[China by the mother river] from “Dafengkou” to “Star Village”, Lankao Zhangzhuang’s gorgeous “butterfly change”

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Kaifeng, October 14 (reporter Ling Meng) clean and tidy streets, verdant trees, rows of small shops with simple decoration, red walls and green tiles under the blue sky and white clouds… In the bright autumn, the “happy road” of Zhangzhuang village attracts the attention of tourists, and an endless stream of tourists come here

once upon a time, Zhangzhuang village, located on the Bank of the Yellow River, was also the famous gale mouth in Lankao County, with sand dunes and poverty. Today, under the guidance of poverty alleviation and Rural Revitalization policies, Zhangzhuang village has successfully lifted its hat from poverty, developed characteristic industries and rural tourism, and the local villagers have walked out of a road to prosperity with a smiling face

on October 13, the reporter walked into Zhangzhuang village, Dongbatou Township, Lankao County, Kaifeng City, Henan Province with the network theme activity of “China by the mother river – tracing the source of the Yellow River and telling the story of the Yellow River” to find the happiness code on the way to happiness

on the “happy road”, the villagers swaggered

walking on the country road of Zhangzhuang village, they saw the white walls and black tiles of the houses under the green trees, which were scattered and harmonious under the blue sky and clear water

however, in history, it was the first gale mouth in Lankao County. The harsh natural environment and the rampant sandstorm and saline alkali have seriously curbed the development of this village

[China by the mother river] from “Dafengkou” to “Star Village”, Lankao Zhangzhuang’s gorgeous “butterfly change”

the “happy road” in Zhangzhuang village attracts tourists. (photographed by future network reporter Ling Meng)

villager Yan Chunguang is the witness of this “great change”. In 2010, Yan Chunguang’s chicken business lost a net profit due to two bird flu outbreaks. Yan Chunguang’s family has also become a famous poor household in the village

under the guidance of the poverty alleviation policy, Yan Chunguang was determined to do something. Subsequently, he raised funds and began to set up a chicken farm by making use of his rich experience in raising chickens for a long time

[China by the mother river] from “Dafengkou” to “Star Village”, Lankao Zhangzhuang’s gorgeous “butterfly change”(1)

the home of Yan Chunguang, a villager in Zhangzhuang village. (photographed by Ling Meng of FutureNet)

in 2015, Yan Chunguang’s family successfully got rid of poverty. He loaned 300000 yuan to build a modern chicken farm containing 10000 chickens, and registered and established Chunhui breeding cooperative to drive the employment of poor villagers

in 2018, considering the needs of developing rural tourism in Zhangzhuang village, Yan Chunguang transformed into a traditional handicraft and opened a small shop called “Chunguang oil shop”. “I have consulted the old people in the village many times to learn the traditional handicrafts of grinding sesame oil, pressing peanut oil and making sweet potato noodles. The products are in short supply. I have also become the leader in getting rich in the village.”

Yan Chunguang said excitedly that in addition to selling the products to tourists, he has also done his business on the Internet and opened a Taobao store. “Chunguang sesame oil has been sold all over the country through the e-commerce platform. In a year, Chunguang Youfang has an income of more than 100000 yuan, and everyone began to call me’xiangchunguang’.

now, in Yan Chunguang’s yard, there are verdant trees and birds singing. According to Zhuang Yanfei of the working team of Lankao County Public Resources Trading Center in Zhangzhuang village, under the leading role of Yan Chunguang, the scale of chicken breeding in Zhangzhuang village has been expanded by more than three times, and the per capita income of the whole village has increased from more than 3000 yuan to more than 15000 yuan, realizing a qualitative leap

on the “road to prosperity”, the villagers are smiling

Yan Chunguang’s road to prosperity is only an epitome of the gorgeous turn of Zhangzhuang village

walking along the “happiness Road”, the courtyard paved with green bricks is scattered, showing a different rural charm

[China by the mother river] from “Dafengkou” to “Star Village”, Lankao Zhangzhuang’s gorgeous “butterfly change”(2)

a corner of Zhangzhuang village. (photographed by Ling Meng of FutureNet)

“originally, the village was a scene of dilapidated houses, and many villagers’ yards were overgrown with weeds. In order to build a beautiful new countryside, the village specially launched the Rural Courtyard reconstruction project of’Mengli Zhangzhuang’, which designed and reconstructed the yards for the villagers free of charge. After the reconstruction of some courtyards was completed, it also led the villagers to build and build spontaneously.” Zhuang Yanfei said

in order to build a beautiful village, Zhangzhuang village also makes rational use of the courtyard of foreign workers and villagers through leasing, and transforms it into public infrastructure for villagers’ leisure and entertainment

it is understood that up to now, Zhangzhuang village has transformed more than 10 idle courtyards in the village into public welfare cultural infrastructure, including fireworks library, Zhangzhuang theater, folk custom museum, etc

[China by the mother river] from “Dafengkou” to “Star Village”, Lankao Zhangzhuang’s gorgeous “butterfly change”(3)

Zhangzhuang village “fireworks library”. (photographed by Ling Meng of FutureNet)

“this way can not only make rational use of the idle yard, but also provide more interesting leisure places for the villagers, so that the villagers can improve their cultural literacy while improving their quality of life.” Zhuang Yanfei said

the reporter noticed that at the door of every household in Zhangzhuang village, there are red signs for the selection of “beautiful courtyard”. It is reported that through the selection activities, the villagers have developed good living habits, and the civilized rural style has slowly penetrated into the hearts of every villager

[China by the mother river] from “Dafengkou” to “Star Village”, Lankao Zhangzhuang’s gorgeous “butterfly change”(4)

Zhangzhuang theater in Zhangzhuang village. (photographed by future network reporter Ling Meng)

under the cultivation of civilized rural style, the industrial form of Zhangzhuang village is also gradually enriched. Rural tourism, fruit tree picking, edible fungus industry, Penaeus vannamei culture base and other economic forms have taken root, sprouted, blossomed and fruited in Zhangzhuang village. At the same time, by vigorously developing characteristic industries, Zhangzhuang village has driven a large number of migrant workers to return home and start businesses

on the “happiness Road”, a plaque with “red and sunny days” is shining in the sun. “This was opened by a young man who returned home to start a business in the village. Seeing that the development of his hometown is getting better and better, more and more young people choose to return to his hometown for development.” Zhuang Yanfei said

the once “gale mouth” has now become a famous star village. Zhangzhuang village has realized the gorgeous transformation to green ecology and high-quality development, and will become a “dream Zhangzhuang” that remembers nostalgia, walks in and can stay