Director Zheng Xiaolong: meritorious service moves people with truth

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Beijing, October 25 (reporter Ma Haiyan) as of October 21, the first round of the TV series “meritorious service” ended, which was widely recognized by the leaders and the majority of the audience. Douban scored 9.1 points. Director Zheng Xiaolong breathed a sigh of relief. “Of course, there are some unsatisfactory aspects, but on the whole, it should be regarded as a qualified answer,” he said

looking back two years ago, Zheng Xiaolong was not confident when he first faced this “proposition composition”. “Because based on my previous creative experience, it is usually easy to succeed in’bottom-up’ creation, and it is extremely difficult to succeed in this’ top-down’creation. What I am talking about here is not just shooting, broadcasting and winning awards, but to spread, remember, speak well and watch high.”

Director Zheng Xiaolong: meritorious service moves people with truth

director Zheng Xiaolong spoke. After receiving the order, Zheng Xiaolong began to read the materials of eight meritorious figures, such as Li Yannian, Yu Min, Zhang Fuqing, Huang Xuhua, Shen Jilan, sun Jiadong, Tu youyou and Yuan Longping. Some artistic images began to live in his mind. At the Symposium on the creation of the major theme TV series “meritorious service” hosted by the State Administration of radio and television on the 25th, he summarized his creative experience: “the success of the work is first attributed to the meritorious service’s own light; secondly, there is the story that we move the audience.”

“commending meritorious service is to set an example for the public and establish the spirit for the country!” starting from this point, Zheng Xiaolong set the starting point for solving the problem as the “highlight moment” for writing meritorious deeds

however, the highlight moments of some meritorious deeds are easy to identify, such as Tu Youyou, Yuan Longping, Yu Min, Huang Xuhua and sun Jiadong. Their achievements have attracted worldwide attention, but the highlight moments of some meritorious deeds are not so easy to identify. For example, Shen Jilan, we all know that she was a deputy to the 13th National People’s Congress, but few people know that she advocated and promoted the inclusion of “equal pay for men and women for equal work” in the constitution, It has made great contributions to women’s Liberation and gender equality

for another example, Li Yannian participated in more than 20 large and small battles, such as the war of liberation, the suppression of bandits in Western Hunan and the war to resist US aggression and aid Korea. For more than 60 years, Zhang Fuqing has deeply hidden his fame and reputation. He has never asked for conditions and treatment from the organization because of his war achievements

ZHENG Xiaolong said that it is necessary to find out the different professional characteristics, personality characteristics and times of each meritorious character, so as to create personalized, flesh and blood characters with distinctive characteristics of the times. On this basis, their life character of “loyalty, persistence and simplicity” and the lofty realm of dedication to the motherland are run through the whole work

“reality” has become the core requirement of meritorious service creation. In addition to the fact that Zheng Xiaolong has always emphasized the authenticity of details, such as clothes, props and scenes, he also requires the authenticity of the times, and the characters’ way of speaking, behavior, thinking and mental state should strive to restore the historical era at that time, “Even some fictional plots must be in line with the main spirit and characteristics of meritorious figures, and do not deliberately elevate themselves, shout empty slogans, and engage in false passion.”

summary of meritorious deeds Creation, Zheng Xiaolong sincerely said that this kind of literary and artistic creation with realistic themes, on the one hand, requires the main creators to go deep into life, extract materials from real life and draw inspiration. At the same time, he also hopes that leaders at all levels will give greater space for artistic creation. Artistic creation should come from life and be higher than life, that is, we should respect facts and allow artistic fiction. Otherwise, one It’s better to make a documentary if you want to create according to your real experience. (end)