“Conservation and change” in Dachen Island, Zhejiang Province: reclamation spirit, determined to “touch” a better life

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Beijing, Taizhou, October 14 (reporter Chai Yanfei and fan Yubin) when the first ray of dawn shines on Dachen island in the East China Sea, Miao Youchun, a 57 year old Dachen, opens the door of Dachen department store and welcomes the prosperity of the new day with this vibrant island

located in the southeast of Taizhou Bay, Zhejiang Province, Dachen island is a “Pearl of the East China Sea” with red memory. Through time, Dachen people took faith as the sail and struggle as the oar. In the hot practice of “building a new China”, Dachen Island reclamation spirit of “hard work, hard work, selfless dedication and innovation” was bred, and the reclamation legend inherited from generation to generation was written

“Conservation and change” in Dachen Island, Zhejiang Province: reclamation spirit, determined to “touch” a better life

overlooking Dachen Island, photographed by fan Yubin

“although the starting point of this story is on a small island, the cultivated reclamation spirit of Dachen Island reflects a hot era.” Zhang Baijia, former deputy director of the party History Research Office of the CPC Central Committee, said at the fifth Theoretical Seminar on reclamation spirit of Dachen Island recently

this year is the beginning of Zhejiang’s high-quality development and construction of a demonstration area for common prosperity. Dachen people are determined to establish the tide of the times with the spirit of reclamation and rush to the avenue of common prosperity. In 2020, the number of tourists on Dachen island will reach 145000, and the per capita disposable income of residents will be 53800 yuan, which is higher than the average of Zhejiang Province, becoming a vivid portrayal of Taizhou’s high-level and all-round well-off society

“Conservation and change” in Dachen Island, Zhejiang Province: reclamation spirit, determined to “touch” a better life(1)

Photo by fan Yubin, Meihua Bay, Dachen Island

great changes in Dachen: welcoming the yearning of customers all over the world

in the storms of landing on the island again and again, Wang JiangHao, a Dachen, is more and more deeply connected with the island

“in more than 40 years, the navigation time of the land island has been shortened from more than 4 hours to 70 minutes.” with the distance between the land island and the island getting closer, Wang JiangHao looks forward to, “maybe you can take a seaplane to the island soon.”

take the reclamation road again, enjoy the “East China Sea bonsai”, taste fresh and sweet yellow croaker, build an island entrepreneurial dream… Facing the sea, everyone has his own reason to go to the island, Island tourism also continued to heat up

after going to the island, islanders can take the new energy scenic spot bus for free, and tourists can travel around Dachen under the one ticket system. Today, Dachen island has become a national 4A tourist attraction and one hundred national Red Classic scenic spots. At the top of Fengwei mountain, the reclamation monument of Dachen Island stands towering, which has become a must punch in place for every visitor to the island

“65 years ago, we first went to the island. It was a desolate and dead island full of devastation.” Zhang Qiyuan, an old reclamation team member, told chinanews.com that they were very proud of Chen’s great changes because he “hid” their youth

the arrival of tourists broke the silence of Dachen island and changed the life track of Dachen people. In recent years, many “big Chen Yu sister-in-law” have changed their industries from “virtuous internal help” in repairing fishing nets to tour guides, ticket sellers, scenic spot administrators, home stay and farmhouse hostess

“sister-in-law Chen Yu” Kong Wenmin has been a part-time tour guide for 15 years. After retiring in April this year, she became a full-time tour guide. “Dachen island has become a’net red island’!” Kong Wenmin hopes that more people will come to experience the red island tour

the increasing number of restaurants reflects the “popularity” of Dachen island. Huang Lianying and her husband Miao Youchun opened an original restaurant this year. “What we do is the original seafood on the island, including yellow croaker, pickled sea bass, seven star eel and skin shrimp… Guests like it very much.” Huang Lianying revealed that when business is good, the daily turnover can reach about 16000 yuan

the island business is booming, which makes Yan Danhong, a Dachen who has operated an old seafood restaurant for nearly 20 years, very satisfied. She said: “we earn more than 100000 yuan a year. The spirit of reclamation has taught us that we will gain from hard work.”

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Islanders in Dachen Island dry yellow croaker. Photo by fan Yubin

on the dining table in Dachen Island, a “Dachen yellow croaker” is essential

home cooked yellow croaker, scallion yellow croaker, yellow croaker in big soup, sweet and sour yellow croaker… Dachen Island 29 beaver restaurant innovates and improves the practice of yellow croaker, enriches the taste of yellow croaker, and makes more people fall in love with yellow croaker

behind it is the experience of “one fish brings wealth to one island”: from “banging fish” to exploring small cage culture, and then to the deep-sea anti wind and wave cage culture base, it has become the “capital of Pseudosciaena crocea in the East China Sea”

nowadays, the annual output of big old yellow croaker is more than 4000 tons, with an output value of about 400 million yuan, accounting for about two-thirds of the output value of yellow croaker in Zhejiang Province. By may 2021, Dachen town has achieved a total fishery output value of 289.09 million yuan

“Conservation and change” in Dachen Island, Zhejiang Province: reclamation spirit, determined to “touch” a better life(2)

the theme sculpture of Dachen Island youth volunteer reclamation team, photographed by fan Yubin

