Green eyes send waves, Anji, Huzhou, Zhejiang draws a new picture of “no difference between urban and rural areas”

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Beijing, Huzhou, October 19 (reporter Hu Fengsheng) just past the National Day holiday, Shanghai tourist Tang Wenyi went to liujiatang village, Shangshu Township, Anji, Zhejiang to experience slow life. What he could see was a strong green

there are more than 20 families living on Shating Island, liujiatang village, with beautiful garden houses. Knowing that these are the houses of local farmers, she couldn’t help but praise: “it’s good to be a farmer in Anji!”

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taken by Yin Xinghua of Lingfeng kindergarten

why does Anji in Huzhou, a mountainous area in Northern Zhejiang, have such great magic? The reporter found that, as the birthplace of the concept of “green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains”, it is becoming a “window” to observe the practice of “common prosperity” in Zhejiang. On the road of “no difference between urban and rural areas”, it has paved a new picture of “the city and countryside are as beautiful as the city and the countryside, and the residents and farmers are as rich as the farmers”

Green: the countryside makes the city yearn for

“the mountain is also clear, the water is also clear, people go up in the mountain vagina, and spring clouds are everywhere.” in October, driving into Anji, you can feel the green everywhere, which makes people feel full of heart. Because of this rare green, Anji won the “UN Habitat Award” – the first county in China to win this award

because of the green, Anji’s countryside makes the city more yearning

“’11 period’, seven or eight rooms of B & B are almost full every day, with an endless stream of tourists from Shanghai and Hangzhou.” near noon, Hu Yuehua, the landlady of selenium source B & B in liujiatang village, Shangshu Township, told reporters with a smile while busy preparing all kinds of vegetables

se source B & B is located near Shizishan reservoir. Here, there are mountains on the top and blue water on the bottom. A village road passes through the village. It is like a landscape painting when taken from high altitude

Green eyes send waves, Anji, Huzhou, Zhejiang draws a new picture of “no difference between urban and rural areas”

map of Shangshu Township in liujiatang village

“the village is in the forest, the road is in the green, the house is in the garden, and the people are in the scenery.” Chu Xuesong, Secretary of the general Party branch of liujiatang village, said that as the first batch of beautiful villages built by Anji County, this “red fire” scene has been the norm in liujiatang village. At present, 28 home-based accommodation and farmhouse entertainment, selenium source bamboo shoots, Guoqing poultry The development of agricultural products such as Xingchao camp is organically combined with outdoor sports, sightseeing and experience to attract groups of tourists to experience farm life

different from liujiatang village, the “green change” of Yu village in Tianhuangping town is stronger. More than 10 years ago, this village was famous for the multiple-choice question of “green water and green mountains” or “Jinshan and Yinshan”. It became the birthplace of the concept of “green water and green mountains” and “Jinshan and Yinshan”

more than 10 years later, the wild bamboo forest here is particularly vivid under the bright sunshine. “The air here is good. There are more than 3000 negative oxygen ions per cubic centimeter, which makes people can’t help taking a deep breath.” standing in front of the electronic LED screen outside the Yu village cultural auditorium, a tourist surnamed Zhao stretched his waist

however, Yucun people know that it is not easy behind this. “An affluent village with a big gun and ten thousand liang of gold just closed the mine and stopped the cement plant.” looking back on this village history, Yu Xiaoping, deputy secretary of the Party branch of Yu village, was filled with emotion. “It’s so beautiful at the moment. I really didn’t expect it at that time.”

