Jia Zhangke explains the highlights of the 5th Pingyao film exhibition: future, youth and tribute

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Beijing, October 11, Pingyao, Shanxi (reporter Hu Jian) on the eve of the opening of the fifth Pingyao International Film Exhibition, Jia Zhangke, the founder and famous director of the film exhibition, introduced the highlights of the film exhibition to the media in Pingyao film palace. Jia Zhangke said that this film exhibition will “start from the future” to explore the possibility of future films. It will also “start from Shanxi again”, connect Shanxi Universities and talk to Shanxi filmmakers

the 5th Pingyao International Film Exhibition will bring together rich Shanxi elements. Jia Zhangke stressed that “every Shanxi person is the master of the film exhibition”. This year’s film exhibition will continue to “take root” in Shanxi, continue to deepen cooperation with Shanxi Universities and filmmakers, and constantly strengthen contact with Shanxi audiences

during the national day, Shanxi province suffered a rare flood disaster in history. Jia Zhangke specially revealed that the special opening event of the film exhibition will set up a special link to pay tribute to the people of Shanxi and “let the world see Shanxi”

in terms of organizational structure, Shanxi Academy of media and Shanxi Film Academy has become the co sponsor of this film exhibition to promote the flow of academic resources with the film exhibition. At the level of academic planning, the academic section of the film exhibition will invite Shanxi filmmakers such as Ning Hao, Han Jie and Yuan Yuan to have a dialogue with directors such as Bi Gan and Li Ruijun who have studied in Shanxi to share film experience with the theme of “living, learning and creating in Shanxi”

Jia Zhangke explains the highlights of the 5th Pingyao film exhibition: future, youth and tribute

the Organizing Committee of Chinese director Jia Zhangke Pingyao International Film Exhibition provides

in addition to “starting from Shanxi”, the fifth Pingyao International Film Exhibition will also “start from the future”. The overall idea of the exhibition is “what will the future film look like” and explore the film future from multiple angles. At the level of academic planning, the contemporary artist Mr. Xu Bing and his team’s work “infinite film of artificial intelligence” will be exhibited for the first time in the world in Pingyao

in addition, for the first time this year, Pingyao International Film Exhibition added “Pingyao venture capital · drama plan” in the industrial sector, solicited Chinese drama projects with potential for broadcasting on satellite TV or online streaming media platform, and took the lead in paying attention to the creative integration between film and drama, which is the first time in China’s local film festival

in addition, this film exhibition pays special attention to young filmmakers. The theme of the opening ceremony was “new youth, new film and new era”. The education sector “Pingyao corner” was newly upgraded. In addition to inviting students’ works from 6 domestic film and television universities, including Beijing Film Academy, Shanghai Film Academy, Shanghai Vancouver Film Academy, Shanxi Media Academy, Shanxi film Academy, Communication University of China and Central Academy of drama, to enter the “Invitation Group”, a new group was also established The “open group” recruits short films from all over the country to provide a platform for young filmmakers to display and communicate.

at the same time, Pingyao film exhibition also invited many senior filmmakers in the industry to launch “Tsui Hark talking about Hitchcock” and “Xie Fei and his classmates” In addition, the film exhibition specially planned the “how to tell the story of the rule of law” jointly organized with the film and television center of the Supreme People’s court, the film and television center of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate and other relevant departments The forum will build a bridge between these departments and film creators to jointly discuss how to launch film and television works with the theme of the rule of law with solid dramas, rich images, high completion and strong expressiveness; and plan “habitat and image” And other academic activities, and invited guests from different fields such as architecture, literature, art and film to discuss the relationship between human settlements and images and pay attention to the more complex cultural and ecological issues behind them. (end)