Five years of rapid steps to stabilize the Hunan United Front

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Beijing, Changsha, October 14 (Xinhua) Title: five years of rapid steps to stabilize the United Front in Hunan to “ride the wind and waves” and make a long voyage

issued the opinions on strengthening the ideological and political construction of democratic parties in our province; Regularly organize non party representatives to carry out study visits and summer heart to heart talks, so as to build a solid ideological foundation; Private enterprises continue to “March” into poverty-stricken areas to make the countryside realize the beautiful changes of prosperous industry, beautiful environment and rich villagers; Start the provincial united front to deepen the construction of concentric beautiful villages and help implement the action plan of Rural Revitalization Strategy…

in the past five years, under the strong leadership of the provincial Party committee, Hunan united front has highlighted ideological and political guidance and gathered consensus; The work of the cohesion center is responsible to provide strong and lasting support for promoting the economic and social development of the whole province and accelerating the construction of a modern new Hunan

Five years of rapid steps to stabilize the Hunan United Front

2020 In, the special report meeting of the Provincial Committee of democratic parties, the Provincial Federation of industry and Commerce and non party personages on the research results of participating in and discussing government affairs and the forum of non party personages were held. The United Front Work Department of Hunan provincial Party Committee provided pictures

to serve the overall situation, and the effectiveness centered on the “center” Pay close attention to

over the past five years, the United Front Department of Hunan provincial Party committee has taken the overall situation of the service center as the value orientation of the united front of the whole province, and always adhered to the principle that wherever the party’s central work is promoted, the United Front work will follow up, and the magic weapon of the united front will play its role.

democratic parties on the medical and health front strive to fight against the “epidemic” Novel coronavirus pneumonia pull together in times of trouble. First, the front-line and private enterprises donated funds to Wuhan and Hunan’s various anti epidemic hospitals, and overseas Chinese overseas Chinese gathered to buy medical supplies urgently to support the epidemic. In early 2020, a new crown pneumonia epidemic swept over China, and the Hunan united front quickly organized “concentric epidemic prevention and help each other in the same boat”. Action to mobilize United Front Work members to participate in epidemic prevention and control in various forms and show their “hard core” responsibility.

in order to win the economic defense war at the same time, the United Front Work Department of Hunan provincial Party committee timely organized the activity of “ten thousand enterprise visits and one heart to promote development”, investigated and visited more than 18000 private enterprises (business associations) , 12716 problems were collected and sorted out, and 6063 problems were promoted to be solved, so as to orderly promote the resumption of work and production of enterprises and promote “six stabilities and six guarantees” 。

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changputang village, Liaojia Town, Fenghuang County, Xiangxi Prefecture, which is mainly inhabited by Tujia ethnic group, grows fruits to enable more and more people to live a happy life. Photo by Yang Huafeng

during the Past National Day holiday, in Huangshi village, Jiangnan Town, Anhua County, Hunan Province “Happy field” attracts many tourists to “punch in” With the help of the poverty alleviation team of the United Front Department of Hunan provincial Party committee and the United Front forces of the whole province, this once poor mountain village embarked on the road of sustainable development and successfully created a demonstration village for the agglomeration and development of leisure agriculture.

since the battle to get rid of poverty started, Hunan united front has given full play to its advantages of extensive contacts, talents and rich resources, and insisted on finding the “poor root” Aiming at “targeting”, we will carry out in-depth “asking for help”, promote the formation of a good situation of active participation and coordinated promotion by all forces, and gather strong tackling forces.

by the end of 2020, a total of 6533 private enterprises in Hunan Province had participated in “10000 enterprises helping 10000 villages” Action, invested more than 10 billion yuan to support 8568 villages, implemented 16280 industrial projects, built 4484 united front poverty alleviation workshops, driven and benefited 1.147 million poor people; built 1607 Tongxin beautiful villages (communities and projects), made outstanding contributions to winning the battle against poverty in the province, and laid a solid foundation for comprehensively promoting rural revitalization.

contributed to the implementation of the Rural Revitalization Strategy The horn of “ten thousand enterprises prospering ten thousand villages” has sounded, and the majority of private enterprises, business associations and united front organizations in Hunan have responded positively and acted quickly to help promote the Rural Revitalization of Xinhua County and “ten thousand enterprises prospering ten thousand villages” in Hunan Province At the action launch conference, 20 projects were signed on site.

