Crosstalk was robbed of the limelight by the talk show? Guo Degang responded

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Crosstalk was robbed of the limelight by the talk show? Guo Degang responded

“Deyun Douxiao Club 2” and “talk show conference 4” have brought happiness to the audience

Yangcheng Evening News reporter Gong Weifeng

programs created for language art practitioners, and the fourth quarter of talk show Conference and Deyun Douxiao Club In the second quarter, the same platform PK in the third quarter of this year has earned enough topic heat. For a time, many viewers were faced with the multiple-choice question of which fan. Now, both programs are approaching the closing stage. According to the current data, the broadcast volume of talk show conference 4 is twice that of Deyun Douxiao Club 2

“the talk show won! Deyun company lost!” “Li Dan won! Guo Degang lost!” “the talk show is in full swing! Crosstalk is declining!” so, if the broadcast volume loses, crosstalk really loses? How much impact does talk show have on crosstalk? With regard to such remarks as “crosstalk was robbed of the limelight by talk show”, the reporter of Yangcheng Evening News asked Guo Degang’s views and got his frank response

Crosstalk was robbed of the limelight by the talk show? Guo Degang responded(1)

“Deyun Douxiao Club 2” and “talk show conference 4” have brought happiness to the audience

phenomenon: the flow of crosstalk is less than that of talk show

the variety show “talk show conference 4” and “Deyun Douxiao Club 2” are produced by Tencent video, and the premiere time is almost the same. Although the two programs focus on language art, the content is completely different

talk show conference 4, jointly produced by Penguin film and television and Xiaoguo culture, is positioned as an original studio comedy talk show competition program. Talk show contestants are invited to compete on the stage to determine the annual “talk show king”. Many cross-border players were invited to participate in this season’s program, emphasizing the concept of “living” and the concept of “everyone can talk about a five minute talk show”. After broadcasting, the reputation was ok, and Douban scored 7.4 points

Deyun Douxiao Club 2 is positioned as a comedy brand reality show. 14 crosstalk actors from Deyun Club broke the old combination, reshuffled their cards, and competed in game tasks and crosstalk performances in the form of team PK to determine the champion. At present, the program Douban score is 7.3

after the two programs are broadcast, the heat is different. According to Baidu search index, from September 12 to October 11, 2021, the overall daily average of talk show conference 4 was 16950; The overall daily average of Deyun Douxiao society 2 is 7148. According to the data of cat’s eye professional edition, as of October 12, the cumulative broadcast volume of “talk show conference 4” in Tencent video had reached 2.556 billion; The cumulative playback volume of Deyun Douxiao society 2 in Tencent video reached 1.462 billion. In terms of Baidu search index of “talk show” and “crosstalk”, the overall daily average of “talk show” reached 4098, and the overall daily average of “crosstalk” was 3245

the rapid development of talk show in recent years and its strong possession of the market have indeed had a great impact on crosstalk, which is also a language art

Guo Degang responded to such remarks as “crosstalk was robbed of the limelight by talk show” by Yangcheng Evening News: “Talk show, an art form, existed in crosstalk about 100 years ago. For example, when we talk about a one-way crosstalk, say’journey to the West’ and’Three Kingdoms’, I can’t tell the audience about the Three Kingdoms as soon as I come up. I will tell the audience that there are a lot of visitors today. I like everyone, and you like me, what fun things I met on my way here today, and what happened to our children … after finishing these, I will slowly talk about the “Three Kingdoms”. The 20 minute foreshadowing I mentioned earlier is the talk show. ”

Guo Degang said: “I also understand that it may be said that talk show friends don’t want to get too close to crosstalk players, so they don’t have to let the audience argue about who is good and who is bad, so people are willing to separate an independent’genre’, which is no problem! I’m happy that everyone’s life is good, but from an artistic point of view, I can only say that this form existed 100 years ago, which is not new, so it’s not Yes. I also wish the talk show better and better. ”

debate: the reality of sporadic” friction “exists

it is slightly different from Guo Degang’s point of view. Now the industry generally believes that” talk show “is an imported product.” stand up comedy “is literally translated as” stand up comedy ” , it originated in England in the 18th century and flourished in the United States. When this language art performance form entered China, it was deeply bound with the TV talk show. Therefore, the name “talk show” was widely accepted and became a substitute for stand up comedy. Crosstalk is a traditional art category, which pays attention to many, but the performance form of talk show is simple, except “talent” In addition to performing in pairs, such branches usually only need one person and one wheat, mostly based on their own or other people’s life experience and emotional perception.

talk shows have experienced rapid development in China. In the 1990s, “Dongdu smile” was popular in Hong Kong, China, and “Shanghai style Qingkou” was about 15 years ago In 2010, Huang Xi, a doctor of chemistry in the United States, was invited to perform a talk show at the dinner of the White House annual press conference, and the online video caused great repercussions in China. This year, Huang Xi also appeared in talk show conference 4 and joked that he was “the spirit in the world of talk show”

, no doubt, the development of talk show in China has taken advantage of the advantages of TV programs. In 2012, comic actor Wang Zijian built the first domestic talk show “tonight’s 80 after talk show” in the strict sense. Then, make complaints about “evil Liang Liang Xiu” and “Venus show”. In 2017, Li Dan brought Tucao conference and talk show Congress. After four years of hard work, the “talk show” was really popular.

