Canadian Prime Minister visits aboriginal tribes to apologize for improper vacation

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China News Agency, Toronto, October 19 – Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited an aboriginal tribe in British Columbia on October 18 local time and apologized for taking his family to the resort without responding to the tribe’s invitation on the first “national truth and reconciliation day”

Canadian Prime Minister visits aboriginal tribes to apologize for improper vacation

the picture shows Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau. Taken by MSC / KUHLMANN of China News Agency, Trudeau said through the online social platform that night that the experience of Aboriginal children in boarding schools was or is unforgivable. He reiterated his commitment that the Canadian government will continue to promote reconciliation with indigenous peoples

tk’eml ú PS te secw é PeMc, an Indian tribe in kamlops, British Columbia, was announced in late May this year. Ground radar detection showed that the remains of about 200 students were buried underground at the former site of an Aboriginal boarding school, which was not recorded by the government. Subsequently, a large number of children’s remains or unmarked tombs were found at the former site of Kato Aboriginal boarding school. More than 1000 remains or tombs have been found in total

September 30 this year is Canada’s first “national truth and reconciliation day”. Activities are held across the country to honor children who died in Aboriginal boarding schools in the past and comfort boarding school survivors. The TTES tribe had previously sent two letters to the prime minister’s office inviting Trudeau to attend the commemoration, but failed

according to the agenda originally published by Trudeau’s office, he attended a closed meeting in Ottawa on September 30. However, the revised itinerary confirmed that he was in the tourist resort of Tofino on Vancouver Island that day. This led him to criticism from public opinion and the opposition. Trudeau apologized for the incident in early October

Tess tribal chief roxan kasimir said frankly that Trudeau’s vacation caused shock, anger, sadness and doubt. On behalf of aborigines, she also made three requests to the federal government, including unrestricted access to information such as attendance records of boarding school students, funding the new boarding school survivor rehabilitation center, and assisting in the search and investigation of unmarked tombs. However, Trudeau did not announce any new relevant measures this time

Trudeau once visited the native Indians of central Saskatchewan in early July. The tribe previously announced that 751 unmarked tombs were initially found near the site of a boarding school

after the establishment of the Commonwealth of Canada, a boarding school system was gradually established in an attempt to forcibly “assimilate” aborigines. The boarding school system has existed for more than a century. More than 150000 Aboriginal children were sent to boarding schools for isolation education, and thousands of children died in boarding schools. (end)