Fujian Xianyou railway station restarted after 27 days of suspension

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(novel coronavirus pneumonia) train for 27 days, Fujian Xianyou station restart

new China Network Putian October 8 (Wu Shengwei Cai Chenhui) 8 7:41, Fuzhou train south to Shenzhen North D3333 train stops at Xianyou railway station platform in Putian, Fujian, passengers orderly get off. This also marks the official restart of Xianyou railway station, which has been suspended for 27 days

at 6:50, the door of Xianyou railway station was opened, and passengers wearing masks entered the station and waited for the train in order according to the ground interval. The staff wearing gloves, masks and goggles check the health code and ticket for passengers in turn

Zhang Meiqiong, who came by train from Xianyou Chengguan early in the morning, bought the first train ticket sold at the on-site window after the epidemic at the ticket office. On the same day, she was going to Xiamen. Previously, she had been trapped at home because of the epidemic

Fujian Xianyou railway station restarted after 27 days of suspension

on October 8, Xianyou railway station was suspended for 27 days, and the passengers checked in. Photo by Cai Chenhui

ZHU Lili from Fengting Haibin village is preparing to go to Guangdong. “It’s great to restart the railway station. Now she can finally go to Guangdong to be with her family.”

at 7:41, the d3333 train from Fuzhou South to Shenzhen North stops at the platform of Xianyou railway station. After the train opens, passengers get off in turn under the guidance of station staff

“I’m very happy! We’ve been waiting for you for nearly a month! We can finally travel to Xianyou by train!” just walking towards the exit, a young couple from Yibin, Sichuan received the “epidemic prevention gift bag” sent by the welcome personnel on both sides. They came to Xianyou to visit their relatives and do some small business by the way. “I have been to Xianyou before, and we have a very good impression here.”

Fujian Xianyou railway station restarted after 27 days of suspension(1)

on October 8, Xianyou railway station was suspended for 27 days and restarted. Passengers lined up to buy tickets. Cai Chenhui photo

according to the relevant personnel of the Management Office of Xianyou railway station square, in order to bring passengers a new experience of Yunkai epidemic powder, the management office has carefully prepared 50 “epidemic prevention gift packs”, which are randomly distributed among outbound passengers. The gift packs contain drinking water, masks, bread and epidemic prevention publicity tips

the staff also set up special channels for nucleic acid collection and vaccination for passengers on site, and arranged special personnel to guide them

it is reported that the railway station is also equipped with ID card code verification equipment at the entrance and exit of the station. Passengers only need to brush their ID card to display their health code status. “This will greatly eliminate the travel concerns of some elderly people.”. The staff said. (end)