Hot discussion on “double reduction” in the industry: how to affect the future of youth sports training industry

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Beijing, October 16 (Wang Hao) on the evening of the 15th, the opening ceremony of the autumn match of the 2021-2022 China Life nybo youth basketball open was held in Beijing. Now this event has officially entered its fifth season

Hot discussion on “double reduction” in the industry: how to affect the future of youth sports training industry

the national opening ceremony of the autumn competition of China Life • nybo youth basketball open in 2021-2022. Drawings provided by the organizer

since the start of the competition in 2017, nybo has built a complete amateur basketball competition system for Chinese basketball teenagers aged 4-16. Up to now, it has landed in 28 provinces, autonomous regions, 146 cities and competition areas, and has provided competition services for more than 100000 teenagers who love basketball

it is reported that in addition to the opening ceremony of the autumn competition held in Beijing on the same day, Shanghai Songjiang, Ordos and other competition areas have also started during the national day. At the same time, more than 60 cities and competition areas such as Tianjin, Shenyang, Hangzhou, Hefei, Nanjing, Suzhou and Xi’an have opened registration. It is expected that more than 100 cities and competition areas will start the autumn competition of this season

at the opening game, the audience cheered for the exquisite skills of the young players. Behind the excitement, such youth sports events have a more far-reaching significance, which is related to the training, competition and the improvement of players’ physique. After the implementation of the “double reduction” policy, these are receiving more and more attention from parents and society

Hot discussion on “double reduction” in the industry: how to affect the future of youth sports training industry(1)

many stars attended the national opening ceremony of nybo new season. Drawings provided by the organizer

the youth sports training industry is quietly changing under the tide of “double reduction”. Zhou Jinyao, deputy director of the Youth Sports Department of the State Sports Administration, introduced that the introduction of the “double reduction” policy has provided basic conditions for the development of the sports training industry

“first of all, it leads the whole society to establish the educational concept of’health first’ and creates a good atmosphere for parents and children to participate in physical exercise and national fitness. At the same time, the” double reduction “also leaves sufficient time for teenagers to participate in physical exercise. Therefore, the” double reduction “provides a basic condition for the development of our physical training industry,” she said

Zhou Jinyao introduced that under the background of “double reduction”, relevant departments strengthened the scientific supervision of the sports industry and issued systems and standards, so as to guide the standardized and healthy development of the industry, help enterprises keep the bottom line of quality and safety, put the industry on a benign development track from the beginning and provide strong institutional guarantee for the growth of enterprises

Hot discussion on “double reduction” in the industry: how to affect the future of youth sports training industry(2)

Zhou Jinyao, deputy director of the Youth Department of the State General Administration of sports, delivered a speech. Drawings provided by the organizer

Yang Chen, Secretary General of the Organizing Committee of nybo youth basketball open, interpreted the impact of the “double reduction” policy on youth sports training from the perspective of the industry. “First of all, in the short term, it may not be effective soon, but in the long term, it is particularly good news.”

he introduced that in the communication with some colleagues in training institutions, he found that after the “double reduction”, the difficulty of active enrollment has been reduced, and many parents have appeals to send their children to training, “the cake in the market will become larger.”

“Before that, parents’ purpose was to make their children sweat. However, the’double reduction’ policy mobilized parents’ awareness and height of sports, so it is bound to affect the needs of some parents, and the consideration of clubs and training institutions will change. Then, clubs need to improve certification standards or training objectives.”

with the development of youth sports training industry, the professional quality requirements of front-line trainers are becoming higher and higher. For example, Yang Chen introduced that nybo has a “Ivy League plan” and “we will enter all competition areas to train referees and coaches.”

Hot discussion on “double reduction” in the industry: how to affect the future of youth sports training industry(3)

wonderful moment of the opening game of the autumn game of China Life • nybo youth basketball open in 2021-2022 season. Photo provided by the organizer.

“The Chinese Basketball Association has been training e-level coaches in recent years, with great efforts. Every year, many coaches have obtained the qualification of coaches through training, certification and other links. The basketball association has provided support to the society, and we also see the continuous improvement of the level of coaches.” he introduced.

in “double reduction” After the introduction of the policy, it is a major development opportunity for the sports training industry, especially for youth sports training institutions. Zhou Jinyao pointed out that this also highlights the explosive growth of the industry in the short term, resulting in strong market demand, but a serious shortage of resources, especially high-quality resources. This will be carried out step by step under further standardization, supervision and guidance In addition, there are more training for teenagers and fewer events in society, which also needs to be solved. Zhou Jinyao said that this year, the State Administration of sports has made an important deployment for the development of youth sports, to build “three systems” of youth physical health promotion, youth sports training and youth sports competition , these three systems can promote and integrate each other, so as to make the healthy development of youth sports.

“the relationship between events and training is actually the” three systems ” It involves two parts. Brand events such as nybo youth basketball open not only provide the test of training and school physical education, but also build a platform that can attract teenagers to participate in sports and enjoy sports fun, so as to stimulate teenagers’ love for sports. “(end)