Is there a longer love than “holding the hand of your son and growing old with your son”? This issue of the reader is breaking the defense again!

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How long can a love last? Can it be longer than “holding your son’s hand and growing old with your son”? In the third season, the reader answered: Yes

Is there a longer love than “holding the hand of your son and growing old with your son”? This issue of the reader is breaking the defense again!

on the evening of October 9, the large-scale cultural program “reader” of China Central Radio and television broadcast the second issue with the theme of “can you love TA for a long time” on CCTV comprehensive channel. With the broadcast of the program, # the rival of the scientists was actually vegetables and wheat #, # Zhang Dingyu read the love letter to his wife #, # 87 year old Cui Daozhi was in the same state as the young man #, # Cui Daozhi solved the case with scratches ten times thinner than his hair # and other derivative topics caused heated discussion one after another

the “love” mentioned in the program goes beyond the “little love” of you and me. It is more about the love of faith, life, country and people. These “great love” brings together the glory of adulthood, which makes the audience deeply feel why a group of role models of the times struggle endlessly and devote everything unreservedly

“87 years old, 27 years old”

the word “retirement” is not in Cui Daozhi’s life dictionary

Cui Daozhi, China’s chief bullet trace identification expert and winner of the “July 1st Medal”. When the 87 year old Cui strode onto the stage of the reader, the way he walked with wind and light in his eyes made many young audiences envy his real name. “His body is straight, his voice is loud and his thinking is clear, which is clearly the state of 27 years old! People with love really don’t get old!”

as the first generation of criminal technical police in New China, he has experienced hundreds of battles in his 66 years of police career, He has repeatedly made miraculous achievements and accumulated more than 7000 pieces of trace physical evidence without any error

deep in Cui Daozhi’s heart, solving a series of shocking and important cases such as the “baibaoshan case” is out of the “people’s police sense of responsibility”. He once shot 3000 bullets to solve the case, observed the changes of the friction marks between the bullets and the rifling, and identified scratches ten times thinner than the hair; For technical research, he is not only willing to devote himself to “stupid Kung Fu” for five years, but also pays out of his own pocket as funds, and shares all his achievements to his comrades in arms of the national public security system free of charge; It is reasonable to say that he should have retired in 1994, but until now, he is still fighting in the front line of criminal investigation, doing it personally at the criminal investigation scene, kneeling or lying on the ground, and does not give up any corner; Just last year, in order to compare the blood fingerprint the size of a peanut, 86 year old Cui Daozhi could work continuously for nine days and nine nights. He couldn’t finish it during the day and then at night…

love is sincere, and love is willing to do one thing to the extreme. As Dong Qing said in the program, “in the process of detective work, the so-called genius is endless hard work, but what kind of talent can be endless hard work? There must be someone who loves in his heart!”

in the face of his great achievements, Cui Lao expressed in a very simple way: “I just did what I should have done. I’m a poor child from old China. It can be said that my life and everything I have are given by the party. If I don’t do my job well, how can I repay the kindness of the party?”

without my father at the age of 4 and my mother at the age of 6, Cui Daozhi established “always follow the party” from the day he joined the Communist Party of China on December 26, 1953 For me, the party is the closest mother, so I will do whatever the party asks me to do. He once said that for the rest of my life, I will unreservedly return all my knowledge and skills to the society and the party.

in this issue of the reader, Cui laolang read Ji Xianlin’s time , dedicate it to the comrades in arms of the national public security front and their families. The sentence “it’s not a useless thing, why send a promising life, I think it’s a reminder given to me by time” in the article is the source of love for Cui who never stops and returns when called.

“immortal love” sprinkles sugar for the country and home

role models, which is really sweet and burning

this season’s reader After the first issue # of academician Yang Yuanxi’s immortal love # became a hot topic in the whole network, the second issue of the program was still Gaotian online: “Mai dad and Cai Ma” laughed at the audience by regarding vegetables and wheat as their love enemies respectively; “people’s hero” Zhang Dingyu read a love letter to his wife in tears, romantic and tearful.

“What is this model of human high-quality love? They are simply a realistic version of” to the oak “. In the eyes of many young netizens, the great love of flying together for the country and home is broader, deeper, more lasting and more moving than the little love of you and me.

in China’s agricultural breeding industry, there is a pair of fairy couples, who are affectionately known as “Mai PA Cai Ma”. As the name suggests, her husband Ru Zhengang is a wheat breeding expert. The wheat variety “Aikang 58” developed by him has won the first prize of the national science and technology progress award. Someone once made a statistics that every 8 steamed buns on the Chinese table come from his “Aikang 58” His wife yuan Lianzhuang is an expert in Chinese cabbage breeding, and her husband Ru Zhengang proudly said, “in our Central Plains, five out of ten Chinese cabbage are her varieties.” For them, seeds seem to be the most unique words. They wrote down their deepest love for agricultural technology, the land and each other on the fields of hope.

in the program, the quarrel between the scientist and his wife was really lovely. Ru Zhengang just said “cabbage is my rival”, followed by yuan Lianzhuang “Wheat is also my rival.” they both focus on their work. In order to solve the “problem” that no one does housework, the two scientists, like children, made a “ten-year appointment” twice. They bet on the scientific research results that whoever gets the results first will do the housework for ten years. The first two games were tied. When Dong Qing asked whether there was a third “ten-year appointment”, Ru Zhengang said, “How many twenty years can you live? At this time, you’d better hold hands and fly together!”

over the long years, they quarreled and competed, but they also accompanied and achieved each other, giving each other strength and confidence to move forward. When they stood in the golden wheat field and read aloud, the audience deeply felt: “Serve the country and the people, their love is remembered by the earth, and we all remember it from now on.”

in the heroic city of Wuhan, there is a people’s hero Zhang Dingyu and an ordinary husband Zhang Dingyu. This issue of the reader Especially when Zhang Dingyu and his wife Cheng Lin often came to Wuhan foreign language bookstore to read aloud when they were young.

referring to his wife who had been married for nearly 30 years, Zhang Dingyu said sweetly, “I always think she is still like a little girl, very cute, I like it, I always say that your smiling voice can move me.” remove the “people’s hero” and “move China” Zhang Dingyu completely exposed his iron man’s tenderness in front of the camera. He was a little shy when he recalled his love for his wife at first sight and the scenes of dating and proposing marriage. Reading the letter he wrote to his wife in a foreign country when he went to Algeria as a doctor without borders in 1998, he couldn’t help crying.

speaking of his frostbite, he smiled calmly “I can’t die for a while”, he looked so relaxed that he didn’t seem to be talking about his own business. Where does this openness come from? Zhang Dingyu replied: “being needed by others, as long as I can work, I’m very busy every day. It’s my favorite thing. If you can help this society.”

will you love TA for a long time? The focus of this question is actually “long”. All the regrets of love in the world stem from not long. How can it last longer? “Start with faith and be loyal to love”, which is the answer given to us in this issue of the reader