College version of “Peony Pavilion” appeared in Bacheng, Kunshan to interpret the sound of “Youth” of Kunqu Opera

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Beijing, Kunshan, October 14 (reporter Sun Quan) “garden tour”, “startling dream”, “dream seeking”… On the evening of the 13th, the first national Kunqu Opera Society performance appeared in the “Kunqu town” in Ba Town, Kunshan City. At the scene, students from 10 University Kunqu associations such as Peking University, Fudan University and Tongji University performed the college version of the Peony Pavilion with Qingli Kunqu Opera, so that the ancient Kunqu opera could show the voice of “Youth” and contribute to the inheritance and protection of Kunqu Opera

Kunqu Opera is an ancient Chinese opera tune and drama, which is known as a treasure in the art of opera. In 2001, Kunqu opera was listed as “representative works of human oral and intangible heritage” by UNESCO

College version of “Peony Pavilion” appeared in Bacheng, Kunshan to interpret the sound of “Youth” of Kunqu Opera

ancient Kunqu opera shows the voice of “Youth”. As the birthplace of Kunqu Opera, Ba Cheng town has vigorously promoted the construction of “Kunqu town” in recent years, actively building Kunqu culture carrier, introducing Kunqu cultural and creative industry, holding Kunqu brand activities, building Kunqu tourism routes, etc., so as to make Kunqu Opera glow with new style, bloom new charm and form new traffic

since 2015, Bacheng town has held seven consecutive Double Ninth Festival concerts, attracting and cultivating a large number of Kunqu fans, and forming a good response in Kunqu circles and cultural fields at home and abroad. On the evening of the 13th, the 2021 Kunshan Bacheng Chongyang concert also started simultaneously. That night, more than 20 Kunqu research scholars, Kunqu performing artists and more than 100 Kunqu lovers at home and abroad gathered here to explore the origin of Kunqu, discuss Kunqu culture and carry forward Chinese treasures

in order to bring Kunqu Opera closer to more young audiences, Bacheng and Peking University jointly formulated the plan for inheritance of Kunqu Opera of Bacheng Peking University, and jointly held the first National University Kunqu Association show to interpret different Kunqu Opera from the perspective of young people

“young people are the future of Kunqu Opera. I began to learn Kunqu Opera at the age of 9. When I was young, I thought Kunqu opera was very beautiful. When I grew up, I could better understand the elegance of the characters, the beauty of the figure and the beauty of the singing in Kunqu Opera.” Zhang yunqi, a member of the Beijing Kunming society and a doctoral student in the Department of philosophy of Peking University, played Du Liniang in the college version of the Peony Pavilion, It is of special significance to report the learning achievements to Quyou from all over the country in the birthplace of Kunqu Opera, and also let yourself see the vitality of Kunqu Opera deeply rooted in the people

College version of “Peony Pavilion” appeared in Bacheng, Kunshan to interpret the sound of “Youth” of Kunqu Opera(1)

college students interpret the college version of Peony Pavilion with Qingli Kunqiang. According to Cai Zhengren, director of the Kunqu Opera Professional Committee of China Kunqu Opera Guqin Research Association and a famous Kunqu opera performing artist, this year’s Chongyang Opera Festival is not only a grand event to promote the interactive exchange of Kunqu Opera Theater, Kunqu Opera Society and Kunqu Opera lovers, but also a gathering, performance and exchange of the new generation of Kunqu Opera actors and Kunqu Opera lovers. “This shows us that Kunqu Opera, the world’s intangible cultural heritage, has been inherited in an orderly and continuous way,” Cai Zhengren said

“Kunshan is an exquisite folding fan. One side is economy and the other side is culture.” Fang Xuehua, member of the Standing Committee of Kunshan municipal Party committee and Minister of publicity department, said that around the launch of the brand of “Jiangnan culture”, the city is making every effort to promote the creative transformation and innovative development of excellent traditional culture represented by Kunqu Opera, and condense the energetic and enterprising spiritual force of the new era with excellent culture

2021 Kunshan Bacheng Chongyang concert will be hosted by China Kunqu Opera Guqin Research Association and Kunshan Municipal People’s government, jointly hosted by Kunshan culture, sports, radio, television and Tourism Bureau and Kunshan Bacheng Municipal People’s government. The concert will last from October 13 to October 15

during the concert, relying on various Kunqu and traditional cultural carriers such as the old street of Bacheng, Bacheng town will organize more than 10 colorful activities, such as Quyou elegant collection, bamboo flute salon, opening ceremony of invited exhibition of famous Seal Engravers, literary and entertainment elegant collection exhibition and Guqin elegant collection, Chongyang oratorio, etc. with Kunqu as the link, it will constantly amplify the “good voice” of Kunqu. (end)