Chongqing held the first national forest farm forest fire fighting professional team skills competition

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Beijing, Chongqing, October 14 (Liang Qinqing) on October 14, Chongqing forestry bureau organized the first skill competition of forest fire-fighting professional teams of state-owned forest farms in Pengshui Miao and Tujia Autonomous County. 38 forest fire-fighting professional teams of state-owned forest farms and 200 forest fire-fighting team members competed together, Comprehensively improve the technical and tactical level of forest fire fighting professional teams in state-owned forest farms and the initial disposal capacity of fire

the competition sets up group projects such as theoretical examination of forest fire fighting basic knowledge, 3000 meter load-bearing cross-country, chainsaw operation and fire pump operation, as well as individual projects composed of GPS operation, wind fire extinguisher operation, knapsack reciprocating water gun operation and chainsaw operation

in recent years, Chongqing forestry bureau has seriously implemented the idea of “integration” of fire prevention and extinguishing, further clarified the responsibilities of territorial governments, regulatory departments, forest management entities and forest rangers, and divided the responsibilities of forest management entities into three categories of “point”, “linear” and “surface”, with classified measures. Chongqing has also established a responsibility system of “four level forest head + grid forest ranger” based on the “forest head system”, and established a working mechanism of “forest head + police chief” and “forest head + procurator general”. In addition, the “Chongqing forest and grassland fire prevention one code pass” software developed and applied by Chongqing took the lead in scanning two-dimensional codes in and out of forest areas in China

Chongqing held the first national forest farm forest fire fighting professional team skills competition

the site of the first forest fire fighting professional team skill competition of state-owned forest farm in Chongqing. Map provided by Chongqing forestry bureau

up to now, there are 32 691 forest fire-fighting professional teams in the newly-built state-owned forest farm in Chongqing, and 20 forest and grassland fire risk monitoring stations and 2 fire risk model laboratories are built in key forest areas, taking the lead in carrying out the research on localized forest and grassland fire risk early warning model

at the same time, Chongqing has steadily promoted the information construction, established an intelligent fire prevention management platform by using advanced technologies such as big data and cloud computing, and built 275 forest fire video monitoring platforms, 472 bayonets, 13 infra-red alarm systems, 1720 intelligent voice bayonets and 58 UAVs; Establish “one map, one table and one database” of more than 9000 fire risk hidden danger data of forest and grassland; It is planned to add 2932 fire intelligent monitoring platforms, and strive to achieve 95% coverage of forest fire intelligent monitoring in key forest areas

Chongqing forestry bureau also put forward specific requirements for the next work of the forest fire brigade of Chongqing State-owned Forest Farm: first, strengthen construction, strengthen training and actively prepare for war in strict accordance with the principle of “combination of experts and groups, focusing on experts, overall planning, adjusting measures to local conditions, standardized management and multiple abilities of one team”; Second, it is necessary to further expand the quality of “one team with multiple abilities”. The professional team focuses on forest and grassland fire prevention and rescue, while taking into account the management of state-owned forest farms in non fire prevention period and the emergency rescue of forest disaster prevention and reduction; Third, we should further improve the level of all kinds of security and try our best to solve all kinds of difficulties encountered in training life. (end)