How to localize the foreign IP behind the controversy of Turandot: the origin of the curse

By yqqlm yqqlm

Beijing, Oct. 25 (Xinhua) the film Turandot: the origin of the curse is on the hot screen. The film attempts to integrate Chinese traditional culture and Oriental aesthetic concepts with the help of western classic opera IP, but at the same time, this way of deconstructing the original story has also caused some controversy

How to localize the foreign IP behind the controversy of Turandot: the origin of the curse

from the opera stage to the big screen, “Turandot: the origin of the magic spell” takes the “Three Color Bracelet” with fantastic color as the throughout clue, and makes a new adaptation of the love story between the princess Turandot and the foreign prince, through the reversal of bad luck The dissolution of national enmity and family hatred, as well as gunpowder, one of the four great inventions in ancient China, promote the dissemination and exchange of Chinese and Western culture in the form of gorgeous fireworks, depicting the triple core of love, courage and peace in Turandot: the origin of the curse

since war wolf 2, which ignited the summer film market in 2017, there have been many popular films with a single box office volume of more than 5 billion, and the box office ceiling and the aesthetic threshold of the audience have been raised again and again

however, under the influence of the epidemic, the lengthening of the production cycle, the audience’s desire to watch the film has not completely warmed up, to some extent, or only for a specific type, the creation of Chinese films is not getting easier, but more and more “difficult”, such as the fantasy love theme trying to integrate Eastern and Western ideas, Including Turandot: the origin of the spell

in fact, no matter the cast, production team or IP volume, like Turandot: the origin of the curse, each single index is undoubtedly “excellent”, but how to stimulate the strongest and most wonderful chemical reaction after they are gathered together? How to play a good hand and overcome the “acclimatization” and “impassability” of foreign IP localization? Perhaps it is still a long-term proposition to be solved, but it is certain that “Turandot” is not the first Riddler. In the future, someone will be willing to explore it again until it succeeds