East West asked Lin Keqin: “authenticity” is still the lifeline of Western news reporting?

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(East West question) Lin Keqin: is “authenticity” still the lifeline of Western news reports

China News Agency, Chongqing, October 19 – question: “authenticity” is still the lifeline of Western news reports—— An exclusive interview with Lin Keqin, Professor, School of Journalism and communication, Sichuan Foreign Studies University

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“dog biting is not news, but man biting dog is news”, is a statement that John Bogart, the editorial director of the New York Sun in the 1870s, explained the news from an abnormal way, Later, it has been regarded as the objective standard of judging news by western bourgeois journalists

at the beginning of the 21st century, the “Constructive News” from northern Europe began to start. Do western news reports still advocate that “bad things are good news”? When it comes to the authenticity of news, how should we view the fraud of BBC “hell filter” and CNN’s Xinjiang related news? At present, what impact does the Marxist outlook on journalism advocated and practiced by China have on international communication? Lin Keqin, Professor of the school of Journalism and communication of Sichuan Foreign Studies University and executive vice president of China cognitive communication society, recently accepted an exclusive interview with China News Agency “dongxiwen” to make an in-depth analysis

East West asked Lin Keqin: “authenticity” is still the lifeline of Western news reporting?

now the interview is summarized as follows:

China News Agency reporter: for many people who have been exposed to the news, “dog biting is not news, people biting dog is news” is the symbolic slogan of the Western press, What impact does this view have on Western news? At present, are there any new changes

Lin Keqin: “dog biting is not news, people biting dog is news” reflects the values prevailing in the Western press at the beginning of mass communication. In the era of “yellow news” flooding, the press, under the banner of Liberal News theory, excavated strange and abnormal things in all aspects of society to meet the vulgar imagination of the public on news reports at that time. It has deeply influenced the value judgment of the Western press, thus presupposing “conflict” and “drama” as the logical tone of news reporting. Theodore Roosevelt vividly described such journalists as “holding a dung rake, ignoring beauty and concentrating on cleaning up the filth on the ground”

in the later stage, under the pressure of all parties, the industry and academia jointly reflected, ended the chronic social disease of unlimited expansion of “yellow news” with “news professionalism”, and replaced the Liberal News theory with the social responsibility theory of serving the public interest and objectively reporting events

from the perspective of academic logic, the theory of social responsibility has a rational consciousness, but it still has a long way to go to become a reality, because in the past 200 years, no matter how the political power of western countries changes and how diverse social development is, the basic logic of the press “conflict journalism” has never changed

nowadays, the traditional Western journalistic concept of emphasizing abnormality and conflict is facing new challenges. In 2008, the Danish press took the lead in putting forward the concept of “Constructive News”, requiring the press not to wave the “big stick” of criticism, but to provide delicious “carrots” for the society, draw more nutrition from positive psychology, reduce anger and Prejudice in news reports, and call on journalists to pay more attention to “positive, inspiring and solution-based news”, Rather than continue to explore negative news to please the morbid preferences of the public and society. At present, this trend of “Constructive News” has spread to the news media in Sweden, Norway, Britain, the United States, the Netherlands, Japan and other countries

however, it should be pointed out that “Constructive News” does not contradict the western mainstream news theory, but only to remove the traditional disadvantages of the press. Starting from the psychological experience of the audience, exploring the social function of the journalism and its role in promoting the democratic political process is of little use to the institutional reform of the western journalism. Moreover, “Constructive News” has little impact on the western mainstream media. It is mostly some marginal media and academic tributaries that cheer for it. Therefore, we should not place too high hopes on the fundamental changes it has brought to the Western press

East West asked Lin Keqin: “authenticity” is still the lifeline of Western news reporting?(1)

China News Agency reporter: in recent years, the West has quoted false or fabricated news to slander China’s religion and Xinjiang related policies. What do you think of the BBC’s “hell filter” and CNN’s falsification of Xinjiang related news

Lin Keqin: in recent years, the mainstream Western media have made up false information to slander China’s religious issues and policies related to Xinjiang, Tibet and Taiwan, which reflects a post Cold War mentality of demonizing China

events such as BBC “hell filter” and CNN’s Xinjiang related news fraud are low-level acts of Western media using modern technical means to cover their ears and discredit China. The ideological logic behind it is still to cobble together various fragments of the cold war thinking, produce some superficial and shallow facts, provoke trouble, make waves, and deliberately create opposition and ideological prejudice between the East and the West

the process of “demonizing” the east by the west is essentially a way for the west to control, rebuild and even surpass the East. In the minds of Westerners, the west is always outside the East. The so-called Near East, Middle East and Far East are divided according to the distance between the Oriental region and the western center. Westerners deal with and coordinate the East according to the position of the East in western experience and cognition. The formation of this perspective fully reveals the Western cultural superiority towards Eastern countries, including China

