48 hours in Hohhot under the epidemic: gradually tighten the “fence” of epidemic prevention

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48 hours of novel coronavirus pneumonia in Hohhot (): step by step to tighten the epidemic prevention fence, Hohhot, October, 25, October: Hohhot’s 48 hour Chronicles: gradually tighten up the epidemic prevention fence,

has been doing 48 things for 23 days, so the people in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Hohhot are doing something together – – completing nucleic acid detection as soon as possible. P>

novel coronavirus pneumonia has been reported in Hohhot since 3 confirmed cases. p>

48 hours in Hohhot under the epidemic: gradually tighten the “fence” of epidemic prevention

the picture shows medical staff doing nucleic acid testing for Hohhot citizens. Photographed by Liu Wenhua

“one meter apart” and “no jumping in line”

in the continuous prompt of the horn, people in all districts of Hohhot lined up for the first full nucleic acid test since the outbreak

in many communities in Huimin District of Hohhot, due to the large number of people doing nucleic acid testing, some communities humanized that priority should be given to nucleic acid testing for students and the elderly who can’t use smart phones. Everyone said “this motion is good”

the news that there was an epidemic in Hohhot and the local people urgently needed nucleic acid testing affected Baotou Medical Units 100 kilometers away

on October 25, a medical team composed of more than 300 medical staff from 10 hospitals in Baotou rushed to the Huimin District of Hohhot to participate in the local nucleic acid sampling

according to official information, in order to assist Hohhot in carrying out nucleic acid testing for all staff, at 19:00 on the 24th, Baotou Health Commission issued a “recruitment order” to the city’s medical staff to recruit medical staff with excellent professional ability, skilled sampling technology and strong sense of responsibility

these angels in white arrived in Hohhot on the morning of the 25th. After a short rest, they began to devote themselves to the intense nucleic acid detection and sampling work

48 hours in Hohhot under the epidemic: gradually tighten the “fence” of epidemic prevention(1)

the picture shows medical staff doing nucleic acid testing for Hohhot citizens. Photo by Liu Wenhua

in the past 48 hours, if local citizens want to take the bus, they must actively show their health code before taking the bus, which has been implemented as a “hard rule”

on the evening of the 24th, the reporter noticed that on some buses in Hohhot, because nucleic acid detection is still in progress, passengers actively cooperate with the requirements and take the initiative to separate the distance, even familiar passengers

the reporter learned that during the epidemic period, Hohhot made prevention and control requirements and measures such as passenger temperature measurement, code checking, distance keeping, wearing masks, travel registration, sitting in separate seats and so on for public transport places and facilities with concentrated flow of people such as buses, subways, passenger stations, passenger vehicles and taxis

according to the official disclosure, at present, the flights, trains, passenger buses and tourist charters between Erenhot and Ejina Banner in Hohhot have been suspended

on the 25th, according to the news from Baita International Airport in Hohhot, in order to better deal with the epidemic situation, the transit business of “calling and flying” has been completely suspended. Passengers entering and leaving Hong Kong need to check the “Qingcheng police code” and provide the negative certificate of nucleic acid test within 48 hours

in addition, from 0:00 on the 24th, passengers in and out of Hohhot Railway Station are also required to provide a negative nucleic acid test report within 48 hours

48 hours in Hohhot under the epidemic: gradually tighten the “fence” of epidemic prevention(2)

the picture shows the nucleic acid detection point in a community in Hohhot. Li Aiping photographed

under the epidemic situation, the Education Department of Hohhot, in a highly responsible attitude, suspended classes for one day on the 25th, in order to enable local teachers and students to complete nucleic acid testing as soon as possible

on the 25th, the reporter learned that in order to ensure safety, the education department has been ready for “online teaching” at any time, and campus safety has been given top priority by the government

when asked by reporters, Zhang Xiaohua, director of Hohhot Education Bureau, said that under the epidemic situation, all off-campus training institutions in Hohhot have stopped offline teaching

Zhang Xiaohua said that at present, Hohhot Education Bureau has established an online teaching technology support group. Based on the recorded courses last year, it has further improved the relevant courses of various sections and disciplines from grade 1 of primary school to grade 3 of senior high school, and all of them have been pushed to the “Hohhot education cloud platform” and “Qingcheng education” columns, Schools have also further improved the online teaching work plan to ensure that online teaching can be started at any time

in an interview with reporters, some parents said that in any case, safety is the priority, and this measure of the local education department is “very responsible”. (end)