Learning the spirit of Chinese scientists ignites Tibetan students’ dream of science and technology

By yqqlm yqqlm

Beijing, Lhasa, October 20 (Xie Mu) on October 20, the national tour Tibet station activity of “me and my motherland – Chinese scientist spirit theme exhibition” officially opened in the Natural Science Museum of Tibet Autonomous Region. The exhibition is hosted by the China Association for science and Technology (hereinafter referred to as “China Association for science and technology”), which focuses on the development process of China’s science and technology and the great achievements of the older generation of scientists, It aims to carry forward the spirit of scientists in the new era

it is understood that this exhibition focuses on the spirit of Chinese scientists in the new era, focuses on the achievements of the academic growth data collection project of veteran scientists of the China Association for science and technology, and focuses on the heroic images and noble spirit of several generations of Chinese scientific and technological workers in patriotism, dedication, truth-seeking innovation and collaborative education from the perspective of the relationship between individual scientists and the state, It presents the major progress and outstanding achievements in scientific and technological innovation since the founding of new China

Learning the spirit of Chinese scientists ignites Tibetan students’ dream of science and technology

the picture shows the students listening to the interpreter. Photo by Xie Mu

this exhibition is divided into four exhibition areas: “I love you, China”, “infinite scenery in dangerous peaks”, “collaborative research, willing to be a ladder”, “relay the spiritual torch and forge ahead with the new Long March”. It tells the stories of scientific and technological workers in different historical periods such as Qian Xuesen, Deng Jiaxian and Yuan Longping through pictures, objects and VR interaction

with the careful explanation of the commentator, the students who came to see the exhibition entered the exhibition area. When they came to the photo of Yuan Longping, the “father of hybrid rice”, the students scrambled to speak. “I know grandpa Yuan Longping. He made people no longer hungry.” “although the grain output has increased, we still have to remember not to waste food.”

“after watching today’s exhibition, I have gained a lot and read a lot of scientists’ stories.” Guan Wenqing, a fourth grade student from Tibetan fever primary school, said, “Scientists studying nuclear weapons have not given up their research under difficult conditions, which makes me feel that I should study hard today and be a useful person to my country in the future.”

it is reported that as one of the important carriers of enriching party history learning and education activities in Tibet’s scientific and technological circles, this Tibet Station Tour Exhibition can take this opportunity for the majority of scientific and technological workers and the public in Tibet to understand the story behind scientists. This exhibition will last from October 20 to November 2. (end)