Exploring the mystery of the brain “Hi Fang pie” staged an immersive “hold back laughter” challenge

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After completing some “textual research on time words”, the subject of this issue of hi Fang Pai of Zhejiang satellite TV will return to itself and focus on the human brain. What are the functions of different regions such as cerebellum, temporal lobe, diencephalon and amygdala, and how are they used in life? When the subjective will is contrary to the brain instinct, is it the human consciousness that controls the brain, or the brain’s instinctive response that controls our actions? At 20:20 this Saturday, Wang Jiaer, Ren Jialun, Chen Feiyu, Wei daxun and the flying guest white deer will “compete” with their brains

Exploring the mystery of the brain “Hi Fang pie” staged an immersive “hold back laughter” challenge

the experiment staged the “brain control” competition. The guests collectively turned into announcers

in general cognition, the brain is controlled by our subjective consciousness. We use it to think, recognize and remember, and control the actions of various parts of the body through the instructions of the brain. So are there some situations that will make the brain “out of control” and no longer obey our orders? In the face of the fist in front of us, we always blink subconsciously. Only when we have strong control over the brain can we inhibit this action. Hey, who in the boys can “keep the fist in front and the color unchanged”? With eyes closed, many people will move unconsciously. Who “deviates from the route” and who “is as stable as Mount Tai”

Exploring the mystery of the brain “Hi Fang pie” staged an immersive “hold back laughter” challenge(1)

in order to verify our control over the brain, hi Fang boys came to the news studio for the first stop to “fight” with the temporal lobe. The temporal lobe of the brain is responsible for processing auditory information and participating in our listening and speaking behavior. So, when there is a delay in the sound in the ear return, can you successfully broadcast a news? In the studio, guests have tried one after another. What will be the performance of the first “news broadcast”? Who exposed his professional habits after returning with his ears and described the news broadcast as a rap scene? When the ear return sound is delayed, everyone’s broadcast is like an instant cassette. What is the result of the “confrontation” with the temporal lobe

Exploring the mystery of the brain “Hi Fang pie” staged an immersive “hold back laughter” challenge(2)

the subconscious reaction is a big competition, and the whole staff carries out the “hold back laughter” challenge

the diencephalon is the part of the brain responsible for the subconscious response of the human body. For example, when we are frightened, the diencephalon will give instructions to the body to avoid danger before we react. In order to verify everyone’s control over diencephalon, guests need to quickly press the light in front of the following after the balloon is exploded. The faster the reaction speed, the stronger the control of diencephalon. In the face of this highly challenging experiment, who reacted faster than people expected and even faster than the special combat team members? In the subconscious action of diencephalon, most individuals’ response is avoidance, and a small part of the response is battle. Hey, in boys, is there such a natural “fighting personality”

Exploring the mystery of the brain “Hi Fang pie” staged an immersive “hold back laughter” challenge(3)

in life, we often can’t help laughing or crying, which is actually the role of the amygdala in the brain. When the amygdala senses emotions, it makes the body spontaneously make corresponding actions. In order to “manage” the amygdala with will, a large challenge of “holding back laughter” was staged in the program. From face-to-face teasing challenges to immersive funny theater experience, who fails repeatedly and laughs continuously, who can’t help laughing most? And what is Ren Jialun’s performance that gives him the title of “holding king”

from the thinking of ancient philosophers on the soul to the exploration of consciousness in modern science, human research on the brain is still on the road. Zhejiang satellite TV’s hi Fang Pai takes you into the brain to observe the wonderful self-control of the human body. At 20:20 this Saturday, let’s go to the depths of our minds