Chongqing plans to build Guangyang Bay Zhichuang ecological city and draw a modern version of “Fuchun Mountain Residence” in Bayu

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Beijing, Chongqing, October 21 (reporter he penglei) Lu Kehua, vice mayor of Chongqing, introduced on the 21st that Chongqing plans to build Guangyang Bay Zhichuang ecological city, build a modern city with harmonious coexistence between man and nature, and build a demonstration area and pilot area leading the high-quality development and high-quality life of the Yangtze River economic belt

a press conference on the planning of Guangyang Bay Zhichuang eco city was held on the same day. At the meeting, the planning of Guangyang Bay Zhichuang ecological city covering an area of about 115 square kilometers south of the Yangtze River was officially released

Chongqing plans to build Guangyang Bay Zhichuang ecological city and draw a modern version of “Fuchun Mountain Residence” in Bayu

at present, the main body of ecological restoration of Guangyang island has been completed, and Guangyang island is lush under the aerial camera. Photographed by he penglei

Lu Kehua said that Guangyang Bay Zhichuang eco city will closely focus on the target positioning of “Yangtze River Scenic eye, Chongqing ecological island and Zhichuang eco city”, focus on “ecological priority” and “green development”, highlight the main theme of ecological city integrating “wisdom, innovation, green and city”, and realize the harmonious coexistence of “industry, city, scenery and people”

Wang Maochun, head of Nan’an District government, introduced at the press conference that Guangyang Bay Zhichuang eco city planned to build Guangyang Island, Guangyang Bay, Tongjiang, Yinglong and Donggang, Bayu international talent Town, Tongluo mountain, Mingyue Mountain and villages along the mountain and river, as well as “one island, one Bay, three cities and one town, two screen village houses and nine corridors” The urban and rural spatial pattern of “city, town and village” integrated development and “industry, city, scenery and people” harmonious progress

Chongqing plans to build Guangyang Bay Zhichuang ecological city and draw a modern version of “Fuchun Mountain Residence” in Bayu(1)

scenery of Chongqing Guangyang island. Photo by Guo Xu

“the construction of Guangyang Bay Zhichuang ecological city is guided by the green development demonstration of the Yangtze River economic belt, adheres to the road of green and low-carbon circular development, builds a modern version of the habitat of Fuchun mountain in Bayu, returns to the ecology 500 years ago and creates a life 50 years later.” Yan Wei, Secretary of the Nan’an District Party committee, said, The construction of Zhichuang ecological city will focus on three aspects:

first, build an ecological city, coordinate the management of “landscape, forest, field, lake, grass and sand” system, build Nanshan and Mingyue Mountain urban mountain parks on both sides, coordinate the construction of nine ecological corridors such as kuzhuxi and Niutoushan, and create a national green ecological urban area. In the future, the blue-green space of eco city can reach 70%

Second, prosper the city through industry. On the one hand, focus on “wisdom +”, accelerate digital industrialization and industrial digitization, and vigorously develop intelligent terminals, industrial software and digital cultural and creative industries with Chongqing Software Park as the main support and platform. On the other hand, focus on “green +” and accelerate ecological industrialization and industrial ecology. With the Yangtze River green technology innovation center, the Yangtze River Green Engineering Research Center and the Western Green Exchange as an important starting point, cooperate with national universities and leading central enterprises such as China energy construction, China Power Investment Yuanda environmental protection and the Three Gorges group to jointly build Guangyang Bay green low-carbon science and innovation center, The Yangtze River Industrial Park will be upgraded to the Yangtze River Green Innovation Industrial Park, and the first low-carbon (near zero carbon) Industrial Park in the city will be established. By 2025, the R & D investment will account for 4% of GDP, and the energy consumption per unit GDP will take the lead in the city

Chongqing plans to build Guangyang Bay Zhichuang ecological city and draw a modern version of “Fuchun Mountain Residence” in Bayu(2)

planning map of Guangyang Bay Zhichuang ecological city. Map provided by the Publicity Department of Nan’an District Party committee

the third is a high-quality city. Build the city according to internationalization, greening, intelligence and human culture. In terms of internationalization, accelerate the construction of Guangyang Island International Conference Center and Guangyang bay international sports event center, improve international schools, international hospitals and international parks, and make the city both “Chongqing flavor” and “international model”. In terms of greening, on the premise of protecting green water and green mountains, promote green planning, green design, green construction, green production, green circulation, green life and green consumption in an all-round way, create a number of green building benchmark projects, build a green low-carbon urban-rural integration demonstration village in Yinhu village, and make green life a new fashion. In terms of intelligence, we should build an urban brain and a digital twin city, promote a number of typical application scenarios such as smart energy, smart transportation, smart medical treatment and smart landscape, and realize that the city makes life better and smart makes the city smarter. In terms of human culture, we will accelerate the construction of thousands of miles of cultural and tourism complex and Changjiang academy, enrich the cultural connotation, and jointly create two new business cards of Guangyang island and changjiahui, so as to make the city more beautiful and temperament. (end)