Chen aisen, Xie Sichang and Ji Xuezi face to face: the youth of struggle is the most beautiful

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Beijing, Guangzhou, October 19 (Xinhua) Title: Chen aisen, Xie Sichang and Ji University face to face: the youth of struggle is the most beautiful

“have goals and dreams in your heart. Don’t leave yourself a way back, you will go on without hesitation.” “have dreams and focus. Only in this way can you overcome difficulties…” on October 19, Olympic diving champion Chen aisen Xie Sichang returned to his alma mater Jinan University and had a face-to-face Youth Dialogue with more than 100 students at the Zeng Xianzi Science Museum of the University

it is understood that Chen aisen is currently a graduate student majoring in 2018 master of international business in the school of economics of Jinan University. He won the champion of men’s double 10m platform and men’s single 10m platform in Rio Olympic Games in August 2016, and became the first athlete in Olympic history to win gold medals in men’s single 10m platform and double 10m platform at the same time. This year, Chen aisen and Cao Yuan won the silver medal in the men’s 10m platform double at the Tokyo Olympic Games

Xie Si Chang just won the championship of men’s double 3m springboard and men’s 3m springboard in Tokyo Olympic Games this year, thus becoming the first person in the history of realizing the “Grand Slam” of the Olympic Games, world cup and World Championships. He is a 2019 master of international business in the school of economics of Jinan University

in the dialogue, both Chen aisen and Xie Sichang mentioned that a successful life is inseparable from personal efforts, and a struggling youth is the most beautiful

“Xie Si field is a properly hard-working athlete and trains extremely hard.” Chen aisen is familiar with and full of respect for his good teammate and younger martial brother. He broke the news that in order to correct a diving action, Xie Sichang still tried his best to insist on training when his foot had been injured in training. Finally, he broke his bone due to excessive injury and had to have surgery

Chen aisen, Xie Sichang and Ji Xuezi face to face: the youth of struggle is the most beautiful

Chen aisen, Xie Sichang and his university son face to face, photographed by Chen Jimin

in Xie Sichang’s eyes, Chen aisen is a talented and hard-working athlete. But he insists that effort is more important than talent. Xie Sichang said: “for Chen aisen, the trough period in 2018 is actually very difficult. With the growth of age, when athletes’ physical function declines, it is actually difficult to mobilize and recover to a better state. However, Chen aisen has overcome these difficulties through his hard work and finally got back.”

“Without effort, no matter how talented you are, you won’t achieve outstanding results. If you don’t have talent, you have to pay a hundred times more efforts than others. In addition, you have to adhere to and focus in order to achieve your goals,” Xie Sichang said.

recalling the situation when you stood on the podium of the Olympic champion for the first time in the Rio Olympic Games, Chen aisen said frankly “At that time, I was a little confused and happy. I thought of my previous efforts and experiences. At the moment when the national anthem was played, I felt a sense of pride to win glory for the country.”

Chen aisen was still magnanimous when he won the silver medal in the Tokyo Olympic Games: “the runner up is actually an affirmation of himself, and I’m also very happy.” He explained that he was at the peak of sports in 2016. By 2018, the state competition began to decline and fell to the lowest point. Finally, with the support and help of the diving team and the encouragement of his teammates, he returned to a better state step by step.

of course, like all excellent athletes, Chen aisen did not give up his desire for the championship, “For professional athletes, competitive sports is to win or lose. Every athlete wants to win the championship on the field, which is an affirmation of his own efforts.”

Chen aisen and Xie Sichang sent a message to the younger teachers and sisters of Jinan University: cherish the university time, make full use of the rich teaching resources of the University, strive to learn knowledge and skills well, on this basis, we should explore ourselves more, find our own goals and persevere, and maintain a good attitude at the same time. (end)