Canada promotes a unified national “vaccine passport”

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China News Agency, Toronto, October 21 (Reporter Yu Ruidong) – Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced in Ottawa on October 21 that the standardized Canadian new crown vaccination certificate can be used in most provinces and regions of the country. At the same time, the Canadian government is promoting the international recognition of vaccination certificates in the country, so as to use them for cross-border travel

such certificates are known as “vaccine passports”. Canadian officials said that the certificate provided a reliable and safe way to prove the history of new crown vaccination in Canada or abroad. Trudeau said he was “very confident” that Canada’s vaccination certificates would be accepted all over the world

Canada promotes a unified national “vaccine passport”

on September 7 local time, newly arrived international passengers lined up at Pearson International Airport in Toronto, Canada. China News Agency Reporter Yu Ruidong photo

at present, many provinces in Canada have begun to implement their own “vaccine passports”. The Canadian federal government said that the new standardized vaccination certificate will soon be used nationwide

Canadian officials announced earlier this month that employers in the aviation, railway and water transportation industries supervised by the federal government need to introduce measures to ensure that their employees are vaccinated before October 30. From the same day, air passengers and passengers of some railway companies need to complete full vaccination in principle. At that time, passengers can use the federal or provincial “vaccine passport”

the Canadian government also promises that the federal “vaccine passport” respects personal privacy and contains only the minimum information required to determine whether passengers meet epidemic prevention requirements

as Canada’s most important neighbor, the United States will reopen “unnecessary” travel between Canada and the United States on November 8. However, cross-border passengers must produce vaccination certificates

the new cabinet of the Canadian government led by Trudeau will be sworn in on October 26. The Canadian authorities made a number of commitments to promote the vaccination of the new crown within 100 days of the inauguration of the new cabinet. In addition to the implementation of the national unified “vaccine passport”, other commitments include ensuring that aircraft and train passengers over the age of 12 are fully vaccinated; Ensure that people working in federally administered workplaces are fully vaccinated; Criminalize harassment or threats against medical staff, etc

at present, about 83% of the eligible population over the age of 12 in Canada have achieved full vaccination of the new crown vaccine. The proportion of the total population fully vaccinated is about 73%. (end)