A big wave of suspense drama is new. Who can become the next “secret corner”?

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Beijing, October 24 (reporter Ren Siyu) recently, suspense drama has become a hot spot on the screen

fog theater has successively announced four new suspense dramas. The cast includes Duan Yihong, Hao Lei, Zu Feng, Liao Fan, Zhao Liying, Xiao Yang, Dong Zijian, Feng Shaofeng, etc., which has attracted extensive attention from netizens. At the same time, many suspense dramas are being broadcast or warmed up on other platforms

among them, can there be another explosion

A big wave of suspense drama is new. Who can become the next “secret corner”?

the lineup is luxurious, but the score is not high

as the opening work of this year’s fog theater, the lineup of “mystery fog in the octagonal pavilion” can be called “Wang bombing”. The combination of well-known director Wang Xiaoshuai and powerful actors Duan Yihong, Hao Lei, Zu Feng, Wu Yue and Xing Minshan made the play look forward to when it was not broadcast

the mystery fog of the octagonal pavilion takes place in the water town of Jiangnan. In the first episode, there are two chasing scenes: a girl in a red school uniform is running in the woods, and high school student Xuan nianmei is being chased by gangsters all over the city. The picture flashed through dense water villages and stone streets, and the shaking hand-held photography rendered a gloomy atmosphere

A big wave of suspense drama is new. Who can become the next “secret corner”?(1)

this atmosphere is also the feeling of some viewers when they first chase the play – “in the clouds”

the girl XuanZhen died unexpectedly 19 years ago. This unsolved case has not been solved for many years. When XuanZhen’s niece xuannianmei grew up, she was also tracked and put in danger. At this time, the little gangster who had harassed xuannianmei was mysteriously murdered

A big wave of suspense drama is new. Who can become the next “secret corner”?(2)

different from the interlocking narrative style of some suspense dramas, the mystery fog of the octagonal pavilion does not rush to peel off the cocoon, but first paves a complex network for the audience. The Xuan family has a son and three daughters. His brother Xuanliang feels guilty about his sister XuanZhen’s accidental death for half his life and almost guards his daughter crazily; Sister Xuanmin has a husband who is a policeman. She always believes that her sister is related to her failure to get pregnant; Xuanzhu, XuanZhen’s twin sister, has not been home for many years and has a lonely personality. In those years, there seemed to be a contradiction between them…

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the trauma caused by the pending case always makes everyone in the Xuan family live in a depressed atmosphere. At the same time, the parents of the murdered gangster had old grudges with Xuanliang; In the previous episodes, Ding radial lie, head of the Kunqu Opera Troupe, and Zhou Yamei, his wife, who seemed to be outside the main plot, were inextricably linked with the two families…

b268097ddb7c4e2baa05b2e73e980d88 - A big wave of suspense drama is new. Who can become the next "secret corner"?

there are many characters in the first few episodes of octagonal pavilion mystery fog, but everyone has many mysteries It is impossible to make complaints about the relationship between characters and characters. With the memory slowly unfolded, it also made many viewers Tucao “not so cool”. p>

director Hua Qing once said in an interview, “in fact, the mystery is not solved at once. I hope we can reach the final truth through everyone’s different perspectives. Moreover, after six episodes, we will speed up, multi-line intersection and layer by layer stripping bamboo shoots.”

as the director said, the plot of octagonal pavilion mystery fog has accelerated after six episodes, but at present, It failed to become a popular model as expected by the audience, and the Douban score was only 5.7

netizens who gave high scores mainly focused on actors’ acting skills and film texture, as well as the presentation of online drama on family relations and social images

A big wave of suspense drama is new. Who can become the next “secret corner”?(3)

it is worth mentioning that excerpts from the Peony Pavilion of Kunqu Opera often appear in the mystery fog of the octagonal pavilion. Therefore, some viewers cut in from the perspective of the drama plot to interpret the correspondence between the plot and the drama content in detail

A big wave of suspense drama is new. Who can become the next “secret corner”?(4)

Lu Yifan, the photography director of the octagonal pavilion mystery fog, once said that although the play has the shell of a suspense play, the story tells more about the character’s psychological and emotional world</ The intertwined suspense line and family line in p>

play make complaints about the complexity of human nature and family relations, but still attract many audiences to reduce their suspense. For example, “pulling frames and watching shadows is uncomfortable”, “the role of new actors is not standing”. p>

A big wave of suspense drama is new. Who can become the next “secret corner”?(5)

looking back last year, the secret corner and the silent truth of the misty theater scored 8.8 and 9.1 points respectively, plus the out of circle plays such as chasing the murderer in the white night and the crime without evidence a few years ago, The performance of domestic suspense drama has attracted the attention of the audience and the market

in addition to the fog theater, other platforms have also recently launched suspense drama works, such as truth, which focuses on procuratorial technicians, and the twelfth second, which is played by Wanxi

compared with last year, this year’s suspense drama is more diversified in theme and angle, and has expanded in “suspense +”

for example, the four plays launched by the mist theater, “mystery fog in the octagonal pavilion” focuses on “family suspense”, showing the impact of family on growth; Who is the murderer analyzes the “human suspense” and shows the persistence of several generations; “Gold rush” is “adventure hunting”, which cracked the identity secret of “Owl” in the dangerous gold rush process; “Fatal desire” is a series of stories about desire triggered by a mobile phone software

A big wave of suspense drama is new. Who can become the next “secret corner”?(6)

in addition, the main creative lineup of suspense drama is also gradually upgrading, such as Wang Xiaoshuai, the director of the first electric shock online drama, and the same stage Biao drama of powerful actors such as Qin Hao, Duan Yihong, Zu Feng, Hao Lei and Liao fan, but it is frequently publicized and emphasized in the “film texture” While the theme and lineup are constantly refreshed, the requirements of the audience must be higher and higher, and whether the script that undertakes the important task can play is still the key among the keys

the audience is still waiting for who can become the hot money of this year’s suspense drama. (end)