Cheng Fangyuan performs the passionate “Latin American Carnival” concert

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Beijing, October 20 (reporter Ying Ni) – Cheng Fangyuan, known as the “evergreen tree in the singing world”, performed a wonderful “Latin American Carnival” concert for the audience in Sanlitun red hall on the evening of the 19th

at the performance site, black seats half surround the stage, and blue and purple lights are projected on the stage, which is more like a live house than a concert. “I entered the Oriental Song and dance troupe at the age of 20. It’s my first time to perform in such a venue and atmosphere.” Cheng Fangyuan said frankly. For her, the stage of Beijing International Music Festival has realized the performance scene and presentation she has been looking forward to

Cheng Fangyuan performs the passionate “Latin American Carnival” concert

Cheng Fangyuan and the band are happy to form a band with bassist Huang Yong, guitarist Feng Chong, keyboard Feng Wei, jazz drummer Liu Ziyi and percussion musicians, bringing Chinese and foreign classic pop, blues and jazz songs, And the most popular aria in opera and the familiar songs in musicals

a well-known song “only you in my heart without him” ignited the audience with a hot style

Corazon in Sanlitun, which is very suitable for the occasion, is selected from Cheng Fangyuan’s album amorous feelings all the way. This album not only presents ten new singing works, but also creates the concept of “music image” for the first time. It jointly expounds Cheng Fangyuan’s spiritual perception and records her feelings during her trip in two ways: music and photography

then, Cheng Fangyuan and the band presented the Bank of Baikal and the devoted lover, which were composed by Li Jian. The former has the style of Russian folk songs, and the latter is elegant and ethereal

Classic memories of childhood, popular music with great popularity “the rest of life”, jazz music “autumn leaves”, etc. all kinds of music works are handy, and even a drum set is hot on the spot. The enthusiastic drum beat once again brought the audience into Latin America, and the applause lasted for a long time

as the first professional classical music festival in China, the Beijing International Music Festival has been deeply rooted in China’s classical music industry since its establishment. However, in the history of the festival, there have been many popular singers and jazz masters on the stage, bringing rich cross-border performances. For example, the appearance of jazz celebrity Kenny Garrett in 2010, rock singer Cui Jian and Luo Dayou, American pop star Michael Burton took turns on the stage in 2012, and even the music talent Huang Yunling and Lin Junjie in 2013 brought a pop trend. This Latin American Carnival concert is also another cross-border embodiment of the Beijing International Music Festival

Zou Shuang, art director of Beijing International Music Festival, said bluntly, “Mr. Cheng Fangyuan has been in contact with all kinds of music. He is a person who dares to contact new things. He has crossed the border before the word cross-border. Beijing International Music Festival hopes to present more music types and present world music on the stage.” (end)