After 38 years of return, the scene of “Tianshu Qitan” made netizens cry

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Beijing, October 17 (reporter Ren Siyu) recently, the emergence of a film made many people shout “childhood is back”

on October 14, the classic animation “Tianshu Qitan” announced that it would debut on the national big screen for the first time. This animated feature film produced by Shanghai art film studio in 1983 has a Douban score of 9.2. In addition to memory killing, netizens also called “tears” directly. Of the 12 main creators written on the film poster, 6 have died

in the past 38 years, why do people never forget Tianshu Qitan

After 38 years of return, the scene of “Tianshu Qitan” made netizens cry

the book of heaven, where is the strange

compared with “making havoc in heaven” and “Nezha making havoc in the sea” produced by Shanghai Meiying studio, what many people are most impressed by “Tianshu Qitan” is its fun

there is a rare book “Tianshu” in Tianting, which has been locked in the stone niche door for 3000 years. 108 spells were recorded in the book. In order to benefit mankind, Yuan Gong secretly came down to earth and engraved the contents of the heavenly book on the stone wall. However, he violated the heavenly book and was punished to guard the heavenly book in the cave

at this time, three foxes stole the elixir in the alchemy furnace and became three fox spirits. They came down to the world to cheat people’s money. They also pretended to be fairy and colluded with the government to bully the people and harm the world

therefore, Yuan Gong instructed the gifted egg student, a child who jumped out of the egg, to practice the magic skills in the heavenly book, fight wits and courage with the fox spirit, and eliminate harm for the people

After 38 years of return, the scene of “Tianshu Qitan” made netizens cry(1)

this story comes from the ancient god demon novel biography of the flat demon. The main creator of the film used the method of “string burning” to arrange the script, integrating many traditional folk stories, which was quite subversive at that time. “In the past, we couldn’t make scripts like this,” Qian Yunda, one of the directors, recalled, “stringing them violated a set of rules of our screenwriters in the past.”

Yuan Gong and his apprentices fought three foxes wisely. The story of the book of heaven is not complicated, but the characters in it are extremely distinctive, such as the kind egg Sheng, the selfless “fire thief” Yuan Gong, the treacherous fox, immortals, monsters, emperors, monks, county officials and businessmen

After 38 years of return, the scene of “Tianshu Qitan” made netizens cry(2)

and some plot designs in Tianshu Qitan are also quite meaningful. For example, the county magistrate grabbed a cornucopia and kept pouring out gold and silver treasures. As a result, his father fell down, one father after another came out to quarrel, and finally ate the consequences of insatiable greed

in the film, Yuan Gong destroyed the fox, but he was finally captured by the heaven. His spirit moved many viewers: “I remember that I cried when I finally saw Yuan Gong taken away by the heaven chain.” “when I was a child, I always thought there would be a sequel.”

it’s not an animation only for children.

now go back to the creative team of Tianshu Qitan, It is quite luxurious

let’s look at the dubbing team first. Ding Jianhua dubs “egg student” and Bi Ke dubs “Yuan Gong”. Su Xiu, Cheng Xiaohua, Shi Rong, Cao Lei, Shang Hua and other dubbing artists have all contributed wonderful sound performances to this animation

directors Wang Shuchen and Qian Yunda studied in the Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia respectively. The former created Nezha making trouble in the sea (screenwriter and director) and landscape (screenwriter), while the latter directed animation masterpieces such as grassland hero little sisters and the adventures of the sloppy king

in the film, the famous composer Wu Yingju integrates and innovates traditional national and Western musical instruments. He has also made music for classic domestic animation such as making trouble in heaven, shepherd’s Flute and little tadpole looking for mother

After 38 years of return, the scene of “Tianshu Qitan” made netizens cry(3)

in those years, the creative team led by Wang Shuchen and Qian Yunda were unwilling to make a film only for children</ Qian Yunda, director of p>

, invited the Nanjing daily, the editor of the Xinhua Daily, as an animation design. He used Chinese folk art, painting, sculpture, toys, drama and other elements in the artistic form. Many of the characters in the film drew on China’s facial makeup, such as fox’s oblique eyes and blush, and the county magistrate drew the clown. The mouse face and moustache are also added to make the audience unforgettable

After 38 years of return, the scene of “Tianshu Qitan” made netizens cry(4)

the interesting and flexible painting style of Tianshu Qitan is also inseparable from the creativity of the main creative team. “I just let them find a way,” Qian Yunda said. For example, the interesting picture of eating a big cake with an egg raw, first biting from the middle, and then putting it around his neck is the original painter’s own idea

After 38 years of return, the scene of “Tianshu Qitan” made netizens cry(5)

in addition, the pavilions, waterside pavilions, palace courtyards, weeping willow arch bridges and other landscapes follow the style of “Wumen painting school”, draw the cultural landscape with fine brushwork and heavy color, and draw the natural landscape with elegant ink. The film also adds many folk images, such as the “birds and phoenix” marveled by the little emperor, walking on stilts, dragon and lion dance, etc

director Qian Yunda once said, “at that time, Tianshu Qitan was still very popular because it was funny and funny, and it still met our requirements for fun and beauty.”

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in the book of heaven, the arrogant little emperor is voiced by the voice artist Cao Lei, She remembered that she had let go of the match at that time. Sometimes the little emperor in the picture drooled. The Director Su Xiu told her to put half of her saliva in her mouth, so it became difficult to speak quickly

“When we were together, we liked the play very much. Why? Because the film was silent at the beginning, but the characters painted by the director had special personalities and unique images, which provided us with the premise for great play. Unlike with foreign films, you must paste the voice and mouth shape of the original film. We can play and create by ourselves. Director Wang Shuchen listened After we finished the match, we were inspired again and changed the picture on the basis of dubbing. This is really a collective creation, “said Cao Lei.

more than 30 years later, Tianshu Qitan Among the main creators of the film, director and screenwriter Wang Shuchen, screenwriter Bao Lei, animation designer Ke Ming, composer Wu Yingju, Dubbing Artists Bi Ke and Shang Hua have all died. Qian Yunda, one of the directors, is now over 90.

in the previously exposed repair gags, it is the “egg student” of the film Ding Jianhua, who was dubbing again, lamented that the previous voice had no burden, but now the voice has a burden.

5fa04fe7d8f846b29d0ab6b1bac8cf48 - After 38 years of return, the scene of "Tianshu Qitan" made netizens cry

in order to better present this domestic animation classic, Tianshu Qitan 4K Commemorative Edition It has gone through a long process of overall restoration and digitization.

in the new fixed file poster, egg Sheng runs to the sky with open arms, pursues light and hope, and carries forward the spirit of Tianshu. Yuan Gong in the lower left corner of the picture looks up and waves goodbye to his apprentice egg Sheng, implying that Huiguang has been handed down from generation to generation and will never stop.

these classic cartoons and the creators behind the scenes are China The dedication of animation should not be forgotten. (end)