An aria for angels in white

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[ninth China novel coronavirus pneumonia]
  • after visiting Song Xiaoming

, the author of the sacred word and the new crown pneumonia outbreak of the China music and Literature Association, the medical workers went up and became the most beautiful people in the new era. Song Xiaoming, President of the Chinese society of music and literature and a lyricist, is worried about their safety. At the same time, he also has a long cherished wish to write a song for them. Song Xiaoming had this idea when fighting against SARS in 2003, but it didn’t come true

An aria for angels in white

Song Xiaoming is not in a hurry to write. He doesn’t want to write “hurry”. Song Xiaoming, 70, is used to slowing down his creation. Write less, but “one must write one”. At that time, many related songs were sent out through various platforms. “The momentum is great, but not many people are moved. I don’t catch the limelight.” he observed for a period of time and brewing for two months. In April last year, he completed the short song “holy”. It’s more like poetry than lyrics. It’s a carefully polished and traceless poem. Its fresh and refined literariness makes this song stand out from many songs with the same theme

“it’s just a drop of water with a transparent heart. On the horizon of love and pain, look up to the motto of the angel.” the lyrics are written from the perspective of medical workers, gazing at the suffering caused by the epidemic through their eyes and expressing the great love of the world through their mouths. “I would like to hold every wounded heart, let the blood warm the helpless soul and answer the torture of illness. I want to share the experience of suffering with you and accompany you out of the door of light.”

when communicating with composer Wang Bei, song Xiaoming suggested that it can be written as a duet between men and women. The song is simple and catchy and easy to sing. After reading the lyrics, Wang Bei is ready to write a song with the characteristics of musical aria. Wang Bei said that this is probably the broadest song he has ever written, with more than two octaves up and down. However, the young singer Wang Shang can freely retract and play when singing, and each sound area naturally transitions without trace. The intonation is as accurate as a musical instrument

after the song sample was finished, song Xiaoming was completely moved and replied to Wang Bei with only four words: “nothing to say” to express his admiration. He was even more shocked when he learned that singer Wang Shang was a young man in his twenties. “It’s an honor. I’m so old that young people can sing and like songs. It’s my honor,” Song Xiaoming said

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