Dachen “new life”: endless exploration and innovation

inheriting the connotation of “exploration and innovation” of Dachen Island reclamation spirit, which is one of the “magic weapons” for Dachen island to maintain its youth forever. At present, the vigorous emergence of new business forms is a vivid epitome of the younger and younger Dachen island

a simple room, warm lights, wine and music, “island + fashion” element has become the most beautiful ornament. Mao Haiming, the owner of the newly opened “drunk want to meet you” barbecue music bar this year, is a “post-80s” young man and a native of Dachen

“Conservation and change” in Dachen Island, Zhejiang Province: reclamation spirit, determined to “touch” a better life(3)

the scenery of Dachen island was photographed by fan Yubin

“restaurants are not only providing food, but also a social place.” Mao Haiming said, “Dachen island needs a young atmosphere to attract more young people to experience the myriad customs of the island.”

the “March” of green water, green mountains, blue sea and blue sky is the “duet” with the new business format

in recent years, Dachen island has become greener – the island shelter forest and mountain greening construction have been deeply promoted, so that the forest coverage rate on the island has reached more than 60% and the per capita green area has reached more than 25 square meters

“Conservation and change” in Dachen Island, Zhejiang Province: reclamation spirit, determined to “touch” a better life(4)

Jiawu rock scenery photographed by fan Yubin

Dachen island is bluer – the ecological restoration project of blue bay, with a protective restoration, reinforcement and transformation of nearly 4000 meters of coastline, makes the national ecological town more worthy of its name

Dachen island is more fun – langtongmen, Jiawu rock, Dachen island national defense education theme park, reclamation monument, Qingken cultural site park, cross-strait nostalgia Cultural Park… The natural scenery and red scenic spot on the island complement each other

play the island revitalization song. In 2020, the total tourism income of Dachen island will reach 160 million yuan, and the total marine economic output value, fiscal revenue and per capita disposable income of islanders will reach 3.3 times, 9.3 times and 9.6 times respectively in 2006

the 60 well-off indicators of Dachen island have been fully completed, and the “well-off Dachen” has changed from vision to reality. At present, the new journey of “modern Dachen” construction is fully opened, and Dachen island is opening the “reclamation” of turning the page to zero in a new era

this is an island that dares to turn its dream into reality: in 2019, members of the Jiaojiang District CPPCC submitted a proposal to make Dachen island the first 5g demonstration island in China. The first 5g telephone in Dachen island was dialed on May 14 of that year. Since then, telemedicine, smart teaching, smart tourism and other application scenarios came into being. In August 2021, with the full completion of the preliminary laying of submarine optical cable, Dachen Island 5g signal full coverage plan has taken another important step

this is an island jointly built and shared by the whole people: a group of “big Chen fishing sister-in-law” inherit the selfless spirit of reclamation, form a reclamation volunteer service team, get on the bow, get off the wharf, visit fishermen, participate in environmental remediation, policy publicity, voluntary assistance and service industry development, and take care of not only the small family, but also everyone. When you travel, you find “you waiter”, when you work, you find “Yu waiter”, and when you open a shop, you find “shop waiter”. In Dachen, “trouble” can become “worry saving”

“Conservation and change” in Dachen Island, Zhejiang Province: reclamation spirit, determined to “touch” a better life(5)

the scenery of Dachen Island, photographed by fan Yubin

this is an island with more and more hope for life: the elderly left behind can provide for the elderly at ease on the island, and the elderly over 80 can eat free at the home-based elderly care service center; “Internet plus digital” mode of “three medical linkage” convenient service points, medical treatment to buy drugs, the shortest reimbursement takes only 20 minutes. This year’s “online” reclamation post office has solved the problem of sending and receiving express on the island and unblocked the channel of “good goods from the island” and “excellent products from the city” into the island ”

this is an island that changes all the time: once, the power grid of Dachen island was unstable, and Dachen power supply station continued to explore a strong smart grid. In 2009, the land island networking project of 35 kV mainland land island networking was put into operation, and the island residents bid farewell to the days of diesel power generation. Today, Dachen has officially cancelled the planned power outage to build a clean energy and green island

looking to the future, Wu Huading, deputy secretary of Jiaojiang District Party committee and district head of Taizhou City, said that Dachen island will build a national modernization demonstration island and move towards the new goal of “the first red tourism island, cross-strait exchange demonstration Island, Qingken cultural experience Island, zero emission ecological beauty Island, modern digital wisdom island and happy, livable and safe island”

“the reclamation spirit of Dachen island is cast in the red root of Zhejiang, which shows the value significance of not being old.” Li Yueqi, Secretary of Taizhou Municipal Party committee, said that in the new journey of reclamation, we should sharpen the original mission with the reclamation spirit, lead the pioneering work with the reclamation spirit, and create a better life with the reclamation spirit

in the tide of the times, write a new interpretation of reclamation with practice as a pen

for this root seeking Island, Dachen island also looks forward to another unfinished dream: on the Bank of Jiawu rock, a stone pavilion called “thinking of returning” stands quietly, facing the sea, waiting for spring flowers to bloom. (end)