General secretary Xi Jinping is concerned about the fact that he has served the energy rice bowl well, and they have taken root in the desert sea.

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Xi Jinping, general secretary, is concerned about the energy saving jobs. They are “rooted in the desert” and the sea

protects our energy security. Cannot do without the oil people. P>

recently, when inspecting Shengli Oilfield, Xi Jinping pointed out that petroleum energy construction is significant to our country. As a big manufacturing country, China must develop its own energy in order to develop the real economy. I hope you can make more achievements and make new contributions

starting from Yumen oil mine in Gansu Province, the oil men went north to Heilongjiang, east to Bohai Bay and west to the desert, and a number of advanced models such as Wang Jinxi and Wang Qimin emerged. Today, the new generation of oil workers are following the footsteps of their predecessors, inheriting the spirit, adhering to innovation and continuous struggle, and creating new achievements in the desert and sea

General secretary Xi Jinping is concerned about the fact that he has served the energy rice bowl well, and they have taken root in the desert sea.

8882 meters! This is the depth of the first deep oil well in Tarim Basin, Xinjiang, and the latest depth for Chinese oil people to “take root”

for oil, they waded across the Yumen oil River, braved the heavy wind and sand in Junggar, braved the heat and cold in Qaidam, and crossed the mountains in Sichuan and Chongqing… Where there is oil, there are oil people who “take root”

in the hinterland of Taklimakan Desert, Chen Xinwei, deputy manager of the first oil and gas production operation area of Tazhong oil and Gas Development Department of PetroChina Tarim Oilfield Company, is stationed here all year round. Since 1991, his post has been changing, but he has never left this hard and dangerous desert

what impressed Chen Xinwei most was that in March 2011, he was carrying out the construction of the final stage of the TPO process transformation project of Zhonggu well 10 with the construction personnel. Suddenly, the weather changed greatly, and the most violent dust storm in the spring of that year blew up. The temperature suddenly dropped to minus 10 ℃. People couldn’t stand stably and couldn’t open their eyes. Their ears, nose and mouth were full of sand

however, they did not retreat and carried out construction against the sand and dust, which ensured the successful operation of the well at one time

from the sand sea to the sea, oil people never lack the spirit of “taking root”

42 year old Wang Zhiwei is the chief geologist of offshore oil production plant of Shengli Oilfield. He has spent most of his time at sea since he joined the work for 20 years

in summer, it is scorched by the hot sun, and the deck temperature is as high as 60 ℃, and the sole is softened in a moment; In winter, the low temperature of minus 20 ℃ makes your face ache; Catch up with the storm surge and the overwhelming waves beat the platform violently. He said: “the severe cold in spring, the intense heat in summer, the typhoon in autumn, the ice in winter and the sea tide all year round are the portrayal of offshore oil development.”

the dangerous natural environment failed to defeat him. “I hope that through my own efforts, I will continue to strengthen technological innovation, get the’trump card’ of shallow water oil exploration and development technology, and put the rice bowl of energy in my own hands,” Wang Zhiwei said

it is many oil people like Chen Xinwei and Wang Zhiwei who stick to and develop in the sea and desert that make China leap from an “oil poor country” to a large oil and gas producing country

China mineral resources report (2021) issued by the Ministry of natural resources shows that in 2020, the remaining proven technical recoverable reserves of oil and natural gas in China have reached 3.619 billion tons and 6266.578 billion cubic meters. In recent years, China’s annual output of crude oil is nearly 200 million tons

General secretary Xi Jinping is concerned about the fact that he has served the energy rice bowl well, and they have taken root in the desert sea.(1)

on June 20 this year, PetroChina Changqing Oilfield Company released to the outside world that China’s proven geological reserves of shale oil in Ordos Basin exceeded 1 billion tons. This is the largest shale oil packaged oilfield with proven reserves in China

this achievement is inseparable from the efforts of Zhang kuangsheng, President of Changqing oilfield oil and Gas Technology Research Institute, and his team. Ordos Basin has the characteristics of “low permeability, low pressure, low abundance and tight reservoir”, resulting in “oil in wells and no flow in wells”. “To extract oil from here is to extract oil from the cracks in the stone,” Zhang said

