Biden’s massive budget continues to “slim down”, but the Democratic Party still has differences

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Beijing, October 28 (Xinhua) according to a comprehensive report, on the evening of 27 local time, US President Biden said on a social networking website that his large-scale budget draft was “within reach” and called on Democrats to “cross the finish line”. However, due to the opposition of key Democrats, the draft has been significantly “slimmed down” from the earliest $3.5 trillion, and there are still differences

Biden’s massive budget continues to “slim down”, but the Democratic Party still has differences

in August this year, the Democratic Party of Congress launched a draft budget framework for fiscal year 2022 with a scale of US $3.5 trillion, which plans to increase investment in education, health care and climate change, reduce taxes for the middle class and increase taxes for the rich and large enterprises. However, the draft has encountered differences of opinion within the Democratic Party

at the heart of the current negotiations are Democratic senators Joe Manchin and kyrsten sinema. Since the Democratic Party must ensure that all 50 of its senators vote in favour, their attitude matters

previously, Biden had abandoned the free community college and agreed to reduce the paid family leave (maternity leave) from 12 weeks to 4 weeks, but the shortened plan still failed to satisfy Manchin. People familiar with the matter said that due to his opposition, the plan is unlikely to be included in the bill

the plan to levy a new surtax on the rich is to win the support of another opponent, sinama, and help solve the problem of income. However, Manchin believes that it is unfair to the rich

the combined opposition of the two congressmen has thrown Biden’s overall plan into chaos

the media also pointed out that any concession to Manchin may attract the dissatisfaction of progressive Parliamentarians on the other hand. Paid leave is regarded as the core of expanding the huge expenditure on social security. This could complicate subsequent negotiations

although a series of deadlines are imminent, Democrats have been unable to reach an agreement internally, and externally, Republicans overwhelmingly oppose the plan. At present, the best possibility is that Democrats can reach a framework agreement before Biden’s trip to Europe on the 28th

at the White House press conference on the 27th, spokesman pusaki said that this possibility still exists and there is still time