How does director Villeneuve shoot dune?

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Beijing, October 19 (Xinhua) the Hollywood Science Fiction blockbuster dune, which will be released nationwide on October 22, recently held its premiere in Beijing

How does director Villeneuve shoot dune?

Dune is directed by Dennis Villeneuve and starring Timothy chalame, Rebecca Ferguson, Oscar Isaac, Josh Brolin, zandaya, Jason MoMA, Javier Baden and Zhang Zhen. At present, the pre-sale has been officially opened.

the newly exposed “legend is coming” In the preview, the most mysterious dune planet in the universe is full of unknown crises and fate challenges. The ertridi family defends its glory, the haknan family plunders resources, and the Freemans guard their homes. These three forces gathered here with different purposes and broke out a thrilling frontal duel. The young hero Paul also ushered in a turning point in his fate in the baptism of this war.

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the whole project of the movie dune has been designed to watch on the big screen and IMAX screen since the first day. In order to present the characteristics of different planets, Villeneuve and his team went to many places around the world for live shooting. From “legend is coming” It is not difficult to find in the preview that the stunning ice fields in Norway, the strange rock formations in Jordan and the boundless desert in Abu Dhabi skillfully form a beautiful sci-fi picture.

Villeneuve tries to take the audience to truly feel the sand dune world from the Enlightenment of nature such as light, wind and sand dust, he said: “We hope to reflect the impact of the desert on people’s soul. I think because of the boundlessness and silence, this huge mirror can reflect a person’s real state and directly hit the essence of his heart. All the designs of this film are based on this.”