the West’s eyes on China are fermented and promoted by a questioning, dwarf and exclusive modern instrumental rationality, that is, the exotic moral framework emphasized by Sartre. This look of contempt for others is a look of surprise and prejudice, full of strangeness and curiosity. The West’s vision of China is just this subjective examination with the power and norms of the western world as the footnote. Under the arrogant psychological expectation of the west, China has been alienated into the “other” in the vision of Western society

this is the collective unconsciousness of Western society, which repeatedly confirms the subject and consolidates itself for a long time. In its realistic interest orientation, China’s peaceful rise has seriously affected the superior position of Western civilization, and the hegemonic discourse of “China Threat Theory” will continue to emerge. The above-mentioned inferior performance of Western media in ignoring news morality and communication law, using various media technical means to rudely discredit China and do not hesitate to fabricate and sell fake goods is just the first discourse of this realistic tradition

East West asked Lin Keqin: “authenticity” is still the lifeline of Western news reporting?(2)

China News Agency reporter: authenticity is the lifeline of news reports. In your opinion, what is the “root” of Chinese news reporting? What are the advantages and highlights

Lin Keqin: authenticity is the life of news. It should not change because of who serves

the leading figures in Chinese journalism believe that “bourgeois journalism and proletarian journalism have many differences in fundamental views, but there is amazing agreement on the proposition that news reports must be true.” Article 4 of the US News statute stipulates that “honesty, authenticity and accuracy – loyalty to readers is the basis of all newspapers worthy of their name.” It can be seen that both Chinese and Western media recognize that “authenticity” is an iron law that news reports must follow

but it is one thing to recognize in theory and another to weaken in practice

the American press has confused and replaced authenticity and objectivity from the beginning. Today, the most recognized feature of the Western press is objectivity, not authenticity

there is no doubt that the “root” of Chinese news reports is authenticity. The ideological line of the Communist Party of China is “seeking truth from facts” and strictly follows the law of authenticity of news communication

under the guidance of Marxist news view, there are still some differences between the “authenticity” we adhere to and the “authenticity” in the West. We divide the “authenticity” of news reports into three levels, namely, the authenticity of details, the authenticity of interactive development and the overall authenticity

China News Agency reporter: under the topic of “building a community with a shared future for mankind”, what can Marxist Journalism bring to China’s international communication narrative

Lin Keqin: the external communication of Marxist news view and the establishment of international narration can build a discourse framework of “parallel history and horizontal integration”, so as to provide a Chinese plan for the fair, rational and orderly operation of the world news communication system

specifically, the international narrative of Marxist view of journalism should include the following contents:

first, the starting point from Marxist view of journalism to Marxist Journalism. From the aspects of international vision, historical evolution, comparative framework and political logic, we should consider the Marxist view of journalism in an all-round way, so as to establish a scientific, legal and effective socialist journalism system with Chinese characteristics

the second is the transition from cross-cultural communication to cross ideological communication. Under the background of China’s advocacy of building a community with a shared future for mankind, it has become possible to transcend ideological conflict and opposition and move towards a common and beautiful future. For example, dialogue replaces struggle, obtains mutual understanding, opens the door of understanding between various ideologies, correctly understands the problems facing mankind, and jointly constructs a beautiful society; To seek the mutual interest ties existing in cross ideological communication and promote mutual benefit and win-win cooperation; Based on the standpoint of cultural integration, organize cross ideological communication, highlight the value main line of valuing peace and eliminating conflicts, and emphasize the interdependence, organic combination, development and innovation between different elements; We will further broaden official and non-governmental channels for foreign exchanges, enhance mutual understanding between different ideologies, and reduce misunderstanding, confrontation and conflict

Third, establish a global paradigm of Chinese communication. Strengthen people’s role identity as “world citizens”, reproduce and reconstruct the unique identity of Chinese culture, take “common values of all mankind” as the basic premise of the construction of national values, and provide a solution to the development of world civilization. (end)

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Lin Keqin, academic member and professor of Sichuan Foreign Studies University, distinguished expert of Sino US Postmodern Development Research Institute in the United States, visiting professor of Sapporo University in Japan, distinguished professor of School of literature and journalism of Guizhou Normal University, and editorial board member of film review; Presided over 2 National Social Science Fund projects, 1 International Publishing fund project and 4 major and general social science projects in Chongqing, and was rated as the “serious and responsible expert” of the National Social Science Fund Office in April 2019; The monograph “Research on the strategy and Path Innovation of Chinese culture going out” was rated as “2019 Sichuan good book” by the Publicity Department of the CPC Sichuan Provincial Committee and the provincial press and Publication Bureau, and was introduced by Academic Press and published in English in the United States; long-term