“Jilin No. 1” has become the largest commercial remote sensing satellite constellation in China

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<img src=’https://n.sinaimg.cn/spider2020912/42/w915h727/20200912/2e7a-iyywcsz9269009.jpgAccording to Jia Hongguang, party secretary and deputy general manager of Changguang Satellite Technology Co., Ltd., “Jilin No. 1” satellite constellation covers an area of 133 million square kilometers, and has the ability to update one map in the world once a year and one map in the country three times a year. Relying on the remote sensing data of “Jilin No. 1”, Changguang satellite has realized the accuracy and automatic update of national surface classification by using artificial intelligence algorithm, and can complete the automatic identification of buildings, roads, water bodies, trees and different types of crops online, with an identification accuracy of more than 95%

not only can we see clearly, but with the characteristics of fast response and wide coverage, “jilin-1” satellite constellation has been applied in many fields. “In the past, we had to rely on people. We had the most accidents in autumn. We went out before dawn and could not go home until dark.” Zhang Xuemin, deputy general manager of Nongan branch of PICC Property Insurance Changchun Branch, said that the farmland area was large. In the past, they could only survey by spot check and measure and calculate step by step

with the help of hard core equipment such as “jilin-1” satellite, Zhang Xuemin’s working mode has changed. Since 2017, Changguang satellite has cooperated with Zhang Xuemin’s Insurance Company to make the agricultural insurance survey more efficient and convenient by combining the images of “Jilin No. 1” satellite, UAV images, field investigation and sampling, and adopting the data acquisition and analysis means of space, air and earth integration. Qu Chunmei, engineer of Changguang Satellite Technology Co., Ltd., said that the application of “Jilin No. 1” satellite remote sensing information can carry out more than 150 accurate services in 14 fields such as agriculture and forestry, water conservancy, environmental protection, transportation, natural resources and urban construction


constellation is expanding as planned. Jia Hongguang said that it is expected that around 2025, “Jilin No. 1” will realize the networking of 138 satellites. At that time, the service capacity of “Jilin No. 1” satellite constellation will be greatly improved to provide users with richer and more efficient remote sensing information services and bring more convenience to people’s life