-scale interview activity team of Chinese and foreign media of the Lancang Mekong Wanli trip trekked to Zuogong county. It not only appreciated the charm of Dongba folk houses containing Ethnic Architectural Elements in Junyong village of Dongba Township, but also witnessed the results of local poverty alleviation

Sifang Xianghe new village is the largest new village relocated in Zuogong county during the 13th Five Year Plan period. The project was started in May 2017. In November 2018, 893 households and 4841 people from 7 townships including xialinka Township completed the relocation

what is “peace in all directions”? Zhao Yang replied that the relocated people not only moved from all directions, but also the construction of the new village has condensed the efforts of participants from all directions

why move? Zhao Yang said that farmers and herdsmen live in deep mountains and ditches. A township in Zuogong County didn’t even end its history of no roads until 2016. Before that, they had to ride a horse for several days to get to the county seat, so they didn’t have the environment for development at all

in order to achieve “moving out and getting rich”, Zuogong county carried out large-scale employment training, focusing on service personnel, chefs, loader technicians, national handicrafts and other industries. After the training, the village Party branch came forward to coordinate with various companies, shops and hotels, and hundreds of jobs have been solved

in March 2019, the labor export team of Sifang Xianghe new village was established to take collective labor export and undertake labor export modes such as moving, transportation, logistics and family nanny

“the cadres assisting Tibet in Xiamen, Fujian Province not only sent a team to manage, but also provided furniture worth 10000 yuan for each family in Sifang Xianghe new village.” Zhao Yang introduced

“if the relocated households have a new house but do not have decent furniture, they are still very difficult,” Zhao Yang said

nowadays, young and middle-aged people in Sifang Xianghe new village work nearby, making it very convenient for children to go to school and the elderly to see a doctor. Now, passenger stations, farmers’ markets and other supporting facilities are becoming more and more perfect

take the dining tables of the new village residents. In the past, opening your mouth was inseparable from Zanba. Now, the diet structure of rice, fruits and vegetables has been greatly improved and enriched

on the South Bank of Yuqu River, not far from Sifang Xianghe new village, is the new area of Zuogong county. The urban area is clean and tidy, with many merchants. Five years ago, it was just a wasteland by the Yuqu river

“based on the local resource endowment, we spent a year on the preliminary design and finally achieved the goal in one step.” Zhao Yang said, “there is no wire in the sky of the new area, and 2000 parking spaces are planned only on the ground and underground.”

Zhao Yang introduced that in Zuogong County, the national highway 318 from Sichuan to Tibet meets the 214 counties from Yunnan to Tibet, which is the peak tourist season, Hotel orders are hot, at the same time, catering services are also very rich

Zhao Yang said that during the construction of the new area, the government should appropriately transfer profits and make advance planning. “Otherwise, once it is completed, it can not meet the market, and the impact of failure is the most far-reaching.”

Zhao Yang lamented that the local people have invested great support in the construction of the new area

Zuogong county is located in high mountains and valleys, with Lancang River, Nujiang River and Yuqu river running through the whole territory

“we don’t have much flat land in Zuogong County, but we build Sifang Xianghe new village on such a large piece of land mainly because of their development. What’s the problem? The party and the government pay attention to the people.” Zhao Yang said that otherwise, we can resettle nearby or on the mountain, but this is irresponsible to the relocated people

“we consider everything from their daily life to their long-term development,” Zhao Yang said

“when I come to Zuogong, the temperature is more than minus 20 degrees in winter, which I have never heard of before,” Zhao Yang said. “But compared with other high-altitude areas in Tibet, Zuogong has a relatively comfortable climate, so I dare not say how hard it is.”

What Zhao Yang admires is a batch of cadres assisting Tibet

“in Tibet, groups of cadres assisting Tibet are selfless assistance. The units assisting Tibet give strong support in terms of technology, personnel, management and funds to the needs of the people,” said Zhao Yang

to Zhao Yang’s deep impression, a small incident happened after a team of the air force general hospital once managed the people’s Hospital of Zuogong county

“I saw a Tibetan child with blisters all over his face in the hospital. The Tibetan aid doctor prescribed medicine for three days, and the effect was very obvious,” Zhao Yang said. “The child’s parents can’t understand Mandarin. Our Tibetan aid doctors can clearly explain how and when to use medicine through translation.”

the doctor told Zhao Yang that if they didn’t happen to meet the medical team, The child’s disease is difficult to be optimistic about, “because skin diseases happen to be the specialty of experts in the medical team.”

Zhao Yang recalled that Li Zixiong, a former colleague of Zuogong and then deputy county magistrate of Zuogong County, learned that the femoral head of poor households in liandian was necrotic and lay in bed for more than a year. “The climate here was bad. If there was no treatment, the poor household would have to wait to die.”

later, Li Zixiong paid 70000 yuan out of his own pocket and sent poor households to the mainland for treatment. The poor household couldn’t bear to accept it. Li Zixiong said, “just give it back to himself after reimbursement.”

after more than a month of treatment, the poor household was able to walk down the ground

“I think this reflects the relationship between the cadres and the people in Zuogong County,” said Zhao Yang. The people in the county can find the county leaders at any time, which is a very harmonious relationship between cadres and the masses. (end)