Direct attack on Lanzhou site: “air ground integration” concentric war epidemic, contactless material distribution

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(fight against novel coronavirus pneumonia) directly hit Lanzhou scene: “air and land integration” concentric warfare, contactless material distribution

new network Lanzhou 21 October (Zhang Jingyan Jiao) epidemic situation, Gansu official carries on the flow tracing origin, the nuclear acid examination, the classification control and so on to the secret connection, the secondary connection and the related key personnel. The reporter visited the main urban area of Lanzhou and found that at the nucleic acid detection point of Minzhu Road Primary School in Chengguan District of Lanzhou, multiple UAVs carried out on-site shouting, domestic material transportation and other epidemic prevention services. Residents carried out nucleic acid detection and sampling in an orderly manner, and “open space integration” was concentric with the epidemic

“please keep a 1m queue interval, do a good job in personal protection, and carry out nucleic acid detection in an orderly manner…” the shouting content of the air broadcast is clear and audible, and it is played circularly. This innovation carried out epidemic prevention and control publicity, daily patrol prevention and control and three-dimensional coordination of open space, and achieved good epidemic prevention results

Direct attack on Lanzhou site: “air ground integration” concentric war epidemic, contactless material distribution

the picture shows the nucleic acid detection point of the second hospital of Lanzhou University. Citizens are printing bar codes by themselves. Photo by Zhang Jing

citizen Wang Liang lives near Yunxiang community in Chengguan District, which has been adjusted to a medium risk area since 8:00 on the 19th. When he was doing nucleic acid testing at Minzhu Road Primary School, he heard the radio guidance over. Wang Liang said that this not only enabled him to understand and master the requirements related to epidemic prevention and control, but also effectively improved his awareness of self-protection

in Chengguan District, Tianqing Lishe community, which was also adjusted as a medium risk area, was closed on the 20th due to the epidemic situation. Ambulances and police cars were parked outside the community, and police in protective clothing were on duty. The living materials of the residents in the community are distributed by special personnel, and the material transfer work is also carried out in an orderly manner. The urban management, public security, street and other departments fully serve the residents

Direct attack on Lanzhou site: “air ground integration” concentric war epidemic, contactless material distribution(1)

the picture shows that living materials are distributed by special personnel due to the closure and control of the epidemic situation in Tianqing Lishe community, Chengguan District, Lanzhou city. Photo by Yang Yanmin

since the first day of sealing control of the community, a nearby fresh direct supply store has started to ensure the supply of living materials through the wechat group previously established with the residents of the community. In an interview with chinanews.com, store manager Wu Wen said that households in need of procurement order by calling or wechat group news. After receiving the order, he is responsible for placing it on the community prevention and control line to complete contactless distribution</ Novel coronavirus pneumonia was confirmed by p>

Gansu health and Health Committee in 21 PM. At 12 hours in October 20th at 20 hours -21, Gansu confirmed 6 new cases of new crown pneumonia. At present, there are 15 local confirmed cases and 1 asymptomatic infection in Gansu</ The novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control joint leadership group office of Gansu Province, vice director of the provincial government and Deputy Secretary General Liang Chaoyang, p>

said that the investigation is continuing. It is necessary to strengthen the temperature measurement and code verification, health monitoring and standardized investigation and disposal of passengers in “two stations and one airport” at bus stations, railway stations and airports, and take measures such as entering the station at different times, waiting in different regions and flow control at the exit to reduce the gathering of passengers. Those who really need to go out must hold the negative certificate of nucleic acid test. At the same time, urge market operators to reduce personnel aggregation by limiting instantaneous passenger flow, recommending customer self-service settlement, and encouraging online marketing, contactless distribution and other modes

from the night of the 20th, Chengguan District, Anning District and Qilihe district of Lanzhou expanded the scope of nucleic acid detection, carried out nucleic acid detection 24 hours, and set up 150 nucleic acid sampling points overnight. Through online reservation, door-to-door service and other means, we made every effort to speed up the progress of flow regulation traceability and nucleic acid detection and screening. (end)