Hubei’s first master studying in France returned home to start a business as the “walnut king” in Chengquan County

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Beijing, Xiangyang, October 18 (Xinhua) Title: a master studying in France in Hubei returned home to start a business as the “walnut king” in Chengquan County

author Hu caidi and Hu Chuanlin

studied in France, obtained a double master’s degree and found a good job there. At the end of 2013, he took the initiative to return home to engage in agricultural production, from a young man who had not done farm work to a local well-known “walnut king”

his name is Zhang Jingzhi. He is now Deputy Secretary of the Party branch of tuojiaping village, Siping Town, Baokang County, Hubei Province

“we adopt physical cold pressing. Walnut oil retains its original flavor and nutrition. It not only has excellent cooking taste, but also can be drunk directly.” on October 17, Zhang Jingzhi, wearing black frame glasses, was seriously introducing the instant walnut oil in his hand. The unit price of 298 yuan (RMB, the same below) per kilogram is higher than that of common edible oil in the market, However, there are still many consumer customers placing orders

Zhang Jingzhi was born in Baokang mountain area and was admitted to Central South University for Nationalities; After graduating from University, he was recommended to France for further study. In four years, he successfully obtained a master’s degree in enterprise management and international procurement, and was hired by a French clothing company with high salary; He has been in love for many years, and his girlfriend studying in France has also achieved positive results with him

Hubei’s first master studying in France returned home to start a business as the “walnut king” in Chengquan County

Zhang Jingzhi (first from the left) introduced the poverty alleviation workshop to the guests (data picture) photographed by Yang Tao

but all this did not make Zhang Jingzhi forget the hometown where he gave birth to him and raised him. In 2013, Zhang Jingzhi returned home to visit his relatives. Looking at his white haired father and deserted village, he tried to persuade his wife to respond to the call of “mass entrepreneurship and innovation” and decided to return home to start a business

after returning to Baokang, Zhang Jingzhi took over Baokang guicuiyuan agriculture and Forestry Co., Ltd. founded by his father. He volunteered to serve as Deputy Secretary of the Party branch in tuojiaping village, Siping Town, his hometown, and was determined to prosper the village through industry and lead the villagers to live a good life

after seven years of hard work, he embarked on the development path of “company + cooperative + base + farmers”, successively established four walnut planting professional cooperatives in 77 villages of the county, absorbed more than 6000 farmers, built a 50000 Mu walnut base, radiated and driven more than 30000 farmers in 257 villages of the county to plant 430000 mu of walnuts, increasing the average annual income of each household by 3000 yuan. In addition, he also insisted on making great efforts in the deep processing of products, passed the organic certification, and developed walnut oil and walnut milk… More and more villagers enjoy the “walnut bonus”, and Zhang Jingzhi has also become a well-known “walnut king”

“in the next step, we will build an e-commerce center with high standards, develop rural tourism, develop walnut polypeptide powder and other high-end products, and lead more villagers to become rich,” Zhang Jingzhi said