“Shanghai style Qingkou” and “crosstalk” had a dispute over “coffee garlic theory”. Some people thought that Shanghai style Qingkou was coffee “spilling fragrance to the world”, and Guo Degang’s crosstalk was garlic “eating fragrance while others smelled”. Then, Guo Degang indirectly responded in crosstalk “you want to be elegant” “Coffee garlic theory”: “elegance and vulgar are inseparable, drinking garlic is the same color as coffee. The autumn water is a long day. Many elegant people, I can smell the scumbag with perfume.” after that, many people think it’s the first positive confrontation between the talk show and the cross talk.

Li is a lot modest. He once praised Yu Qian’s praise of Guo Degang’s single cross talk to help him to enlighten. “Mr. Guo’s burden is so dense that it’s exaggerated.”

however, there are still sporadic “friction” between talk show and crosstalk. On September 12, talk show actor “honest man little black Ben black” complained on Weibo that Zhang Jiuling and Luan Yunping were suspected of plagiarizing two videos he released in November last year: “The structure and smile will not change at all. Really, Deyun society will continue to take jujube pills like this (sooner or later).”

something similar happened two years ago. Rock and Wang Mian have such a paragraph in talk show conference 1: “In 2003, I came to Beijing and began to drift north. At that time, I knew that there were four basement floors in Beijing. The rent of the four basement floors was very cheap, but I chose the second basement because I prefer to live in the high-rise.” this passage was used by Zhang helun in happy comedian 5 At that time, talk show fans and Deyun club fans had a big discussion on “plagiarism”, “melting stem” and “reference” of language art.

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talk show actor Pangbo (left)

talks with Yan Hexiang, a cross talk actor. There make complaints about Pang Bo and Yan Hexiang. In fact, in recent years, there has been a lot of communication between the talk show and the cross talk. The atmosphere is quite friendly. For example, Yu Qian has participated in the talk show conference, Yan He Xiang participated in the “Tucao Convention” and went to the finals. As the “top flow” of the talk show, has been in the finals. , Li Xueqin talked about crosstalk frequently in the past year, and almost became the “cultural exchange ambassador” between talk show actors and Deyun Society: she participated in “happy comedian”, said crosstalk with Sun Yue on the same stage, and participated in “fifty kilometers Taohuawu” He became good friends with Guo Qilin, and also performed sketches with Meng Hetang.

the most famous interpretation of the friendly relationship between talk show and crosstalk originated from a conversation between talk show actor Pang Bo and crosstalk actor Yan Hexiang invited by GQ focus last November. In the eyes of many netizens, it was a “wall breaking” exchange between the two language art forms.

at that time, Talk show conference 3 is very popular, and Deyun Douxiao Club 1 is also broadcast as a group ensemble of Deyun club. Both of them are modest and cautious when talking about their careers and industries.

Yan Hexiang said: “If someone suddenly rises in an industry, it will never be regarded as the vigorous development of the industry. I always say that from 2006 to now, it is not crosstalk, but my master, Mr. Guo Degang, who is angry.” Pang Bo said: “As a comedian, if you all laugh where I didn’t expect in a performance, I must be very afraid as an actor. We have this feeling now. We don’t know why we are loved all of a sudden.”

in this conversation, their interpretation of the relationship between crosstalk and talk show also indirectly confirmed Guo Degang’s view that they are essentially the same.

Pang Bo said: “many concepts, creation and aesthetics of comedy have been shaped by crosstalk, or by Mr. Guo Degang and Mr. Yu Qian.” Yan Hexiang put forward “big crosstalk” And believes that “crosstalk” is appearance and sound, appearance is performance, and sound is content, which is no different from talk show. “As long as we convey what we want to convey by facial expression and language, the so-called speech, talk show and even a hundred forums are crosstalk.”

the competitive relationship between crosstalk and talk shows does exist. They rely not only on online operations, but also on offline performances to gather popularity. However, there is only one prime time every Friday night, and the audience is really faced with choices. Yan Hexiang said: “For this audience, I have a theater here. If I buy his tickets, I can’t buy my tickets, but in fact, the real driving force is competition. Maybe I’m very hard and tired during this period, but I’ve definitely grown up. If no one competes with you, you’ll be finished. If there is such competition between talk show and crosstalk in the future, it’s a good thing. In fact, offline is already robbing the audience.” However, many netizens believe that crosstalk and talk show have every reason to coexist harmoniously: “in fact, it’s not to rob the audience, but to call more people sitting at home into the theater.”

crosstalk actors of Deyun club have won a huge fan base with years of business operation, and the enthusiasm of “Deyun girls” for “Deyun men’s Troupe” is no less than The “star of the circle” make complaints about the star of the traffic star. The talk show actor also gets plenty of resources by relying on the variety show such as talk show, Tucao conference and so on. Yang Li, Wang Mian, Li Xueqin and other top streams also have a large fan base. “The greatest happiness of being an artist is that you like me, which is exactly where I am confident. This is what makes artists happy