How does Wang Yaping “beautify” in space? Expert: non toxic cosmetics and chocolate desserts have been prepared for her

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China News Agency, Beijing, October 16 (MA shuaisha, Guo Chaokai) – the Shenzhou 13 manned spacecraft was successfully launched in Jiuquan on the 16th. Wang Yaping became the first female astronaut to enter the Chinese space station. Pang Zhihao, chief science communication expert of national space exploration technology, said in an exclusive interview with “China focus face-to-face” of China news agency that in order to welcome the arrival of female astronauts, the Chinese space station has made special preparations according to women’s physiological characteristics and living needs

How does Wang Yaping “beautify” in space? Expert: non toxic cosmetics and chocolate desserts have been prepared for her

Pang Zhihao pointed out that the spaceship seat and spacesuit in the cabin were specially made according to the female astronaut’s body, the height distance of the female astronaut’s urine collection system was also adjusted, and she was equipped with chocolate, dessert and blood tonic products. According to the needs of this mission, Tianzhou 3 sent sanitary supplies and a small amount of non-toxic cosmetics to the female astronauts. After making up, the female astronauts may have a better psychological state

this mission is Wang Yaping’s second space trip. Pang Zhihao said that the manned space mission is arduous, with complex skills, special environment and certain risks, which puts forward high requirements for the physical and psychological quality of astronauts, and female astronauts are no exception. “The selection and training standards for male and female astronauts are basically the same, and there are no special selection and training standards for female astronauts.”

Pang Zhihao said that a large number of practical and theoretical studies have found that female astronauts have the ability to perform space missions, and they feel sharper in some aspects, have a more delicate mind, consider problems more comprehensively, and pay more attention to ways and methods to deal with problems, Better communication skills. In the microgravity environment, female astronauts’ estrogen level and magnesium metabolism are better than male astronauts, and their iron content is low. Therefore, they are considered to be more suitable for long-term space life, and are not prone to iron poisoning, thrombosis, vasospasm and arrhythmia

referring to the significance of Wang Yaping’s entry into the China space station, Pang Zhihao said that the mission will stay in orbit for the first time for six months, and sending Wang Yaping up has obvious advantages. Wang Yaping’s body and psychology are relatively mature. At the same time, she can bring vitality to the ride group, make the cooperation smoother and work more efficiently. Moreover, Wang Yaping has flying experience and can bring the new with the old

in space, astronauts generally take themselves as the research object to carry out aerospace medicine and space life science research. Pang Zhihao pointed out that American astronaut Green went into space at the age of 77 to study the impact of long-term space life on the physiology and psychology of the elderly. This time, Wang Yaping can carry out space medicine and space science life research dominated by women, so as to prepare for long-term manned spaceflight in the future

“I think this female astronaut will carry out extravehicular operations, thus giving birth to the first female astronaut in China’s space walk.” Pang Zhihao said that this is not only an honor, but we should explore the laws, characteristics and advantages of female astronauts’ extravehicular walking. On the whole, female astronauts are relatively short, but this also has advantages, because they are smaller and easier to control during extravehicular activities, and can complete more delicate work. (end)