General secretary Xi Jinping is concerned about the grain and the painstakingly behind the rich and abundant grain — visiting the other scenes painted in China’s granary.

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(under the guidance of Xi Jinping’s new socialist ideology of socialism with Chinese characteristics – new era and new chapter as a new chapter, general secretary Xi Jinping’s concern)

‘s grain and bitterness behind the rich and abundant

visit the other scenes painted in China’s granary

China News Agency, Beijing, 16 October Painstaking efforts — visit the different scenery painted in China’s granary

Xinhua News Agency reporters Han Yu, Guan Jiantao, Wang Jian and Yang zhe

the people are the foundation of the country and the valley is the life of the people. General secretary Xi Jinping stressed that the Chinese rice bowl must be firmly held in their hands at any time. p>

in golden autumn and October, the land with bumper harvest is busy. On the occasion of the 41st World Food Day, Xinhua reporters went deep into the main grain producing areas to taste the joy of harvest and prosperous days together with the farmers who rush to harvest grain, and feel the fresh atmosphere of China’s granary

at 19:00 on the 14th, it was dark. In the corn field of Sun Bo, a large grain farmer in Xinglong Town, Bayan County, Heilongjiang Province, a corn harvester is still working, and the lights on the car light up the field</ P>

Bayan is the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic area in Heilongjiang Province recently, and it has just resumed global low risk on 14. “We should take back the time delayed by the epidemic situation, rush to harvest day and night, and people and machines will not rest.” Sun Bo said that in a few days, 5000 mu of corn will be harvested

General secretary Xi Jinping is concerned about the grain and the painstakingly behind the rich and abundant grain — visiting the other scenes painted in China’s granary.

autumn harvest site of Xinhua branch of Heilongjiang Beidahuang Agriculture Co., Ltd. Respondents provided

Northeast black land, fertile and thousands of miles, suitable for large-scale mechanical harvesting. In the soybean field of Jiaxing modern agricultural machinery professional cooperative in Heihe City, Heilongjiang Province, several large harvesters are scrambling to harvest. Rows of soybean stalks full of pods are drawn into the machine, threshing, straw crushing and returning to the field at one go

“each machine can harvest hundreds of Mu every day. The output exceeds that of previous years. We have to catch up early before we miss the golden harvest period,” said Gai Yongfeng, chairman of the cooperative

the autumn harvest is full of “science and technology”. In the fourth management area of Beidahuang group 8500 farm Co., Ltd., an unmanned harvester operates according to the specified track. The remote staff Li Yunxiang can complete rice harvesting and rice loading through mobile phone control, showing the charm of smart agriculture

General secretary Xi Jinping is concerned about the grain and the painstakingly behind the rich and abundant grain — visiting the other scenes painted in China’s granary.(1)

Li Yunxiang, a staff member of Beidahuang group 8500 farm Co., Ltd., controls the unmanned harvester through his mobile phone. Respondents provided

“by installing Beidou satellite receiving antenna, sensors and other equipment, driverless operation is realized, which not only improves the harvesting accuracy, but also reduces the grain loss in the harvesting process,” Li Yunxiang said

Heilongjiang Province is the largest grain producing province in China. This year, the grain planting area exceeds 200 million mu, and the grain output is expected to reach a new high and achieve “18 consecutive harvests”

General secretary Xi Jinping is concerned about the grain and the painstakingly behind the rich and abundant grain — visiting the other scenes painted in China’s granary.(2)

rice harvesting site of Qixing branch of Heilongjiang Beidahuang Agriculture Co., Ltd. Respondents provide

[voice over] autumn grain accounts for three-quarters of China’s grain in the whole year, which is the top priority of grain production in the whole year. At present, the national harvest of autumn grain has exceeded 60%. Recently, the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas issued a notice to re mobilize and redeploy the “three autumn” production. By accelerating the progress of autumn harvest, implementing the autumn sowing area and improving the sowing quality, experts and agricultural technicians were organized to go deep into the fields to ensure that the autumn grain should be collected and the particles returned to the warehouse

on the 15th, it was drizzling in tandu Town, Linxiang City, Hunan Province. Li Yuwu’s 1335 mu of organic rice had just been harvested. The joy of harvest was filled on his face, “the yield is good and the price is good”. In the warehouse not far away, the rice piled into a hill

recalling his path of organic planting, Li Yuwu said: “a few years ago, many relatives and friends in the city asked me about high-quality rice, but the ordinary rice I planted tastes average.”

