Communication: they guard peace on the “blue line” of the Lebanese Israeli border

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Beijing, Lebanon, October 25 (Xinhua) Title: Communication: they guard peace on the “blue line” along the Lebanese Israeli border

author Li Bo Kong KANGYI Liang Yuyuan

stepping in the morning light, 40 officers and soldiers of the mine clearance unit set out. Due to the complex terrain along the blue line, mines were everywhere, The officers and soldiers can only advance in turn along the blue barrel channel…

the blue line of the Lebanese Israeli border is the ceasefire line jointly agreed by the United Nations, Lebanon and Israel. At present, more than 300 blue boundary posts have been established, known as blue barrels. Recently, the 20th batch of Chinese mine clearance officers and soldiers who went to the Lebanese peacekeeping forces began to implement the orders of the UNIFIL command to maintain the blue barrels on the blue line of the Lebanese Israeli border

this is the first time that a new batch of peacekeeping officers and soldiers have carried out blue bucket maintenance. Wu Tao, the 20th batch of mine clearance supervisor of China’s troops to Lebanon and Victoria, said, “there are minefields on both sides of the blue bucket channel, which is very dangerous. Due to the long setting time of the channel and overgrown weeds, the square wire mesh on both sides may be damaged by man-made or animals, and the scouring of perennial ponding, some mines may be washed into the channel, which makes the safe channel no longer safe.” therefore, They must be very careful in every step of their work

Li Wanzeng, the leader of the minesweeping team, is walking in front of the minesweeping team with a mine detector. This is his third overseas minesweeping mission. When he sees suspicious places, he will use the mine detector in his hand to detect them and let his comrades in arms behind him pass after confirming safety

“pay attention to your feet and don’t step outside the channel.” Li Wanzeng performed the minesweeping task for the third time, and also completed the identity change from a minesweeping operator to a minesweeping team leader. He reminded his teammates, “on the right is the blue bucket we are going to maintain. This area is a very sensitive area, and emergencies often occur.”

as Lantong is located in the sensitive area of the Lebanese Israeli border, coupled with the continuous contradictions and conflicts between the two sides, the officers and soldiers can often hear gunshots and gunshots and see UAVs flying over. In addition, there are many wild wolves, porcupines, poisonous snakes and other animal activities in this area. In more than 20 working days, officers and soldiers went down cliffs and mined areas to fight with snakes and insects and thorns. Although there were many difficulties and crises, none of them retreated

Communication: they guard peace on the “blue line” of the Lebanese Israeli border

the picture shows the 20th batch of mine clearance officers and soldiers of China’s peacekeeping forces to Lebanon on a mission along the blue line of the Lebanese Israeli border. Photo by Li bokong

demining operator Dai Zhengqin told reporters, “weeds in the channel should also be removed during blue bucket maintenance, but many weeds here have barbs, and they will be stuck in the meat every time.”

in this demining team, there are also four female demining operators who go abroad for peacekeeping missions for the first time, They perform tasks like male soldiers. Compared with the beginning, they work more and more skillfully and have more firm eyes

repair and replace the barbed wire mesh, improve the landmine signs, cut off the vegetation in the channel and repaint the blue bucket mark number. Although it is only some simple work, the dangers faced by officers and soldiers are not many

even if it is a very simple job, it will become very different in minefields. Kong Qing, a minesweeper, said, “I remember the first time I carried out blue bucket maintenance, there was a bare mine not far from my feet. At this time, I realized how dangerous it was around me. In fact, this is a very beautiful place. If there is no war and mines, it will become better. Every time I draw red with a brush, I feel a great responsibility, because I write peace.”

Chinese peacekeepers come for peace. The blue line composed of blue buckets connected in series on the border between Lebanon and Israel is a watch for peace. Every peacekeeper, including Chinese peacekeepers, is like this blue bucket. They cooperate and help each other, and use practical actions to help local people restore production and life and create a peaceful and safe environment (end)