Asteroids approach the earth very close: astronomers are unaware

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according to foreign media reports, an asteroid recently flew over Antarctica with a distance of less than 3000 kilometers. What is worrying is that the asteroid was so close to the earth that it was not found

the report points out that the asteroid is named 2021 ua1, and its flying distance to the earth is the third closest in history. On Sunday, it flew to Antarctica in Vietnam at an altitude higher than the international space station, but lower than the communication satellite orbiting the earth

according to astronomer Tony Dunn of the orbit simulator website, the asteroid flew over Antarctica at a distance of only 3000 kilometers on Sunday night, but it was not found when it was closest to the earth

Asteroids approach the earth very close: astronomers are unaware

fortunately, the diameter of this celestial body is only two meters, which means that even if it enters our planet, it is likely to be burned in our atmosphere and will not harm the earth

before asteroid 2021 ua1, asteroid 2020 vt4 flew over the earth recently, only about 370km away from the earth. The second is the asteroid 2020 QG, which was only 1830 miles (about 2945 kilometers) above the southern Indian Ocean, but it was too small to pose a threat to the earth

although these asteroids are not large enough to cause danger to the earth, once some large asteroids hit the earth, the disaster will be devastating. Therefore, scientists have been exploring ways to avoid these asteroids

in May this year, the United States and European space organizations jointly launched an exercise on asteroid impact on the earth. The exercise simulated that an asteroid 35 million miles (about 56 million kilometers) away was flying towards the earth and might hit the earth within six months

it was found that no human technology could stop the impact of this asteroid, and its final impact power was equivalent to a large nuclear bomb. The only thing we can do is to transfer the people in the impact area as soon as possible before the asteroid strikes the earth

in addition, Chinese scientists have also jointly designed the near Earth Asteroid defense system, which is called “assembled kinetic impactor / AKI”, referred to as “last stage rock hammer”

according to this scheme, after the spacecraft enters the deep space escape orbit, the final stage of the rocket does not separate from the spacecraft, and the spacecraft controls the final stage assembly to collide with the dangerous asteroid, so as to make full use of the remaining weight of the final stage of the rocket, improve the momentum of hitting the asteroid, and then improve the orbit deflection ability of the asteroid