Li Yundi was arrested for whoring. These endorsements and performances are cool!

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Beijing, October 22 (reporter Ren Siyu) on the evening of October 21, Beijing police reported that piano player Li Yundi was administratively detained by Chaoyang public security branch for whoring

according to public data, Li Yundi won the 14th Chopin International Piano Competition at the age of 18. He once boarded the CCTV Spring Festival Gala five times, released multiple albums and launched a world tour

from “piano prince” to detention, what changes have taken place in Li Yundi’s social media, performance and commercial endorsement

Li Yundi was arrested for whoring. These endorsements and performances are cool!

and the prohibition of microblogging

informed by the police, the China Musicians Association declared that according to Article 25 of the constitution of the China Musicians Association, it was studied and decided by the office meeting of the Secretary General of the China Musicians Association, Cancel Li Yundi’s membership of the Chinese Musicians Association

the reporter found that Li Yundi’s microblog has been temporarily banned

it is worth mentioning that his microblog title was “international pianist, member of the Standing Committee of the Chongqing CPPCC, member of the Standing Committee of the all China Youth Federation and vice chairman of the Hong Kong Youth Federation”. Now there is only one “international pianist”

Li Yundi was arrested for whoring. These endorsements and performances are cool!(1)

it is reported that Li Yundi appeared in the Guangzhou culture and tourism promotional film recently. He dressed in formal clothes and played the piano as the spokesman of the city image of Guangzhou. At present, the relevant publicity microblog has been deleted

in addition to being the spokesman of the city image, Li Yundi was also employed as vice president of the piano art Research Institute of Sichuan Conservatory of music and professor of piano. According to media reports, the “Li Yundi Piano Studio” brand of Sichuan Conservatory of music has been removed, and its relevant information has been deleted from the school’s official website

in addition, on November 2, the 2021 “voice of the earth” concert hosted by the Publicity Department of Shenzhen Municipal Party committee will be played in Shenzhen Grand Theater. After the incident, the original guest Li Yundi of the concert “voice of the earth” will be cancelled urgently, and the name of Li Yundi will not appear in the subsequent posters

before the police officially informed Li Yundi of the incident, his performance in the variety show had triggered a heated discussion on the Internet

at noon on October 21, Li Yundi publicized the variety “brother through thorns” on his microblog: “listen to the concert today and come to the concert next time!” but some netizens pointed out that in the latest program, Li Yundi’s appearance picture was blurred and coded, and public opinion was fermented

on October 21, “Ping An Beijing” sent a microblog before the briefing, saying, “the world is indeed more than black and white, but we must distinguish between black and white…”

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after that, Li Yundi took part in several programs of “brother cutting through thorns” off the shelves, The official microblog of the program also deleted all publicity materials about Li Yundi

in addition, you can’t find any videos by searching “Li Yundi” on Mango TV

Li Yundi was arrested for whoring. These endorsements and performances are cool!(2)

in recent years, Yundi Li, a pianist, has make complaints about many popular shows including Tucao conference, summer band, camp 2020, and so on. p>

enterprise check app shows that Yundi music, the full name of “International Piano Master Li Yundi’s personal studio” certified by microblog, is Yundi Music Group Co., Ltd., registered in Hong Kong. The company is held by Li Yundi’s parents, with shareholding ratios of 50% respectively. The microblog was updated on the morning of October 21 to promote its variety show

in addition, the affiliated company of Yundi manufacturing studio certified by microblog as “Li Yundi studio” is Zhonghong xinyinyi (Beijing) culture media Co., Ltd., and the main personnel of the company are still Li Yundi’s parents

according to incomplete combing, Li Yundi’s previous cooperative brands include Rolex, Casati, piano, Meijia digital piano, JD plus, Jinke, Paris L’Oreal, etc

Li Yundi was arrested for whoring. These endorsements and performances are cool!(3)

in January this year, cabinet brand and A-share listed company piano signed Li Yundi as the brand image spokesman; In May, Li Yundi, as the owner of wey Mocha No. 521 of Great Wall Motors, played piano music at the press conference; In August, the cooperation video of “Li Yundi and hanlanda cut through thorns” was released

at present, piano home has announced that it has terminated all cooperative relations with Li Yundi. “Adopt a cow” said that it had ended its cooperative relationship with Li Yundi on July 15 this year. L’Oreal in Paris said that it had no cooperation with Li Yundi after internal confirmation. GAC Toyota also responded to the media that Li Yundi is not the spokesman of GAC Toyota or the spokesman of the new fourth generation Highlander. He only attended the project site in August as a guest in the hanlanda press conference project. At present, there is no relevant cooperation between the two sides

the performance Industry Association issued a document to boycott

according to Article 66 of the law on administrative penalties for public security, “Whoever engages in prostitution or whoring shall be detained for not less than 10 days but not more than 15 days and may also be fined not more than 5000 yuan; if the circumstances are minor, he shall be detained for not more than 5 days or fined not more than 500 yuan.”

on October 22, the China Performance Industry Association issued an announcement on the boycott of Li Yundi

Li Yundi was arrested for whoring. These endorsements and performances are cool!(4)

the announcement of China Performance Industry Association

it is mentioned that as a public figure, Li Yundi’s behavior shows his indifference to legal concepts and lack of moral self-discipline. His behavior violates laws and regulations and social morality, resulting in adverse effects. Therefore, the association morally reprimands the illegal acts of entertainer Li Yundi, and requires member units to boycott them in accordance with the provisions of the measures for the administration of self discipline of entertainers in the performance industry

the announcement finally said: “I solemnly remind the performing arts practitioners to strengthen self-examination and self-discipline, improve their awareness of discipline and law-abiding, and consciously standardize their words and deeds. If they try the law by example, they will eventually suffer the consequences.” (end)