Chen Zhiqiang, President of Bubugao group, said that private economic people are the direct beneficiaries of reform and opening up. We have a great responsibility and a glorious mission to bring wealth to the first and help the countryside from the city.

high quality development is inseparable from talent and innovation. The United Front Work Department of Hunan provincial Party committee took the initiative to connect with the provincial Party committee to “innovation leads the rise of opening up” The implementation of the “three highs and four innovations” strategy relies on various united front organizations to assist in attracting investment, wisdom and talents. It has held high-level national well-known private enterprises to promote Hunan’s implementation of the “three highs and four innovations” Strategy Conference, China Africa Private Economic Cooperation Forum, global Hunan Business Conference and other activities; it has solidly carried out “welcoming hometown, returning home and building hometown”, “Hailian Sanxiang trip” and “overseas returnees forum” In recent five years, through the United Front, a total investment of 332.446 billion yuan has been promoted to attract a number of talents and projects.

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“spring all over the world” The 2020 Spring Festival Gala of overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese around the world was recorded in Changsha. Yang Huafeng photographed

a new situation was opened to seek development. The “concentric circle” became bigger and bigger

the upper and lower levels linked together to gather “wisdom”, actively served to gather “emotion”, and attracted external contacts to gather “heart”. Over the past five years, Hunan has taken more solid steps in the high-quality development of United Front Work in various fields, and the “five relationships” of the United Front More harmonious.

the annual special report on the research results of participating in and discussing politics is a major feature of the united front and multi-party cooperation in Hunan Province. The United Front Work Department of Hunan provincial Party committee adheres to and improves the mechanism of participating in, discussing and researching politics and guiding democratic parties, the Federation of industry and Commerce and people without party affiliation to focus on the “three key battles” Carrying out special research and democratic supervision on major issues of economic and social development such as the preparation of the 14th five year plan has played an important role in promoting the scientific decision-making and effective implementation of policies by Party committees and governments at all levels in the province, and promoting the sustained and healthy development of economy and society.

ethnic minorities and ethnic areas gather in the source area of “Four Rivers” and “three Hunan” in Hunan Cultural characteristic areas, old revolutionary base areas and ecological barrier areas are one of the “family” of ethnic work in Hunan. In early 2017, the 13th five year plan for the development of ethnic minorities in Hunan Province Since the founding of new China, this is the first development plan for ethnic minorities formulated by the province.

vigorously carry out the creation of ethnic unity and progress, widely expand exchanges and integration among ethnic groups, and strive to promote poverty alleviation in ethnic areas and build a well-off society in an all-round way… By 2020, Hunan Province has successfully established 39 national demonstration areas (units) for ethnic unity and progress , 99 provincial demonstration units for national unity and progress and 7 national education bases for national unity and progress. All 24 counties and urban areas in ethnic areas have been lifted out of poverty, and all 2571 poor villages have been lifted out of poverty.

people from new social strata are new social groups emerging with the reform and opening up and the development of socialist market economy, and they are an important force in the cause of building socialism with Chinese characteristics. In November 2019, the Federation of new social strata in Hunan Province was established, and more than 3.9 million new social strata have a “mother’s home”

at present, new social stratum friendship organizations have been established in 13 cities, 73 counties and urban areas of Hunan, more than two-thirds of undergraduate colleges and universities have established knowledge associations or stay associations, and a number of practice and innovation demonstration bases such as malanshan visual innovation park and Feng Jianghua studio have been built. The United Front Work of non party knowledge and new social strata has been comprehensively strengthened