Li Youbin’s interpretation of the intention of the end of the film

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Beijing, Oct. 13 (Xinhua) recently, under the guidance of Beijing Radio and Television Bureau and supported by Beijing Radio and television network audio-visual development fund, the work “life and death blocking” is popular in iqiyi and has won more than 10 million box office in a week. The film is starred by actors Li Youbin, Wang Tao and Shi LANYA. At the same time, the film also gathered many old opera bones – Wei Ziqian, Jiang Shui, Zhang Guangbei, Huang Pinyuan, Yang Qingwen, etc

Li Youbin’s interpretation of the intention of the end of the film

after the hundred regiment war, Li Zhiyuan (played by Li Youbin), deputy commander of a certain unit of the Eighth Route Army, and Lu Tianze (played by Wang Tao), battalion commander, face the Japanese army’s crazy sweeping against the Japanese base area, With 300 troops, the Japanese army, ten times its own, was blocked for 48 hours to win valuable time for the transfer of large troops and villagers. In the film, the soldiers were tied with grenades to blow up tanks in turn, which made many viewers cry. Many viewers commented: “tears filled their eyes and couldn’t help breaking the defense!”

one of the highlights of the film “life and death blocking” is that Li Youbin led three generations of actors, old, middle-aged and young. In addition to many familiar faces, the main creative team also invited powerful actors such as Wang Tao who once starred in I am a special forces, Shi LANYA who starred in red sun and railway guerrilla 2, and Huang Pinyuan who starred in bloody battle in Western Hunan. Recently, the film held an offline viewing meeting in Beijing. After the screening, starring Li Youbin and Wang Tao shared the film shooting experience with the audience. Li Youbin said: “the film and television drama with the theme of the Anti Japanese war is an eternal theme, and we can’t forget this history!”

many viewers said that the love between the young girls and commander Li’s parents and grandchildren was too tearful. At the scene, Li Youbin talked about the intention of the end of the film: “the little girl in the film represents our nation. In such a difficult time, a cluster of immortal fires. In fact, the 300 strong men sacrificed their lives to protect the hope of the nation!”