Install safety handrails for the blind elderly and leave warm gifts for the first Secretary of Hangzhou “post-85”

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Beijing, Hangzhou, October 14 (Qian Chen, Fei Fang Junyong, Zhu Hailiang) the 131 meter long mountain handrail connects the safe way home of two blind old people, which is the last warm gift left by Zhu Jianjiang when he leaves office

ZHU Jianjiang is the first Secretary of “post-85” in Jinhu village, Jinfeng Township, Chun’an County, Hangzhou. Jianglingshang nature village, Jinhu village, is located on a high mountain with an altitude of 550 meters. Most of the villagers’ houses are built along the mountain

“in the village, the brothers Fang Nanjing and Fang Dejing built their house at the entrance of the village, in front of which is a deep valley.” Zhu Jianjiang recalled, “The two old people had to grope with wooden sticks because of eye diseases. It was very difficult to walk. This year, when village cadres and I came to their house to guard against typhoon’fireworks’, the mountain road was wet and slippery, and even I almost fell. In particular, I later learned that Fang Dejing fell down the mountain and valley, but fortunately he was sent to hospital in time. Therefore, the idea of helping the old people install safety handrails became particularly strong “Fireworks”

” After a while, Zhu Jianjiang immediately drove 20 kilometers to pick up the master who installed the handrail to the site for field inspection. Although the problem of installation technology was solved, the collective economy in the village was weak, and the cost of more than 20000 Yuan made Zhu Jianjiang difficult. During his tenure, all the 32000 Yuan work subsidy had been used in the village, which was really short of money.

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village for novel coronavirus pneumonia. How can you raise money? Fang Zhu Jianjiang, who paid $3000 from the first Hangzhou Secretary of the village, and won the 3000 yuan reward for the advanced personal income of the new crown pneumonia in Hangzhou, except for the 6000 yuan that she paid for her own pocket. The gap in installation fees still has more than 10 thousand yuan. Yuemiao Management Office of Hangzhou West Lake scenic spot wrote a letter of help from the mountains In just two days, all the party members and cadres of Yuemiao Management Office donated 15400 yuan.

while solving the capital problem, the construction scheme has been optimized again and again. In order not to affect the burden of other villagers, Zhu Jianjiang adjusted the height of the handrail and widened some sections of the mountain. With the completion of this caring mountain handrail, two blind old people and villagers passing by The road safety was finally guaranteed, and Zhu Jianjiang, who “couldn’t rest”, went to the local power supply bureau to help the elderly handle the power preference for low-income households.

“more than two years after staying in the village, my first secretary’s term of office ended at the end of this month, but I always felt that there were still a lot of things waiting for me to do.” Standing at the door of the old man’s house, looking at the distant mountains, Zhu Jianjiang’s face was full of nostalgia and reluctance to give up. (end)