in order to “squeeze” out the oil, Zhang kuangsheng led the scientific research team of Changqing Oilfield to plunge into the Ordos Basin. Loess as a companion, wind and sand as a friend

finally, the most advanced fracturing technology in China was “ground” on the dense sandstone. China’s shale oil and gas production technology has fully realized autonomy and reached the international advanced level

historical backtracking. At the beginning of the 20th century, some foreign experts came to China to look for oil, and finally got nothing. China was also labeled as “Continental poor oil”. It is the unremitting innovation of generations of oil people that breaks through the theory, fills the gap, explores more and more oil reserves, drills deeper and deeper, and becomes today’s major oil and gas producer

“the basic and core things can not be obtained or bought, which depends on our self-reliance and independent innovation,” said Li Xincheng, vice president of Jerry petroleum equipment group. His research and development direction is petroleum machinery and equipment

in 2019, Li Xincheng and his team launched a set of self-developed electric drive fracturing equipment, with power more than twice that of traditional common diesel drive fracturing equipment. He also has many innovative achievements, leading the world

oil man’s innovation covers the whole industrial chain. Ke Yousheng, vice president of refining and Petrochemical Research Institute of PetroChina Karamay Petrochemical Company, who is in the village of “visiting the people, benefiting the people and gathering the people’s hearts” in southern Xinjiang, is good at innovation in the field of petroleum refining and petrochemical

in 2004, Ke Yousheng led his team to successfully develop a high-end transformer oil, breaking the market pattern that important domestic transformer manufacturers rely on imports for a long time

“scientific research and production in the field of petroleum is a long way, and generations of people pay their youth for it. Although most of our working environment is desolate, we will continue to inherit and innovate without changing our original heart.” Ke Yousheng said

General secretary Xi Jinping is concerned about the fact that he has served the energy rice bowl well, and they have taken root in the desert sea.(2)

“‘post-90s’, I’m the oldest.” in the office of Daqing oilfield exploration and Development Research Institute, Li Yue said with a smile. Li Yue, who grew up in Daqing, stayed in the oilfield after graduating from Northeast Petroleum University in 2018

here, he can always think of the spirit of the older generation of oil people. Especially at the oil field production site, in the face of extremely difficult fine exploration topics, Li Yue always remembered the story of Daqing “new iron man” Wang Qimin doing research one well by one

“the conditions are much better now, so I don’t have to walk, but I also investigated more than 1300 wells.” with the spirit of being willing to bear hardships, Li Yue pointed out the direction for oil exploration in the area he was responsible for

to “break through the encirclement” for new China and “create blood” for modernization, and generations of oil people continue to struggle. The petroleum people marching towards a new journey are working hard, pioneering and innovating, inheriting, continuing and practicing the petroleum spirit with a new look

good news came one after another. In May this year, Pingan 1 well in Sichuan Basin tested and obtained high-yield oil and gas flow with a daily output of more than 100 cubic meters of oil and 100000 cubic meters of natural gas. This is the specific practice and successful replication of continental shale oil in Sichuan Basin Based on the viewpoint and method of Daqing Gulong shale oil and the technology and process of Daqing drilling and fracturing oil test

“this makes us full of confidence in the future. Relying on independent innovation and unremitting struggle, we will make greater achievements in new fields in the future,” said Zhang Yongping, chief technical expert of Daqing oilfield oil production engineering research institute. He is responsible for the oil and gas exploration and development technology of Daqing Oilfield in Sichuan block

on the coast of the Bohai Sea, the sea breeze bursts. In the Shengli Oilfield, which Xi Jinping just inspects and studied, just graduated from China University of Petroleum (East China), Jiang Ziyue joined the ranks of oil workers along his grandfather’s footsteps and his father’s footsteps. p>

“as a young generation, we need to inherit the hard-working spirit of’teachers’ and give full play to the aggressive advantages of young people.” she said that she hopes to participate in more new technology exploration and R & D in the work in the next few decades and contribute to stabilizing the energy rice bowl

text reporters: Xu Sheng, Chen Hao, Gu Yu, Yang Zhe, Li Hua, Lei Xiaoxiao