“Goalkeeper” of Ruili River Bridge in Yunnan: no one is missing in epidemic prevention and control

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Beijing, Dehong, October 19 (Xinhua) Title: Yunnan Ruili River Bridge “goalkeeper”: there is no one missing in epidemic prevention and control

“epidemic prevention and control must not miss one person. We are like’goalkeepers’, and we should perform our duties every minute on duty.” recently, Ji Yingxing, a police officer at Ruili River Bridge arrest point of Yunnan Dehong border management detachment, took over the post at dawn as usual

the river bridge investigation point is located at the intersection of the river bridge from Ruili City to Wanding and Mangshi. The terrain on both sides is steep, with high mountains on one side and Ruili River on the other. There is no path to pass except the highway. Since the outbreak, the Jiele border police station of Dehong border management detachment has set up a card here to carry out fixed-point two-way investigation, two wing mobile investigation, and patrol and control the surrounding environment. In the “battle” that lasted more than 600 days, the civil auxiliary police made every effort to ensure the safety of Ruili’s vehicles

“Goalkeeper” of Ruili River Bridge in Yunnan: no one is missing in epidemic prevention and control

the picture shows the police checking the trunk of the vehicle. Dehong border management detachment provides pictures

at the Jiangqiao arrest point, each shift is composed of three police, two auxiliary police and two militia. Jiele border police station is on duty in the mode of old police and young police. On the one hand, it can let old comrades with rich law enforcement experience help new comrades solve problems, on the other hand, it can balance the combat effectiveness of each shift of police

police Shi Tong had just completed head surgery in early September this year and had not yet fully recovered. Considering the heavy task of epidemic prevention and control, he took the initiative to apply for returning to his post. In a day’s investigation work, he climbed the car, scanned his ID card, QR code, pass and opened the car hundreds of times every hour. After a while, his police uniform was soaked. After the first shift, the joints of Shi Tong’s protective clothing had been soaked with sweat

Ji Yingxing, a new policeman, is on duty with Shi Tong. He said, “the most difficult thing to keep is in the second half of the night. When there is little traffic in the dead of night, it is inevitable that complex emotions will emerge in my heart, and my comrades in arms will get together and talk about what they want to do after the epidemic has passed.” the investigation work is the most test of patience and will. The civil auxiliary police stick to their posts day after day to lay a solid foundation for epidemic prevention and control

“Goalkeeper” of Ruili River Bridge in Yunnan: no one is missing in epidemic prevention and control(1)

the picture shows the police checking the personnel. One day in August this year, the civil auxiliary police at the Jiangqiao arrest point were conducting a detailed inspection of a truck. A man drove a motorcycle slowly close to the checkpoint. When he found the staff on duty, he hesitated, looked nervous and dared not move forward

after seeing this, Zheng Quan, the policeman on duty, immediately came forward and asked. He found that the man was Zhang who passed the card point 20 minutes ago. He claimed that he had just gone to the hospital 9 kilometers away. Careful Zheng Quan found that just 20 minutes was not enough to see a doctor and return. After close questioning, the man confessed that he lied that he was unwell and went to see a doctor before applying for a temporary pass in the community. The civil auxiliary police seized more than 76 grams of methamphetamine, heroin and opium on the spot

“when asked where people passing by the checkpoint are going, everyone’s answers are similar, which can easily lead to the burnout of the staff on duty, so we must be strict with ourselves and make no exception to anyone.” Zheng Quan said that at the arrest point, the same dialogue should be repeated hundreds of times a day, and the comrades in arms formed a tacit understanding and supervised each other to prevent the omission of one person

“Goalkeeper” of Ruili River Bridge in Yunnan: no one is missing in epidemic prevention and control(2)

the picture shows the police taking off their protective clothing after work. The card point provided by Dehong border management detachment is the gate of a city. What the duty personnel should do is to guard one pass and protect one card. Since the beginning of this year, the civilian auxiliary police at Jiangqiao arrest point have inspected various certificates for a total of tens of thousands of times, cracked down on more than 200 cases of bypassing customs and avoiding cards, and seized 6 cases of holding and transporting various prohibited articles. (end)