287dfb71fe2040b6aeede9779224083b - General secretary Xi Jinping is concerned about the grain and the painstakingly behind the rich and abundant grain -- visiting the other scenes painted in China's granary.

transplanting seedlings in Li Yuwu’s organic rice base. Respondents provided

in 2019, Li Yuwu officially “entered” organic rice. In order to ensure that the whole planting process is organic, he hired a local senior agronomist as a production technical consultant

Li Yuwu installed 60 solar frequency vibration insecticidal lamps in his rice field to trap and kill pests in the field. In order not to use herbicides, he spent a lot of effort to control weeds: in winter, deep-water soaking in the field; In late spring and early summer, crayfish are raised by storing water in rice fields to let crayfish eat weeds and loosen the soil for air

“my family said that I should take care of rice more carefully than children.” Li Yuwu said that in 2020, he participated in the National Green Food Expo, and the rice he took with him won the favor of many customers

General secretary Xi Jinping is concerned about the grain and the painstakingly behind the rich and abundant grain — visiting the other scenes painted in China’s granary.(3)

Li Yuwu’s organic rice production base. Respondents provide

Li Wei, deputy director of the Rural Work Leading Group Office of Linxiang municipal Party committee, said that Li Yuwu’s planting of organic rice meets the requirements of agricultural supply side structural reform, and farmers in many large grain producing counties nearby come to learn from it

[voice over] in August this year, the national green development plan for agriculture in the 14th five year plan issued by six national departments proposed that by 2025, the number of green, organic and geographical indication agricultural products will reach 60000, and the overall qualified rate of routine monitoring of agricultural product quality and safety will reach 98%. At present, people pay more attention to how to eat more nutritious and healthy. One side of the farmland meets people’s more living needs and expectations

a few years ago, in damujia Town, Gaomi City, Shandong Province, Wang cuifen, a large agricultural household, was particularly dependent on chemical fertilizer. However, she slowly found that more chemical fertilizer was used, the soil hardened and airtight, and the grain output decreased

under the guidance of the local agricultural department, Wang cuifen used fermented organic fertilizer and mixed fertilizer. “The crops are strong and the soil conditions are improving,” said Wang cuifen

in order to provide a better growth environment for crops, Wang cuifen also explored agricultural water. The local precipitation is small, the agricultural water consumption is large, and the groundwater level drops, affecting grain production. She purchased self-propelled reel type sprinkler irrigation equipment, which has obvious water-saving effect

General secretary Xi Jinping is concerned about the grain and the painstakingly behind the rich and abundant grain — visiting the other scenes painted in China’s granary.(4)

self propelled sprinkler irrigation equipment used in Wang cuifen’s field. Respondents provided

take wheat as an example. With this reel type sprinkler irrigation equipment, 2.5 mu of land can be watered in one hour, requiring only 30 cubic meters of water. The diesel pump “flood irrigation” takes two hours and 60 cubic meters of water to irrigate 1 mu of land

dongxiaotun village, Wucheng Town, Wucheng County, De Zhou City, Shandong Province planted 1500 mu of land for the farmers’ professional cooperative for grain and cotton planting. Li Qingshuang, the chairman of the cooperative, purchased three translational self-propelled sprinkler irrigation machines. “This equipment is not only labor-saving and efficient, but also saves 60% water and realizes the integration of water and fertilizer,” Li Qingshuang said

Dong Jun, director of agricultural and rural Bureau of Wucheng County, said that in the next step, “smart weather” will be introduced. 60 automatic weather stations will be set up in the county to monitor 10 meteorological elements such as wind speed, rainfall, temperature and humidity and soil moisture all day, so as to improve agricultural production efficiency and disaster prevention, reduction and relief capacity

in August this year, Shandong Province proposed to further implement the action of reducing and increasing the efficiency of pesticide and chemical fertilizer. By 2025, the amount of chemical fertilizer and pesticide per unit cultivated area will be reduced by 6% and 10% respectively compared with 2020

[voice over] ecological and environmental problems such as farmland degradation, groundwater overexploitation and soil pollution are being accelerated, laying the foundation for stabilizing grain production capacity and increasing farmers’ income. In recent years, the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas, together with relevant state departments, has promoted the construction of high-standard farmland, soil improvement, efficient water-saving irrigation and grain storage in the land around the eight aspects of field, soil, water, road, forest, electricity, technology and management of high-standard farmland construction

“it’s really a bumper harvest year!” Changtu County, Liaoning Province, is a major grain producing county in China. Wu Yanliang, a large grain grower in this county, stood in a golden corn field and happily told reporters, “the yield per mu is more than 200 kg higher than that all the year round, and the grain quality is good.”

farmers’ waist bags bulge after the bumper harvest. Wu Yanliang calculated an account. 3000 mu of land was planted this year, and 1800 kg of corn could be produced per mu. At present, the price of tidal grain is about 0.9 yuan per kg, and the gross income is more than 1600 yuan. After deducting 1400 yuan of land transfer fees, seeds, chemical fertilizers and management costs, he can earn a total of more than 600000 yuan this year

“people work hard and God helps. The good days are still ahead,” said Wu Yanliang

“there is both a good year and a good’money’ scene.” this is the feeling of many large grain growers in Panjin City, Liaoning Province, the hometown of rice. Duan Biao, a large grain grower in Liujia village, Hujia Town, Panshan County, Panjin City, planted more than 800 mu of rice on the transferred land. The crab rice produced has a high added value