Fenghua windrower of China home sailing race Ningbo Bay Station praised strengthening family cohesion

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Fenghua windrower of China home sailing race Ningbo Bay Station praised strengthening family cohesion

competition site. Beijing, October 17 (Xinhua) the reporter learned from the China Yachting Association that the 2021 China family sailing race Ningbo Bay Station ended in Fenghua on the 17th. Hobie getaway and Hobie T2 held three rounds and four rounds respectively, and the final champion was won by Princeton and Honghao respectively

the winner of the hobbie getaway group. The Princeton team, from Beilun, Ningbo, won the first of three rounds and participated for many times, came to the new water area of Tianfei Lake in Ningbo bay for the first time. Contestant Wu Lijuan said: “I’m glad to find this new water sports base with the help of this home sailing competition. We like this water area very much. Although the wind is not small today, the service and rescue of the organizers are very timely and in place. Home sailing competition attaches great importance to the mutual cooperation ability of family members, which helps to enhance the cohesion among our family members. We will continue to participate next year ! ”

the champion of Hobie T2 this time, Honghao team is also from Beilun, Ningbo. As a sailing enthusiast, Wang Hong said: “Yesterday’s weather was very bad. We were also worried about whether today’s race could proceed as usual. We didn’t expect that the weather was so good today and the whole water area was sparkling. We enjoyed the race very much and liked Fenghua Tianfei lake very much. In the future, I will take my sailing teammates to play with Tianfei lake.”

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princely team was in the competition. Wu xuhao, a teammate of China Yachting Association, also expressed deep emotion, “This is my first time to participate in such a large-scale sailing event. Although the climate in these two days is not very good, the organizers have done a very good job in the event service and event emergency. We must praise the organizers and hope to continue to participate in next year’s home sailing event.”

as one of the few foreign friends in the team, Sims. Jonathan Keir from Tianfei Lake team said: “I have been in China for nearly 50 years and have been playing sailing since I was 3 years old. I have sailed hundreds of thousands of miles. Sailing is almost a sport that runs through my life. My love for sailing has been engraved in my bones. I like Fenghua very much and the water area of Tianfei lake. The whole coastline is 61 kilometers and the sea area is 96 square kilometers. I think all the Olympic Games Water sports can be carried out here. The waters outside Ningbo Bay are also suitable for sailing. Few waters are so suitable for water sports. ”

sailing is always creating new fun and emotion for the players. In recent years, with the home sailing competition held many times around the country, more and more families participate in and love the competition, and spontaneously make videos to record their participation experience and promote the competition. In addition to making videos, the players also express their love for sailing around the fun of making hand-made ship models. The team will never give up the competition in this station He Chunfeng made a sailboat model by herself, she said, “When I first saw the sailing video, I was deeply attracted. The picture of sailing on the sea was really cool. Although I participated in the training alone, it also enabled me to focus more on learning sailing. Moreover, this time I specially purchased a sailing model for assembly. Through the process of self assembling and creating, I can better understand sailing Close to the sailboat. ”

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Honghao team. Photo provided by China Yachting Association

this event is hosted by China Yachting Association, supported by Ningbo Municipal Sports Bureau and Fenghua District People’s government, Ningbo coastal tourism and leisure zone development and construction management center and Fenghua District university The activity office, Fenghua District Bureau of culture, radio, television, tourism and sports, wanboyu (Ningbo) waterfront leisure sports Co., Ltd., and Ningbo water sports association and Ningbo Yacht Industry Association. (end)