“Husband and wife file” of the second Lianhao special police doctor in a small port town

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Beijing, October 26 (Xinhua) Title: the “husband and wife file” of the second Lianhao special police doctor in the port town goes retrograde hand in hand

“husband, you must wear a mask and take good care of yourself. I’ll be busy here. I won’t say it first.” Bai Jianhui, who is delivering materials to the traffic police duty card in Erenhot City, received a wechat from his wife

Erlianhot is located in the north of China, with an area of 4015 square kilometers and a permanent population of more than 70000. It is separated from Zamyn uud of Mongolia in the north, with a distance of only 9 kilometers

“Husband and wife file” of the second Lianhao special police doctor in a small port town

the picture shows Bai Jianhui and his children. As a port city, Erlianhot has the only railway port from China to Mongolia; As an important hub of the Eurasian Continental Bridge, Erenhot is one of the first batch of 13 open cities along the border approved by the State Council</ Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed in Erenhot on 14 may, p>

10, 1 new cases. Up to now, there are 15 local confirmed cases

in this port city, there are a group of special people who devote themselves to the front line of anti epidemic. They are either “double police” families, or “police place” and “police doctor” couples. They insist that “the epidemic situation does not retreat, we do not retreat”, charge ahead and look forward to victory

“Husband and wife file” of the second Lianhao special police doctor in a small port town(1)

the picture shows Bai Jianhui at work. Bai Jianhui is an auxiliary policeman of the traffic management brigade of Erlianhot Public Security Bureau, and his wife Hu Yingchun is a nurse of Erlianhot hospital

the epidemic came again. Due to the particularity of their work, the couple separated again and went to the front line again to fight together at the forefront of epidemic prevention and control in Erenhot city

since he was appointed in the early morning of October 14, Bai Jianhui has been rushing to the front line of the road. He is responsible for the logistics of the traffic control department and delivers materials and meals to the police at each card point and duty point every day

supervise the wearing and taking off of medical isolation clothes, monitor the proportion and concentration of disinfectant, the collection and transportation of medical waste, the disinfection of wards and living areas, and supervise the hygiene of medical staff… As a nurse, Hu Yingchun stood at the forefront of the fight against the epidemic for the first time and had close contact with newly diagnosed patients

“Husband and wife file” of the second Lianhao special police doctor in a small port town(2)

the picture shows Bai Jianhui and Hu Yingchun. Bai Jianhui’s picture

in order to facilitate their work, Bai Jianhui and his wife eat and live in their respective units, can’t meet, and dare not go home. “Running around in the front line, the potential risk of infection to their families is something they can’t afford,” Hu Yingchun said

Bai Jianhui and his wife have two children, the eldest is 13 years old and the second is 7 years old. During this period, they can only be taken care of by their elderly parents. 2 days, 5 days, 10 days… Their concerns and worries about their children and parents deeply tugged at their hearts

“the police doctor family is actually the same as the ordinary family. We are busy with our work at ordinary times, and we take little care of the elderly and children, so it is even less to catch up with the epidemic.” Bai Jianhui said that maintaining traffic order and saving the dead and the wounded is the professional mission and responsibility of the traffic police and doctors

“the support of our parents has solved our worries, but we are also very worried. We always feel that we owe our family. Now what we want most is to end the epidemic earlier and spend more time with our parents and children.” Bai Jianhui, who is not good at words, buried his deep guilt for his family in his heart and turned to the prevention and control work

during this period, sticking to their respective posts and a simple “take care of yourself” has become the husband and wife’s insipid but longest love confession. Hu Yingchun told reporters that in their spare time, they will take a look at their beloved son through video. “Don’t talk too long, or it’s time for me to go home again.” Hu Yingchun said with a smile when he hung up the video with his son

“Husband and wife file” of the second Lianhao special police doctor in a small port town(3)

the picture shows Bai Jianhui at work. In fact, during the war against the epidemic, there were many families like “police and medical guards”. Although they had different positions, they were all working hard to fight the epidemic</ P>

“novel coronavirus pneumonia is the main force in fighting against the new crown pneumonia, and when the couple are engaged in these two occupation, they may need to bear more and pay more than others.” Bai Jianhui said. p>

in the same battle and on different battlefields, the couple gave up rest, abandoned their small home and devoted themselves to the fight against the epidemic, because they knew that there were more families to protect at this time

“only by guarding everyone can we protect our family.” Bai Jianhui frankly said, “only when we are really in it can we understand the value of the word’feelings of family and country’. (end)