From the Olympic Centennial dream to the countdown of the Winter Olympic Centennial: China, go through this way!

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Beijing, October 27 (Xinhua) Title: from the Centennial dream of the Olympic Games to the countdown of the Centennial Winter Olympics. China, walk like this

time can always truthfully record every step forward and witness history at a special moment

on the evening of October 26, the countdown pointer crossed 20 o’clock. Singing, medal release… The preparations for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games officially entered the final 100 day sprint and ushered in a critical period of decisive battle and victory

at this moment, in the National Swimming Center, the world’s first venue to realize “water ice conversion”, wheelchair curlers plan strategies and display the charm of ice sports between “dynamic and static” conversion

more than a hundred kilometers away, the national snowmobile and sleigh center, like a “Snow Dragon” at the foot of xiaohaituo mountain in Yanqing competition area, is ushering in the first international event after completion. Athletes from 24 countries and regions are performing with extreme speed and passion here

From the Olympic Centennial dream to the countdown of the Winter Olympic Centennial: China, go through this way!

the river surges and the long wind is mighty. Looking inside and outside the Great Wall, ice and snow sports are becoming more and more popular in the vast land of China, a lively scene with the participation of the whole people

in the next 100 days and nights, with the ice and snow passion of 1.4 billion people, the Beijing Winter Olympic Games will take advantage of the momentum and look forward to sharing the glory of the Winter Olympic movement and the “double Olympic city” with guests and friends from all over the world

it seems to be the most unusual, but it is as easy as it is difficult

in 1896, zilinxi newspaper, founded by the British, published an article that ridiculed and ridiculed everything in China at that time, calling China “the sick man of East Asia”. This strongly biased word has also become an indelible label of shame nailed to the poor and weak China a hundred years ago

in the same year, the first modern Olympic Games was held in Athens, Greece. Before the start of the competition, the organizing committee sent invitations to countries all over the world. The Qing government, which had just lost the Sino Japanese War, finally sent only observers to the meeting

From the Olympic Centennial dream to the countdown of the Winter Olympic Centennial: China, go through this way!(1)

the emblem of the 1932 Los Angeles Olympic Games

in 1908, Chinese intellectuals and young students eager to make the country rich and the people strong put forward the “three Olympic questions” in Tianjin Youth magazine: “When can China send athletes to participate in the Olympic Games? When can our athletes win an Olympic gold medal? When can our country host the Olympic Games? ”

word by word, it was enlightening, but China, which was poor and weak at that time, could not answer.

until 36 years after the birth of the modern Olympic Games, Chinese sprinter Liu Changchun went to the Games alone and stood alone on the runway of the Los Angeles Olympic Games, the Olympic stage finally welcomed the Chinese figure for the first time.

behind Liu Changchun was the mountains and rivers at that time Broken and difficult China is also the desire and pursuit of 40000 people for the Olympic movement. “I hope you will move forward bravely and let my future generations stay away from such suffering.” It was also his wish to stay at that time.

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from 1908 on the Nankai playground, students could only watch the grand occasion of the London Olympic Games through slides, to 1932, Liu Changchun boarded the “President Wilson” When the cruise ship goes to the Olympic Games alone, the outline of the Olympic movement is more and more clearly presented to the Chinese people.

until the Tokyo Olympic Games, “Asian flying man” Su Bingtian ran 9.83 seconds, raising the Asian record by 0.08 seconds. He said that Liu Changchun set a precedent for China’s sprinting to participate in the Olympic Games, and he also realized the entrustment of previous generations.

the dust and hard journey of Liu Changchun, the first person of China’s Olympic Games, was like a star breaking the night, illuminating the future of Chinese people’s participation in the Olympic movement and became the destiny of the Chinese nation at that time At the beginning of the founding of new China, in order to improve the level of domestic competitive sports and the health of the people, the first National Games opened in Beijing on September 13, 1959.

more than 10000 athletes from 29 delegations competed in 36 events, 6 performance events, and a total of 7 people broke 4 world records four times The national games not only showed the outstanding style of new China’s athletes, but also became the cornerstone and booster of China’s sports development.

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step down the rough road and start again after fighting difficulties and dangers.

October 25, 1979, Nagoya, Japan, International Olympic Committee The Executive Committee adopted a resolution to restore the legitimate seat of the people’s Republic of China in the IOC, which opened a new journey for Chinese sports to the world.

this not only opened a new chapter in the International Olympic movement, but also became an important medium for China to embrace and integrate into the world as an active participant and devotee of the Olympic movement in the next 40 years.

it took the Chinese 24 years to answer the first question of the “three Olympic questions”, but the arrival of the first Olympic gold medal has been waiting for 76 years.

Liu Hongtu, the son of Liu Changchun, once recalled: “My father has two wishes: one is that the Chinese people can win the gold medal at the Olympic Games, so that China’s national flag and national anthem can be transmitted to the world through the Olympic Stadium; the other is that China can host the Olympic Games one day.”

Liu Changchun’s first last wish was successfully realized the year after his death. The place where China won the first Olympic gold medal was Los Angeles, where he first appeared in the Olympic field.

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in the 1984 Olympic Games, Xu Haifeng’s slow shooting ratio of men’s pistol Winning a precious gold medal in the competition made the world see the five-star red flag rising at the top of the Olympic award ceremony for the first time.

this shot rewrites China’s history of no Olympic champion and washes away the shame of “sick man of East Asia” for more than 100 years.

Samaranch, then president of the International Olympic Committee, personally wore the gold medal on Xu Haifeng’s chest. He said excitedly, “This is a great day in the history of Chinese sports!” The Olympic arena reflects the turning point of the destiny of this country and nation, and also records China’s struggle process in its own way.

for the Chinese people more than 30 years ago, the significance of this Olympic gold medal has long gone beyond the scope of sports. Winning the Olympic games, which symbolizes the highest level, has not only broken foreigners’ old cognition and impression of China, but also Chinese style Education also took this opportunity to catch up and embark on a brilliant road.

with the successful hosting of the Beijing Asian Games, “the success of the Asian Games and the hope for the Olympic Games” became the voice of the generation at that time.

in 1993, Beijing first proposed to bid for the Olympic Games and lost to Sydney. Eight years later, with Samaranch saying “Beijing” , the Centennial Olympic Games, realize the dream of China.

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on the evening of August 8, 2008, the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games was grandly opened at the National Stadium (“bird’s nest”). Photographed by China News Agency reporter Mao Jianjun

from 1908 to 2008, from “three questions of the Olympic Games” to “welcome to Beijing” , it took China a whole hundred years to finally be closely linked with the most influential sports event on the planet.

Samaranch once commented on the Beijing Olympic Games: “I have been participating in and watching the Olympic Games since 1952. Among the previous Olympic Games, the Beijing Olympic Games is the most wonderful and successful. Chinese, you have made important contributions not only to your motherland, but also to the Olympic movement.”

the most successful Olympic Games lies not only in the flawless preparation process, not only in the beautiful opening ceremony, not only in the amazing bird’s nest and water cube, not only in the glory of Chinese athletes for the country and standing on the highest podium several times, but also in letting the world know China and let China go to the world