“I feel that rural areas are more beautiful than cities and farmers are better than residents.” the relevant person in charge of the Publicity Department of Anji county Party committee said that green development, The economy of Anji is being redefined. Similar stories of liujiatang village and Yucun village have taken place successively in 187 administrative villages of Anji. They focus on the same theme, that is to “turn the concept of’green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains’ into reality”. Thanks to this, in 2020, the per capita income of Anji farmers will reach 35699 yuan, and the income ratio of urban and rural residents will be reduced to 1.67 ∶ 1, becoming one of the regions with the smallest income gap between urban and rural residents in China

Green eyes send waves, Anji, Huzhou, Zhejiang draws a new picture of “no difference between urban and rural areas”(1)

commemorative stone Hu Fengsheng of “green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains” in Yu Village

reshaping: a new form of urban-rural relations

this year, Zhejiang has been given a new mission of “developing with high quality and building a demonstration area for common prosperity”. As one of the cities with the smallest gap between urban and rural areas, Huzhou proposed to take the lead in building “undifferentiated urban and rural areas” in the country, not only rich in pockets, but also rich in brains; We should not only narrow the gap between urban and rural areas, but also balance all kinds of public services

in fact, this proposition has long been explored and practiced in Anji

with mountains as bones and water as veins, houses with green tiles and white walls surround settlements with green mountains and green water around the countryside, just like the scene of small bridges and flowing water in Jiangnan ink painting – in the home care center of Dazhuyuan village in Anji Lingfeng tourism resort, several elderly people are playing mahjong in the chess and card room at noon, and there are six or seven elderly people eating in the canteen next to them

dried plum meat, stir fried green vegetables, braised white gourd with sauce, laver egg soup, and a white rice. This is the “one meat, two vegetables and one soup” set meal prepared by Hu Yuesong, a staff member of the home care center for the elderly. “There are many people and lively here; the elderly chat while eating. It’s quite comfortable.” Hu Yuesong said that these dishes are bought at the vegetable market every morning, You can basically do not repeat the sample every week

Huang Juxiang, who is in her 70s this year, once heard that it was a reporter’s interview, she held the reporter’s hand and repeatedly said “good”: “it’s really good now. A hot meal costs only 6 yuan. There are meat and vegetables, and the dishes are soft and rotten. It’s suitable for the elderly. Good, great!”

speaking of the current life, several old people on the scene told me their “happiness” and “Sense of gain”: there is a canteen for the elderly in the village, which has many patterns, good taste, cheap and reassuring; in the cultural auditorium, you can play erhu and sing opera; the elderly card “drops” and the bus at the entrance of the village goes straight to the city; if there is a minor illness or pain, the “health room” at the head of the village The level of is not bad… Coupled with the increasing number of home stay in the village, even sons and daughters-in-law living in other places have returned to their homes to start a business.

“no difference between urban and rural areas” is transforming into a high-quality “sense of gain” everywhere in Anji With gorgeous colors and wonderful space design, even the buildings are full of fantastic vitality, plus functional areas such as baking workshop, carpentry workshop, picture book Hall, music room and outdoor game field… Lingfeng central kindergarten, which was opened soon, is known as “other people’s kindergarten” At 4:20 p.m., Gu Yi, a 6-year-old child, was still playing excitedly in the kindergarten. He said that what he wanted most now was “my parents will pick me up from work later, and I can play more in the kindergarten.”

“With such good hardware conditions, the teachers in our park are also full of motivation. A seminar will be held every week to focus on promoting’Anji game’ and improving teachers’ teaching ability.” Gao Jie, the head of Lingfeng kindergarten, was in high spirits. She said that after the completion of the new park, the kindergarten expanded from 6 classes to 18 classes, and the nursing and teaching personnel were equipped in place according to the specified proportion. More children read high-quality kindergartens at home.

the scene happened in Lingfeng street, but Anji was in “no difference between urban and rural areas” An epitome of exploration.

according to the leader of Anji, Anji has taken the lead in realizing the full coverage of 13 public services in Zhejiang Province, including urban and rural public transportation, labor and employment, health services, home-based elderly care, rural information application, etc. “it is the same in both urban and rural areas, and there are many farmers who can enjoy it.”

“For example, Wu Changshuo ate salted meat and bamboo shoots in Anji and Zhao Mengfu ate’three whites of Taihu Lake’ in Huzhou. Although they ate different foods, they had the same sense of happiness and gain.” according to the leaders of Huzhou, the “undifferentiated urban and rural areas” in Huzhou are reshaping a new form of urban-rural relations with people’s sense of gain, happiness and security as the core. (end)